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Excellent - can't fault them

I buy my dermalogica products through Glo Skin Body - excellent customer service and prices. The samples they give are a lovely bonus, but even without, their service and prices are superior to other sites I have tried.

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Customer Service
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Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and so glad we can take care of all your dermalogica needs. Please reach out if we can help in any way in the future. Thank you Daniel

Would Highly Recommend

Ordered a few products from the dermalogica range which I have loved! Glo Skin Body got it to me so quickly as well and included some sampler goodies which have been appreciated. The daily microfoliant and the intensive moisture balance moisturizer are amazing! My skin is clear and smooth and hydrated all day long even wearing makeup everyday. The products also don't contain any unwanted nasties that are bad for your skin. Another plus especially in a world where there is little knowledge of these ingredients and a lot of companies use them. Will definitely be purchasing again.

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Hi Ellaria thank you for taking the time to give your feedback. We love hearing from our passionate clients who love dermalogica as much as we do. We look forward to helping you again soon. Thank you. Daniel

5 star customer service!!!

I made a mistake with my online order and ordered the wrong product (totally my fault, their website was very clear). I freaked out! I sent them an email in the middle of the night with the tiny hope that I can still change my order. Received a reply first thing the following morning saying that they have swapped the correct product for me and my order is on its way. Katie was super friendly and helpful. Their price is hard to beat. And love all the samples! Will definitely come back to Glo Skin Body!

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Thank you Tracey for taking the time to share your experience and so glad Katie was able to get you the right product. Enjoy your dermalogica products and we look forward to seeing you again for your next order. Thanks Daniel

Great help with my problem skin

I have been having issues with my adult acne for many years. The advice given by the lady over the phone was excellent as I don't live near where I can go and speak to some about it. I ordered some of the products they recommended and arrived in just a couple of days. It's only been a few days and I'm starting to see some clearing up already. If you need some help these ladies are great.

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Hi James. Thanks so much for letting us know about your experience with our team. They love helping people get results for their healthiest ski possible. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with. Daniel

Excess charge for nothing!

I wanted to try Dermalogica products and I was offered 6 different samples to try with postage of $4.95. I wasn't happy about this but thought I would get at least 6 of each (they are only tiny). Got them today.... 1 teeny sachet of each. No sign of how much postage was. RIP OFF ARTISTS!!!! Don't buy here people, you'll just get ripped off. At least Dermalogica the company sent 2 of each. Simply wrong.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Madjaspa in relation to sampling dermalogica. As you have mentioned the samples do come in a satchet and depending on the product are designed for a couple of uses so you can try on your skin and get a feel for the products. The samples unfortunately are not designed to be a trial, I do appreciate that it would be great to try for longer. We do have a satisfaction guarantee with dermalogica so most of our clients once they have tried a product will purchase a full size product knowing we will back the product if there any issues, For clarity - the $4.95 charge is simply for postage and handling and is shown as such in the checkout before you provide us with your payment method. The postage and handling costs we charge for all orders under $50 and simply cover our costs of packing and sending to you, there is no charge for the actual samples. Any orders we receive over $50 are shipped for free including the 5 free samples. If you are in the Sydney area your more than welcome to come in and see our Dermalogica Experts as they can provide a free facemapping skin analysis for you and provide appropriate samples at no cost (as we don't need to pack and post). I hope that helps and we can help you further with your skincare needs. Thanks DanielNo it doesn't help. The sample is not even good for 2 uses they are so small so how can you tell if they are ok and it's only an envelope...still not worth the cost. Rip off. Don't bother making excuses.

Great prices for genuine products

Have been buying from GloSkinBody for years. Can't beat their prices... even the girl at the Dermalogica counter in DJ's said so!
The sample system is awesome. Being able to try before I buy is such a good idea when the full-sized products are pricey. Some samples are better trial value than others in terms of quantity.
My only whinge is that shipping to WA -- even when you pay for express -- takes a bit longer than I would like.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us Mel and so glad you've been with us for years! We certainly hear you about shipping to WA as express outside Perth CBD does take 2 business days with Australia Post Express. The only faster solution is via Star Track, but the cost is over 4x over express post. We can certainly look at offering this for you - please shoot us an email at info@gloskinbody.com.au if you would like us to look into it for you.


Great prices, fast delivery and unexpected samples. Very happy customer, i will definitely be buying again from Glo Skin Body

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Thank you Sarah! Really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts about us. We look forward to helping you with your next dermalogica order!

Daily microfoliant

Very happy with the company and the speed of delivery. The cost of the product was better than any store bought purchase I had compared and I wish I had discovered Glo Skin Beauty ages ago

Thank you Karen and welcome to GLO! We love Dermalogica (thats all we do!) so please let us know if you need any help or advice from our Professional Skin Therapists (all dermalogica experts).If I were to choose only one product in the entire Dermalogica range to have it would be Dermalogica daily microfoliant, I would not go without it. It is a must have and I have told many people about it.

Absolutely stoked

Shipment was so fast. I ordered my products on Monday and they arrived on Wednesday. I received a bonus gift pack plus free samples with my order. The Dermalogica ultra calming range is the only product I have been able to use with my sensitive skin so to be able to purchase this at a discounted price through GLO Skin Body was so important for my budget. And delivery with my order was free. Will absolutely continue to buy though this company.

Wonderful company to do business with

I've been buying my Dermalogica products online from Glo Skin Beauty for a couple of years now and am still a very happy customer. The prices are very competitive and their normal prices are usually the same as other local businesses offer when they have big sales. Communication is very good and delivery is fast. You can even get a couple of small samples of other products when you make a purchase. I love this service as it allows you tro try something before you buy. It's saved me from buying something unsuitable for my skin but it has also allowed me to trial some great products that I have then purchased.

Happy Customer

I ordered some Dermalogica products recently after noticing that Glo Skin Body had a 30% off sale. The website was easy to navigate, the products arrived well packaged and I also received some samples to use. I will definitely purchase through them again.

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Thank you for ordering with us CGD and we love hearing your first shop was a positive one. Let us know if you need and advice or help in the future! Thanks Daniel

Disappointed with the customer service

Have been a customer with this company since 2016, but sadly, had a disappointing experience with my recent order.

One of the Dermalogica product's packaging had cuts on both the top and bottom flaps. In addition, the bottom flap is also loose. Therefore the product looked like it has been opened before or tampered with, even though Dermalogica packaging are usually properly sealed with a security sticker. When I addressed my concerns with the company, I was informed by customer service (via live assistance chat on their website as I did not receive a reply after emailing them twice with regards to my concern) that I have to bear the cost of the return postage if I wanted to have the product replaced. They insisted that there is nothing wrong with the actual product even after I've explained repeatedly my concern that the product looked like it has been tampered with due to the damaged packaging.

For me, it does not feel fair to have to bear the cost of a return postage for a product that have been received in an unsatisfactory manner. From my experience, all Dermalogica products comes in sealed package to ensure it is of trustworthy quality. And therefore, when a product arrived in a tempered package, it creates doubts & suspicion for a customer.

Hopefully this helps other customers in their dealings with this company.

Hi Autumn. We certainly appreciate your disappointment with not being able to resolve this issue with you as you have been with us for a few years for many orders without any issues. We certainly had hoped to resolve this for you as our 2000+ reviews on google reviews show are 99% positive - we strive to do our best for all our clients. As we had previously shared with you - Dermalogica's products unfortunately don't come sealed. They do come with a small barcoded sticker on one side that is used by dermalogica to trace products. We go a step further and shrink wrap some products to ensure they transport safely across the country. We do agree that the carton you were sent was cut when being removed from dermalogica's outer carton. This should have been picked up by our packing team and we have apologised for this not happening prior. This has in no way has affected the actual dermalogica product, hence our offer to send you free of charge a replacement carton for the product. We have also offered to cover the shipping costs to you free of charge a replacement product to you if you were not satisfied with the replacement carton. All we asked was to send the product back to us. Finally - our apologies for the delay in the response to this review, we were only just made aware that you thoughts where here and hope we can welcome you back one day as we do have the best value Dermalogica in Australia. DanielDear Daniel, Thank you for your response. However, it is important to clarify two points that we do not agree upon: 1. That an opened carton invites a valid question whether the product has been tempered with. There is no value for me to receive a "free" replacement carton as it is not the carton I'm concerned about but whether or not a opened carton suggest that the product could have been tempered with. 2. That a customer should bear the shipping cost to return the "possibly tempered" product (as written in point 1 we cannot agree to this) to Gloskinbody when there is no fault from the customer's end. As you have written in your reply, you agreed that the damaged carton should have been picked up by the packing team. As such, it doesn't seemed fair nor reasonable for the customer to bear an additional out of pocket cost just to correct an oversight from the Gloskinbody packing team. It isn't that I haven't had any problems with my orders from Gloskinbody in the past. Rather, I've been able to address the issues with the customer service and that was what I valued. However, this is not the case this time and it is indeed disappointing. Thank you again for reiterating your position here.

Highly Recommend customer service 10/10

Ordered products Wednesday morning and received Thursday afternoon. Not sure where they ship from but I am on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and packages generally take at least 3 days even express post. There was no fee for postage on my order. Products were very well packaged and in perfect order with samples of other products included. Could not buy products cheaper anywhere so took a chance on this seller and am super impressed! Will definitely buy from again.

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Thanks Kelly. Really appreciate you sending the review in and Welcome to GLO Skin Body! We ship from the Northern Beaches of Sydney and although we do have some issues, Australia Post/ Star Track does do a fantastic job 99% of the time. We look forward to seeing your next order! Daniel

Poor customer service. No response to email sent.

Poor customer service as no one responded to my email and long shipping time to Sydney homes for a Sydney based business.

Hi Charlize, Just wanted to check that you sent an email to info@gloskinbody.com.au? If you want to give us a call 1300 828 131. We respond to all emails or facebook messages same business day so I'm sorry if we haven't received your note. Look forward to hearing from you! DanielWhat happened was I ordered a number of samples from the site. And paid the $5 fee. I was not made aware there was a limit on samples you can order until after I received only 5 samples with a note explaining the limit. Meaning I spent $5 for 5 small samples. These samples took over a week and a half to arrive. I contacted the site to express my dissatisfaction and to advise them to be more clear about this on their site. They have never responded to me. I used a different name and email then the one associated with gloskinHi Charlize, Thanks for your reply and clarifying what has happened. I can now explain a little further for you. As with all of our orders there is a $4.95 shipping contribution if your order is under $50. As we offer samples for clients to try and the order is less than $50 our normal shipping fees still apply. The charge isn't for the samples, but for shipping Unfortunately we only receive a limited supply of samples from dermalogica Australia and to ensure all our clients are able to try products, we have placed that limit that we think is fair for all clients. We do have the website banners that promote our offer of add 5 samples with every order and our samples information section also. A limitation of our website is that it can't force a sample limit into your cart - this would be the best options for everyone to not be able to add more than 5 to start with. We have changed our process recently whereby we will now contact clients that have ordered more than 5 samples only and confirm they are happy to select 5 or provide a refund, this should this happening again in the future. I hope you did enjoy the samples and hope we can help you in the future with dermalogica or skincare advice. Thanks Daniel

Finally a reliable business to deal with!

Thanks Gloskinbody!
Great packaging. Great Products. Great Service!!
I am already a repeat customer and buy not only for myself but for gifts too!

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Hi J.T. Thanks for taking the time for sharing your thoughts and great to see you sharing dermalogica as gifts! Look forward to seeing your next order.

Cheapest Prices and fast delivery and now they have buy and pay later...AMAZING

Now I can use the products that I love without breaking the bank. Best company to buy from. They email you and let you know when your items have been shipped and also send you with a tracking number.
They now have an offer where you buy your items and pay later....That is such a good idea.

Cheapest price and fast delivery

When comparing prices of Dermalogica products online, Glo Skin Body always comes up the cheapest. I've now ordered from them four times and delivery is free and always quick. Parcel is always well packaged and has samples. Great company that I would highly recommend.

Very Happy with the service and price!

Very happy with this company. First order something was forgotten I called them straight away and they sent the item without any problems. Second order, no issue and arrived without incident. Pricing is the best I have seen. Will be using them again.

Cheap products, free postage & quick

I only needed one dermalogica item so I compared prices rather than using my usual regular online store. Glo Skin Body was quite a bit cheaper on the product and free delivery with a lower minimum spend. It arrived quickly so I'd happily use them again.

Great Service Highly Recommend This Store

Prices were the best I could find online on Dermalogica products . Delivery was fast and free with free samples which I requested . Also received an after sales email from the manager offering is she can be of any help. This is the kind of service I love and am happy to recommend
Best prices and service

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