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GME TX3100

GME TX3100

TX3100DP and TX3100PNP
4.5 from 8 reviews

A good reliable Radio

I have had 1 for a number of years and found it to be very reliable as I have never had a problem with it. Over the years I have had numerous GME Products and have found them to be very good and recommend others to buy them. I would consider GME Products as the best value for money on the current market.

Date PurchasedJul 2013

great uhf radio

had this unit for some time now and found it faultless. Clear and easy to understand and so typical of the brand which I have used for years. Also have a GME VHF in my boat, great unit also. I have fitted an external mic as I am a little on the deaf side and this makes things even better as it come through my left good ear!!

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Compact UHF

Works well, reliable and sufficiently powerful. The microphone feels very cheap, and at times feels as though it's going to break. My unit is older and cannot be upgraded to 80 channels. Benefits from an extended speaker to improve sound quality.
I like the fact that you can flip the display, so it gives more mounting options.

Date PurchasedMay 2011

Fantastic little unit.

This radio has been right round Australia with me on my Nissan X-Trail. It's so easy to set up and use. For someone just looking for an uncomplicated means of UHF communication, it's perfect. I got mine in the combo pack with the antenna included, which was very convenient and cheaper than buying it separately.

Great UHF

Great radio very easy to mount. I have mounted the aerial in the centre of the dash and this works OK for now. I will look into mounting an external antenna later. I would recommend this little radio to anyone who needs to mount a radio and who does not like drilling into the dash.

Great things come in small packages

The GME3100 is a great radio, small compact and powerful I have one in my BMW X5 and one in the patrol, easy to fit, clear audio and excellent signal however all radio performance depends on the antenna you choose. I opted for this one off ebay. [link removed] I have one of these on both vehicles and get great reception.

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The link was removed, I use a Kirkpatrick 6db antenna on both vehicles and they work well, also don't need an extended speaker as the unit is loud enough even without being on full volume

Perfect size, everything you need!

I bought this unit because it would fit in the ash tray slot of my Hilux. As an added bonus, it's the cheapest GME unit on the market!

Looks schmick installed in the ash tray slot, no wires visible. I was worried about the speaker being hidden inside the dash but it actually sounds really good.

Best of both words

Purchased this car unit in a hurry when half way through a 6 week caravanning trip with some other grey nomads. My original purchase (Digitech 1065) was a complete failure. The GME is Aust made and sits half way between having a cheap hand held unit and the more elaborate 5 watt incar units. As the name suggests you plug it into the 12 v outlet. Its a small unit (about the size of two cigarette packs) but is 5 watts and comes with a separate mic and 3 inch aerial which i sit on the dash using tape. Its magnetized and will travel nicely on the roof if that's the preferred option for you and you will get better reception here as well. I like it because i can avoid having a one metre aerial sitting on the bull bar right in front of the passenger and i can now talk and receive clearly even when the other car is up around the bend out of sight (within reason). It cost me about $280 from a really good guy in Whyalla who sells this sort of stuff from his house. He sells to mines and the like and seems to know his stuff.
Big unit features in a little unit
lots of long wires

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On my second outing since its initial purchase last October i ran into a problem when transmitting. Basically others in our group said my signal was hopelessly distorted although i could hear them complaining quite clearly! One of the guys had a different GME unit but with the same microphone so I pulled mine out of the unit and put his in and hey presto all was well again. It even worked fine (for a while) when i swapped back to using my mic. To cut a long story short it would seem to be an issue with the mic connection - if my passenger pushes the mic line in when i transmit there is no problem. If not, after a short while my transmission is hopeless. There is probably a poor connection which loosens as the journey progresses. Hopefully things will get resolved.

Questions & Answers

Is it possible to change the back light colour? Could you put in a different bulb or something?
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not as far as I know. My backlight has just failed, only works now and again.Time for an update I feel. Has been a great,clear radio over the time I have had it. Peter aka THe Bear

What is the transmitting and receive range for the tx3100 with 6.6dbi antennae .Cheers
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Gidday Baz, as with all UHF radios, range is purely line of sight. With a hill between two radios, transmit and receive distance is limited but in open country might be 10 kms. Hope this helps. Peter aka THe BearThanks Bear I thought it would around that mark appreciate the replyHi Baz, Further to the answers that have been given, they are what is termed as transmitting on "Simplex" which is on the same channel direct to each other. THe Bear mentioned a hill. In specific locations around Australia there are "Repeaters" that are strategically placed on very high locations which allow for a transmission of "Duplex" where 2 channels are used, One channel is used to transmit to a Repeater and the repeater re transmits it out on the offset 30 Channel above the one being used. Eg. 1-31, 2-32, 3-33 and so on. Within the CB Radio Spectrum there is provision for 8 Repeaters which are on Channels 1 to 8 and 31 to 38. These channels should not be used for Simplex Radio Transmissions. I suggest that you search on the internet - CB Radio Repeaters Operation in Australia and you should be able to find a list of Repeaters that are located in each State and more about CB Radios and how it all works.

I bought a extension speaker and plugged into only hole i coulsee but it kills the sound at unit and no sound at ext speaker . What am i doing wrong?
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Hi, yep my extension speaker is plugged into the rear of my radio and is situated at the rear of my centre console.Works fine,suggest you speak to your GME rep. THe BearThanks mateIve since found out the tx 3100 must use 4ohm speaker but others like tx3500 can use any


Super Compact TX3100DPSuper Compact TX3100PNP
Price (RRP)$279.95$329.95
Frequency Range (MHz)403-520476.425-477.4125

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