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Go Health Clubs

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Very ANNOYED with Cancellation

Been with Go Health for years , cancelled Membership after not using gym an they still want to hit you with a MONTH BILL omg ,
disgusting how they treat you when you cancel I would NEVER recommend GOHEALTH Club to any one ....

Very disappointed in their membership cancellation process

Very disappointed in their membership cancellation process.
I submitted the cancellation form 2 weeks before I was notified it was actually being processed, Despite their website saying I would receive a call in 48hrs.
This meant I had no time to find someone to take over my membership - I was cancelling due to relocation.
Absolute rip off. Charged $250 cause they couldn't get their act together and tell me my membership was actually being cancelled and that I could transfer it.

Do not join this club

I joined in 2015 and broke my arm not long after joining. I contacted them and suspended my membership until further notice. Which i was told thatis ok in the light of my age.
An extremely condescending female (who constantly referred to me as sweetheart and darling. By the sounds of her i would be at least 25 years her senior) i spoke to roughly 2 weeks prior and she had records of all of my accounts and anything information but the arrangement to suspend my account. Supprise supprise. She said she would send me an online form to cancel again. I still haven't received anything yet.
My advice is to anyone considering joining this club should take notice of all the feedback on this page and and find another club with a good reputation.

Poor Customer Service

Quick to sign you up but when it came to cancelling my membership I tried calling numerous times at the ROTHWELL GYM but they just kept saying we’ll send an email of cancellation that I never got or they said they would call back which never happened.

Go Health Clubs ROTHWELL

This gym was originally Genesis Gym Rothwell, When they were taken over by GO they continued to bill me at the same rates I was originally paying which was a GOLD level membership so that I could use all the Genesis Clubs in Brisbane and did so WITHOUT notifying me or getting my authorisation first.

After repeated arguments with the manager to get a refund for the months taken without my authorisation I came up with little or no success with negotiation. I would strongly advise anyone else who finds themselves in this situation takes them to QCAT.

Do not go with GO health clubs or Genesis gym who enabled them to do this. Both gyms are clearly no good.

Incompetent staff that don't know what they're doing.

I tried to join the Rothwell club and after getting the contract wrong five times, thought I would try the nundah club. ( I really wanted to join because my old PT had moved to Go health clubs) I called nundah on Friday, explained what happened at rothwell and they assure she me someone would get back to me. Three days later no one calls, so I ring and I'm offered a completely different membership. The whole experience was awful, I didn't join. They don't understand or explain the memberships correctly. And consistently put the wrong amounts on the contract. Don't join them. They don't deserve your business or mine

I would never recommend the gym to anyone.

I joined the Gym September 2016 for a year contract.
I checked with receptionist (twice with different receptionists) in September 2017 when my gym membership finishes. They both said that my membership finishes on 11th October 2017. I asked them both twice that "so, after 11th of October, my membership completely finishes. I do not want my membership to continue as I have heard some gyms renew the membership themselves after the term finishes which I do not want and I want to make sure my membership does not continue". Then, they both said that the membership will not be extended and will definitely finish on 11th Oct 2017.
Then, on 30/10/17, I found out that the gym direct debited $59.15 on 16/10/17 and 30/10/17. I called the gym and asked why. Then, the receptionist said that it is because of automatic roll over. My contract has finished, but it has automatically changed to a normal membership. I explained how I made it clear of this not happening in September. The receptionist said that he would send me the cancellation link to make sure my membership finishes by that day and will speak to Manager if they can honour the money debited after the term. I told him that no receptionist ever mentioned me about the cancellation link and it is not fair. The reception said that he will speak to Manager the next day to give me a call.
On 31/10/17, I visited the gym to speak to Manager. Manager asked how he could help me. When I said that I am here for the gym membership cancellation, he said that "oh yes, he (pointed at the receptionist) told me about it. Have you completed the cancellation form?" I told him that that is my point that I clearly expressed myself that my membership to finish by 11th of Oct 2017 which is the day the membership supposed to finish and the receptionists said 'Yes', but no one ever mentioned me about the process. Manager said that it must have been a communication breakdown or I was not clear to the receptionist of what I wanted. 'Finish the membership' is not clear enough?. Anyway, he said that I should have given them the 30 day notice. I told him that I notified the receptionists in September already and they never mentioned me of any form filling process etc. He said that as per the term, 30 day notice can be given only after the contract period finishes, so they did not overcharge me or anything. He asked me to complete the cancellation form then he will process. I explained to him several times that it is unfair as no one ever clearly explained to me of this term. Manager said that the staff on contract would have explained to me and not many people read the contract. However isn't this the company's responsibility to notify consumers of the key terms and conditions? Also, the receptionists' reply in Sept gave me misleading information that my contract would end on 11/10/17, but yet they extended my membership without notifying me.
Manager said that they cannot refund the money as I would have paid that money anyway as the 30 days cancellation notice could have be given on 11/10/17, so I would had to pay the fee on 16/10 and 30/10 to make up 30 day notice period.
They said that they would have explained to me (which never have occurred until today) and I am the one did not read the contract, yet they have responsibility to explain the key terms to the consumers and I gave them 2 chances to make it clear in September. I have never been clearly informed of the cancellation period and process.
I was told that my membership would end on 11/10/17, but they deducted money on 16/10 and 30/10. I have not attending gym as I thought that the membership has expired, yet I have been paying. Therefore, $118 paid through 16/10 and 30/10 has been wasted as result of the company not informing consumer of the right process.

Oh, lastly, the manager said that the receptionists have so many other things to do than explaining the contract to the customers.

They just want your money, they don't care about your health.

Just don't bother. Unless you want a basic of all basic memberships that allows you access to classess, I wouldn't touch these guys ever again. I was talked in to joining up for the $35 per week membership and told I could easily down grade at any time. After having this ridiculously priced membership for 9 months, I realised wth am I doing and tried to cancel. I was then told that if I did downgrade, I would have to resign a new 12 month contract.. WTH??

Go Health never contacted me to assist with my motivation or check in about my wellbeing (even though I'm a valued member crap). They really don't care...

At least Fernwood would send me a text if I hadn't been in for 5+ days saying 'hey we haven't seen you in a while!?' Then I was told they didn't have the technology to track all their members and 3000+ members is too much to keep up with... Well I'm not sure why you don't have the technology to do so since you clearly have the money?!

PROBLEM after PROBLEM - all lies. They don't care.

NEVER JOIN GoHealth Nundah

They lie to their customers and don't give them all the facts before you are signing the contract to join.
I signed up for GoHealth Nundah in October 2016 and thought it was a fantastic deal. What was offered to me - a 12 month contract, plus 1 access, and full access to yogabox as well as gym facility for $20 a week. What I got instead - yogabox canceled from my membership after 6 months and the only way to get it back is to upgrade my membership! This is ridiculous!!! How can they run a business where they lie to their customers and have them sign a contract under false pretence?? When I spoke to management they said they couldn't help me because the 12 months of yogabox that was given to me wasn't written into the contract. What a bunch of crap. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend NEVER joining this gym. Way over priced and not worth it. Plus you can't trust them!

Avoid at all cost!

My advice to anyone looking to join a gym is to avoid Go Health Clubs. Recently I've been trying to get my contract resigned to avoid GO price increases only to be met with constant refusal because my current rate is "too low". GO have told me that because my membership includes a +1 (which they happily sold me) my membership will be rising in a 'bulk increase' from $13.99 a week to $35. Despite the fact they advertise and encourage 'resigning to avoid CPI increases' it seems they will only do this when it suits them. GO are happy to offer you a good deal to get you in the door but they will screw you over at every chance they get after that.
In addition to this most of the barbells on the weight floor are bent, the renovations consisted mostly of covering the floor in astro turf, there aren't enough weight plates during peak hour, the noise in yoga box is like training next to a train line, and the 12 month free Yoga Box trial offered to existing members was reneged after 6 months.
There are better gyms in Brisbane which won't try and rip you off every chance they get. Join any of them.

Don't bother

Do you need a kick start? Do you need a gym that cares about you? One that's in your face? Reminds you to go? Cares about your needs? Adapts to your ever changing life? Replys to emails? Comes out of their office to speak with you? This is NOT the place for you.

BEWARE of signing your CONTRACT!!!

GO Health club Springwood or any of the clubs...Beware when signing up to this gym, make sure you take the contract home and read everything... Legally they are meant to provide you with a copy of your contract on the day of signing, this never happened to me after 2 days of not receiving anything I wrote to them asking for my contract as i wanted to cancel the membership, they do this so your cooling off period of 48 hours goes past. Im still trying to cancel the contract but they argue my cooling off period lapsed, they dont take any responsibility for negligant staff or do they simply train them this way???? sales tactics, their happy to take your money though and send you to a debt collector!!!!!!

Broken equipment, no complaint process, its just criminal

Faulty equipment (a cross-trainer) that has not been fixed the entire time I have been at the gym.

Staff will not tell you the hidden fees they will not advised the dispute resolution process but they are really good at saying; “It’s in the terms and conditions’ and awesome at saying ‘NO”.

Claim to have a 'special' relationship with the Department of Fair trading.

The dishonor fee is the cost of your weekly membership.

Go Health Clubs - ROTHWELL

Worst gym I have ever had the displeasure of going to. I was an original Genesis member when Go took over. They lied, failed to disclose information, were often unprofessional, took money out of people's accounts (inc mine) without permission, even sent my email address to 450 other people and failed to apologise at the time or give a reason as to why this occurred. They have advertised top notch facilities when was far from with various complaints from dissatisfied clients swept under the carpet (can be seen after renovations occurred). From viewing other Go clubs review pages it appears that it is a repeated pattern of money grubbers putting greed before client satisfaction or safety. Avoid this club or at the very least check out the reviews on their page as well as the other clubs.

Best gym I've been come across

I've been with this gym for over two years now, Its always clean, everyone looks after the gym well, great atmosphere, the music is nice a loud, its a motivational environment. Worth the money compared to other local gyms who have half the equipment for the same membership rates. I only pay $15.99 a week which is reasonable for what you get and they do regular upgrades. However would like a few more calisthenics based equipment. Such as a climbing rope, monkey bars etc. overall, would recommend to everyone!

No towel no training?!

I got pushed out coz I don't have a towel?! Which is the their new policy with no informing at all!! Poor service, the crazy staff even tried to sell a towel to me?!

Overpriced, unfair contracts, poor service

This gym franchise would have to be the worse I have ever come across. They use high pressure sales tactics to the extreme. I said no to the sales rep over five times and I felt like I couldn't leave the premises. The gym doesn't enforce hygiene, as a result the gym smells of foul smelling body odour. The memberships are very expensive, up to $45 a week which is outrageous. Equipment was alright though still lacking. The gym doesn't stop people from using their phones whilst using equipment. Though common I found that I couldn't finish my workout due to these people and lack of equipment.

Steer clear of this wreck and sinking ship of a gym franchise.

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