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Goodyear Excellence

Goodyear Excellence

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Awesome Tyre. Worth the money spent.

Using Good Year Excellence tyre since 2010 Dec. Changed original factory tyre (Goodyear Excellence) around 55,000 KM and replaced with Good Year Excellence (1st replacement, Around Aug 2013), but it lasted 40,000 KM. After a little investigation, figured out the tyre replaced was made in Thailand.

Replaced again (2nd replacement, Around July 2015) with Good Year Excellence, this time ensured the ones are Japanese. Till now using it and have done over 60,000 KM.

Done third replacement in May 2019. So far has done over 158000 KM with those combined.

Worth every penny. Ensure, you get Japanese manufactured one. Purchased in Aug 2013, July 2015 and May 2019.

Purchased in July 2015.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 157,000 km
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
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Hi Jey, Thanks for your five star review of your Goodyear Excellence tyres :) We're so glad to read that you've enjoyed driving on Goodyear over the years! Kind regards, Team Goodyear Australia

Performance sedan car tyres

I tried the Goodyear tyres 205/55R16 91W for my car (2 off tyres) and have seen a great driving experience, good road grip, performance improved and a great overall driving experience. Comfort tyres and if fixed, inflated properly and completed wheel balance and alignment-nothing better. Excellent tyres and I shall go for them again after the deterioration of these tyres.

Car2002 Jaguar X type 2.5 lt
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Hi Alex, thank you very much for your five star review. It's great to hear that you have been enjoying the driving experience with Goodyear tyres on your Jaguar. Kind regards, Goodyear Australia

Nice tyres.

These come stock on the VW golf and we replaced em recently. Lasted a good year or so of heavy driving . The new ones handle great and glad we went with the OG stock tyres instead of another brand.
Also fuel efficiency doesn't seem to be compromised with these and we highly recommend them! Bought at Tempe Tyres cannot speak highly enough of that place.

CarVW Golf
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Hi there, thank you very much for your review. It's great to hear you were so happy with your Goodyear tyres on your Golf that you repurchased them when the time came to replace them :) Thanks, Team Goodyear Australia

Good mileage

Great tyre on fg falcon xt 215/60r16 they were on car from new first set lasted 65,000 Kim's second set have 63,000 km on them now still got tread left I rotated them every 10,000 km good price $130 a tyre from ford rang Kmart they sold to me for $125 each put a set of 4 on my wife's Toyota Camry same size as my falcon.

Car2012 fg falcon and 2008 Toyota camry

excellent grip

These tyres are durable and provide excellent grip. The threads remain good even after 25k. There is minimum road noise which is of course good. I have had yokohamas before and these ones are definitely better. Will continue to use them. Might even get new ones soon. Really happy with them

CarFord Focus

Perfect in every way

These tyres were recommended by the tyre store, we have had them before and have re purchased them.
They are really great in safety and durable, they last us a long time. They are affordable and do not have too much road noise when driving. We are happy so far and will continue to buy them.

CarMitsubishi Lancer

Tyres thus far are pretty good.

Tyres only have 15000 km on them at the minute, hence the good rating that will progress to excellent if they make more than 30000km. Tyres came on 19inch wheels on my Audi Q5, they have been good on tar, dirt, and took them recently slightly off road on my parents farm in the wet and they were not too bad. The width certainly helped in the soft stuff, even in a little bit of mud they weren't too bad.

Car2015 Audi Q5 3.0l TDi

Road noise is teribble

I just used it for 2 days but most obvious is the road noise. i tried to use Hankook brand which is much more cheaper still the performance is great and also the road noise seems to be significantly lower. What makes me confuse is there are a lot of reviews saying that this tyres is quite good and low road noise. I am thinking of going back to the tyres dealer to get explanation from them.

CarMitsubishi Lancer GT

Durable and best value for money

Good Year Excellence 235/50/R17 tyres were fitted to my car when new but were replaced by a cheaper brand on the service agent's recommendation when the originals needed replacing after 65000 km. I had two replacement sets which needed replacing at around 25000 km each and have since gone back to Good Year Excellence. These have now done 69500 km and while two are still OK for a few thousand more km, the other two are borderline so I'm buying a new set. Yes, a bit more expensive than some other brands, but I value the durability and the safe feel of these tyres on the road and with my regular highway driving in all weather conditions.

CarFord Falcon FG G6 2008

Great value for money

Overall, I am very satisfied with them. In my size 17" they were around 40% off the price compared to the others premium tires, but they give similar performance. Low rolling noise tires, yet quieter than several brands on the market with special emphasis tires. Look to be wearing well over the past 8000 km I have done on them. Highly recommended.

CarKia Forte

Best performance ever!

Have had Goodyear Excellence on my Ford G6 since new. Currently done 94,000 km but now need replacing. Previous best performance was 80,000 from some Bridgestones.

Excellence for good year Excellence

they are chineess made 235/17/50 for my g6e falcon but had them on my taxi and have done 80000 yes 80000 no joke have passed 3 inspections by taxi inspection people, in and out the city m5 m7 m2 ed they last I am very happy, as long as you don't bent the rims

Great tyre however don't know replacement cost.

I have had these tyre on my golf in 195 65 r15 German version since I bought the car. Since then I have done 71 000 km and the tread is still legal. However apparently these tyres are expensive to replace. All in all though outstanding mileage on them! Words
Excellent mileage good even wear.

Expensive to replace and don't last a long time

These came new on 2007 Ford Mondeo in 235/45 17 configuration. Have just done 31,000K it;s 2013 and the steering is 'wandering' on the road. Thought it might be a wheel balance or front end alignment problem, but after having it checked by Ford they said straight away that the side wear on the tires are below legal (less than 1mm) even though the middle of the tires have 2mm. At the price of these tires are to replace (up to $300 or more per tire x 4 = $1200+) I would have hoped that they would have lasted longer. My other car's cheap Kuhmos lasted 33,000K....... And they cost $400 to replace.
Looks like a nice tire
Fully serviced and rotated and have done minimal Km's and still only got 31,000K's out of them

No complaints here...

They came standard with the Ford XR5 and have done just over 30k. Still got about 0.5mil left till need replacing. The ones on the car are made in Germany so don't know if that's why they turned out good?? Have not asked how much they cost retail but would replace with same.
Handling, responsive
Noisy when looses a pound or two.

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You are so right i also have German made tyres they have done over 40,000ks,wont get same milage out of tyres here in Aus,the Quality here is not the same as Europe1I Know because i am from Europe,try getting European made tyres here impossible,they only want to sell you ones that wear quick so you be back for more,shame,Aus made great tyres once!

Not pleased

These tyres were supplied as original equipment on a 2010 TDCI Mondeo. Their pressure has always been correct and they have been regularly rotated. Despite this they require replacing before 30K. As they have become worn they have increasingly tracked road irregularities. They are particularly noisy on coarse chip bitumen though are quiet on hotmix.
Steering response and braking
Rapid wear, tracking when worn, road noise on coarse bitumen.

Liverpool Goodyear Terrible service

I got my Timing Belt & Water Pump changed with SUMP Reseal & it was done very badly resulting in Oil Leaking from my Car & when I complained to Goodyear, they said that it is my car's age that its seals got cracked after putting 500ML extra Engine Oil by them & it is all my fault that I took my Car for service to them.

Very bad customer service & very bad engine work & car service.


As two of the four tyres those on the front were worn to the point they were unroadworthy at 27000ks and just 3000ks later after a front end alignment check, their replacements were showing signs of significant inside corner wear already. It can be definitely said Good Year Excellence must be seen as an inferior tyre, lacking in any construction quality.
Quiet ride on my Mondeo TDCI. Enough grip for my style of driving. They looked good when new.
Trye construction faulty and leads to inside corners on tyres wearing rapidly and likely cause is weakness in side walls of tyres.

Great on all counts

Fitted as new to my Falcon FG G6E. I have never had such long life from a tyre (49,000 ks). Also very quiet, right thru the wear cycle, and giving a great ride despite frequent high inflation for caravan towing. If it had not been for some shoulder wear, they would have made 60,000 ks.
Comfort, Quietness, Road-Holding, Tyre Life
Some Shoulder Wear


Great value, Great tread wear/ecoonomy. No hassle. I note that on new XT, with 5 spoke alloy rims as standard, the dealer said that I should keep pressure at 36psi minimum all round.
Had 21565R16 Excellence (on steel rims) on a July 2008 Falcon XT Sedan (work/fleet vehicle) in country Australia. 3 hr drive on country roads to nearest state capital city. Traded car for a new Falcon in July 2010 at 65,000kms with the original set of Excellence still legal (just - had about 2,000kms left as estimated by my local tyre dealer). Had them rotated every 15,000kms. On advice of my local tyre dealer, one wheel alignment needed at about 45,000kms. Kept up regular check of tyre pressure at 35psi.
Nothing at all to dislike.

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Are they rated for mid and snow?
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Sorry I am not able to help because we do not ski. Might be a question for the boys at the store.

Can it fit into a 14in rom size?
1 answer
I think they have a minimum rim size of 15 inch. Sorry!


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