What was Google thinking?

Managed to connect it to my android phone without a problem. Wasted hours trying to connect it to my Windows laptop. Why are there not even any reliable instructions for this? Surely I'm not alone in trying to connect a Windows laptop? Utterly terrible.

Purchased at Google Store for $59.00.

Great product with further opportunity

when the GEN 1 came out t was a must have, it offer the opprotunity to make any TV with HDMI to become a smart TV. This at the time saved Hundreds $ $ $ $, of the cost of purchasing a dedicated smart TV. In the way of limitations it would be great if it could be used with out the need of a network.

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Never works, sub standard compared to Apple tv

I went from an Apple TV, no problems, worked well, to this product that hardly ever connects to me devices. Glitched, that require me everyday to reset the item. The worst desicion I have made, in particular when mirroring. Google company should be ashamed of themselves to have a device that works at low standard. Please do your self a favour and don't buy this product, it's no good.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

if you love stuffing around with glitchy tech, this is for you.

Hopeless device. Never connects when you want it to. Have to erase and start again multiple times. Freezes at the most annoying moments (to be fair, this is its one skill). We had such high hopes for this thing. Like, it would work, for one. Waste of time and money.

Date PurchasedAug 2018


You would think a product as simple as chromecast wouldnt have any problems
It drops out, and /or doesn't always connect for no apparent reason.
I find I have to go to my Google home app to manually find it and connect it because when I hit the connect icon it says its streaming but it isn't.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

So good we bought a second one!

We have an Apple TV, and a Chromecast but hubby has a Samsung phone and was only using Chromecast. So we bought a second Chromecast. Both are great devices. Only problems is sometimes can’t skip advertisements, whilst casting. Can be powered by usb. If you don’t have outlets free, your tv’s USB ports can power the Chromecast.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Always loses connection

I’ve owned my ultra for about a week now. On the same network I have an old Panasonic PVR that supports Netflix and an old Sony Bravia TV that has some smart apps. The chromecast is ALWAYS losing connection to wifi, and when I plug it into the network It just fails completely. Regularly the Google home app on my phone won’t be able to find the chromecast, until I power cycle the chromecast. Netflix on iOS is always losing the connection and failing to cast.

When I do manage to get Netflix playing, it often gets stuck at 99%. After five minutes I just power cycle the chromecast to try again.

You might think this is due to my home network problems, but I have a Google Home, multiple iPads and iPhones, and the two video devices right next to the chromecast and they all work flawlessly. I’m in IT and I’ve set up a wireless mesh network around my house and I get excellent signal speeds.

When it does work however, it’s nice just to be able to say “hey Google, turn on the TV!“ The screensavers are pretty and I like having the date and weather on the television. I would like to see more apps available.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Not compatible

Google haven't got a list of compatible projectors. Mine isnt. It's an expensive trial and error or the inconvenience of returning the Chromecast device to google. It proved to be a waste of time. HDMI does not mean that it will work with your projector. There must be many standards around.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Best purchase

Got a chromecast so that I could stream Hayu (reality tv) on my television and it has been fantastic. It’s actually really convenient selecting a program on my phone - all I do is hit a button and it turns on my tv and streams what i want to watch. Love it

Date PurchasedOct 2018

What an unsafe, terrible product

1. Would not install from a PC.
2. Interferes with aerial signal.
3. Unit gets so hot,nearly too hot to touch, its a fire hazard.
I spent 3 hours trying to get it to work and finally gave up. The instructions on the setup program are hopeless. I will be taking it back for a refund.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Stay far away!

My chromecast continues to reboot as I am streaming. I cannot even get in 5 minutes of watch time. This issue started about over a week ago. I rebooted the device as well as did a factory reset and now the problem is even worse! Now I am not even able to connect to the device. I contacted customer support and the representative laughed at my issue and was not sympathetic to my issue. The support agent did not fix my problem and only made me run around the house disconnecting and restarting everything when the issue is with the chromecast itself, not my wifi or cellphone. I am extremely disappointed in the product as well as the customer service I will not be buying again and will stop everyone from buying this device. I suggest a roku or fire stick. There’s no happy casting with chromecast.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Cheomecast only good at streaming media

I work in IT so I'm quite familiar with operating gadgets and electronic devices. I recently bought the 2018 model (3rd gen). It's good at streaming media content from mobile phones, PC and laptops but it fails miserably at mirroring from PC and laptop because the mouse and keyboard input lag is really bad.

I have an older miracast dongle dongle that has no lag for mouse/keyboard, although it buffers quite a lot when streaming media.

Also with old miracast dongle I can easily mirror my screen from pc, laptop and mobile without installing any app. But to use Chromecast you need to use Google home app on your mobile or Chrome browser from your laptop or desktop to start mirroring.

All in all, I'm not happy with the way Chromecast operates. It's not working as a wireless display. It has so much lag for mouse and keyboard that makes desktop mirroring painful. It's almost useless for desktop mirroring.

So if you're after mirroring from desktop, look elsewhere. If you're mirroring from mobile then buy the Chromecast.

Pros:.only good at mirroring from mobile
Cons: not good at desktop mirroring due to noticeable input lag

Final thought: Waste of $$$ as it doesn't work for what it's intended to be working.

Date PurchasedNov 2018


Chromemast device and Google Home (which I use to cast from my Galaxy S9) work together less than 50% of the time. Nothing more frustrating than tech that only works 'sometimes'. I just threw my Chromecast in the trash and uninstalled Google Home. What a waste of $$$ and time.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Can't live without it!

I have just updated my 1st Generation Chromecast with a 3rd Generation model. I am glad I did. It works faster with no buffering. I generally cast from my iPad using the many free-to-air streaming apps and Nextflix. I cast movies from my PC using the Videostream app. The Chromecast has extended my viewing pleasure, and I can catch-up with all my regular programs. Works much better than the catch-up apps that come with my Sony smart TV

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great purchase!

I can’t believe I didn’t buy it sooner! It makes streaming online soooo much easier to view on your tv. No time for HDMI cables anymore, much easier to stream with the google chrome cast. Love this product!
If you’re thinking of buying it, I completely recommend. Very simple to install and use right away!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

2nd Gen..(2018) 15% faster than the 2016 model

After writing my previous review for Google Chromecast I convinced myself to buy an extra TV and a third Google Chromecast, but instead of heading over to my favourite Harvey Norman store on a rainy day, I decided to ebay.com.au it. Well there is 100% confusion online, there are all sorts of casting dongles out there. Some casting dongles look like the first generation of Google Chromecast (they are called Anycast) then there are a bunch that look like the second generation Google Chromecast (called MiraCast, but they do not support Netflix) then there is an updated MiraCast 2018 version that looks like the newly released Google Chromecast 2018 model (new one which has deleted the magnet). I then noticed the cheaper copy needs an extra cable so it means you get a dongle on a dongle and it NOW claims compatibility with Netflix (without needing to change modes?) this 2018 model has the 'G' for Google on it, but has a flat and plain back, so it doesn't look exactly like the Google branded second generation Chromecast from 2016, but does look like the 2018 model.
The really confusing bit is the 'G' logo and the claim that it is the 4th generation google Chromecast 2018 version. In the product description for the copy, they have a lowercase G for Google. Seems that it only supports 2.4GHz bandwidth which is unusual for a 2018 product and it definitely isn't 4K resolution.

What should we buy????

I found the newly released 2nd Generation 2018 for $47 or $49 in stores. Harvey Norman, Good Guys, BigW, JBhifi.

The real Google Chromecast includes a wall charger, so it is a better deal. I bought it.

I also bought the cheapest 32" LED TV for $188 to use with the Chromecast device.

So far I haven't noticed the claimed 15% speed increase over the 2016 model, but I had to submit this review twice because Product Review doesn't have the 2018 model in their srop down list.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
1 comment
OK, so they call this 3rd generation? The update to the Google Home app seems a bit buggy and may be the cause of mirror cast dropout. It works flawlessly with the Google Home mini and makes me wonder why Google didn't put a hdmi port (and chromecast inside ) on the Google Home Mini OR just put a microphone on the Chromecast so my TV could be a Google Home Mini.

2nd Gen.. not the 4K model

We bought the 2nd Generation Chromecast as soon as they released it and later on we bought another 2nd Generation, same as the one we already owned. We got it for a really good price, just $35.
We were at the shops because the 4K (really High Definition) version had just come into the shops and we went in to have a look. We read that it was just for those really High Definition 4K TVs, we don't have one so the extra $15 above the other model's price would just be future proofing for when we buy the big screen TV. Then the sales assistant comes over and says they will have to do a clearance of the other model???? now that the new 4K is released. Well we asked how much discount and only paid $35, could say NO to that.
We are very happy with the 2nd Generation model, we have used it with our LED Projector for outdoor movie fun and plugged it into an old DVI (we had a cable) monitor that was a PC monitor and 'wow' instant bedside entertainment.
So compact, so smart and so portable between monitors. We wonder why people bother to buy SMART TVs because the smarts are built-in and cost more than $35

PS. You don't need a Smart TV, but a half decent flat TV will probably have CEC-HDMI that allows your TV remote control to work with the Chromecast device.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
1 comment
The latest update of Google Home app that you have to use to set it up has become very buggy. Even having the genuine Google Chromecast hasn't made the latest update of Google Home app work. We get constant signal dropout when trying to mirror our phone. It used to work flawlessly with a previous version.

Love it!

Was tempted by AppleTV but kept getting suggestions of Chromecast and haven’t regretted it. Works with all our devices, and can be compatible with non Chrome usage with correct tech support. Much much cheaper and works brilliantly, allowing casting of what you choose rather than mirroring of whole screens so the casting device can still be multifunctional. Great buy!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Unleash the potential - Make your TV smart

Complement my TV, which has very limited capabilities, it is semi smart, but with the chromcast I was able to stream from my phone to the TV, mirror my phone, have my personal photos as screensaver, very useful.
Hardy any problems, may once or twice stalled and needed reset, other than that it is very practical

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Almost AI

there are so many things connected to the TV, and this is the only one that connected without any trouble or hard reading into the manual. we cast Stan and video from mobile phones.
just in a few times it had error in the connection and have to recast again.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

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Questions & Answers

why when I use the device to watch SBS on demand does it sometimes cut the start of the show, and why is it that all the other providers such as I view, does not seem to have this problem. what do I need to do to fix this irritating problem
No answers

I would to ask if when you mirror your screen to the tv, does it use the wifi on your mobile. I would like to mirror my screen to tv and then use the wifi to surf the internet (google maps, a browser page or anything else). So is the wifi free to browse the internet while mirroring your screen? And now there is also a guest mode. So you can mirror your screen lets say in a hotel without using wifi. Is again your wifi free to surf the internet while doing this? Thanks
2 answers
When setting Chromecast up it asks you which wifi you want to connect to ? I only have one that connects and does it all, home installed wifi where all products identify and log to - hope this helps.I can't get guest mode to work at all. I have downloaded the update of Google Home App. Looks different. My TV shows the PIN on the screen, which we assume means a guest who doesn't have access to our wifi password but can see the PIN on the monitor, will be able to CAST (mirror) their screen to our TV. But it doesn't find any compatible devices for them to cast to unlessvthey are already connected to our wifi. I might try rebooting the Chromecast

After installing the Chromecast with a WiFi can it still be used on a different WiFi?
1 answer
You need to set it up on wifi to use it. If you are planning to use it on two different wifi you need to set it up as well. use google home app in order to do this.


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Netflix App CompatibleYesYesYes
SD Card SlotNoNoNo
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