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Green Living Australia Yoghurt Maker

Green Living Australia Yoghurt Maker

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4 reviews
    bilnrobnWestern Australia
    • 8 reviews

    Great yoghurt maker, one (solvable) problem


    The unit works just fine. It does take longer than our previous maker, but produces a good, tasty result.

    I like the fact that it can make two litres as most brands only make one. However this created a problem I hadn't expected... The full two litre pot is too heavy to lift out by the clip-on lid as the lid comes off and I can't fit my fingers between the outer and inner pots. The solution was to make a cross out of two 1 metre pieces of 25mm wide ribbon and sew these it together at the centre. This can be placed in the outer pot before you start and when the yoghurt is done gather the ends together and hoist it out safely and easily. (Only four stars as there should be an easier way.)

    Date PurchasedJan 2019
    • 9 reviews

    Simple to use and excellent


    Keeps milk at constant temp for days if required. Have made dairy, soy and coconut yoghurt with little effort with starter cultures from green living. i highly recommend this product as you can make 2 litres at a time and yoghurt is stored in container its made in. Green living will give all the required instructions to make any yoghurt you like. You simply must get it its only $49.95 and will be paid off very quickly from savings from store bought stuff.

    So simple and delicious!


    With 2 kids and living out bush where yoghurt is a prized commodity this machine is heaven sent! So easy to use. Makes yummy yoghurt without the bother of hearing milk etc. Not that it's too hard to do the traditional way, but this machine takes the guess work out and I get perfect yoghurt every time. The customer service is spot on as well. Good recipes on their site and easy to follow instructions.

    Matt - Tassie
    Matt - Tassie
    • 10 reviews

    Simply Yoghurt


    This is just so simple to use - an on/off switch is all there is to it. Comes with a 2 litre container. Using Green Living culture ($14.95 makes about 100 litres) and your milk is the most basic way to create yoghurt in about 12 hours. No other additives needed.
    As we like very thick yoghurt we add 1/3 cup of powdered milk to a litre of long life milk, add the culture an turn it on - that simple - fresh yoghurt for breakfast.
    So far made about 30 litres no problems.

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    BEST B.
    BEST B.asked

    Hi can i use fresh milk instead of powder ??

    1 answer

    Yes. you can use full cream through to skim in fresh or long life milk. All work fine though full cream makes a tastier yoghurt. I believe you can shandy with powdered if you wish, for a creamier yoghurt but I've never seen the need.


    please explain how the hour reminder works as neither pot rotates

    2 answers

    Neither pot rotates and there is no timer. It doesn't need to be that hi tech. You plug it in as you add the inner pot containing the milk and starter mix with the inner lid on. Then decide how long you want it to run; I use 12 hours for a full 2 litre mix. Then work out at what time that period will be up and then position the outer lid with the little black marker on that time. It is just a reminder in case you forget when you started it, there is no timer. If you are afraid you will forget set your mobile's alarm to go off at that time, or use some other reminder. The timing isn't critical anyway and if you were to forget and let it go even a couple of hours more it shouldn't matter. It may make the mix thicker, but that is a good thing.


    Thanks very much for the answer - problem solved!


    My yoghurt doesnt thicken enough even when I add powdered milk. Should I add more culture.

    2 answers

    Sounds like you want a Greek yoghurt consistency. There are three adjustments you can make...
    You can vary the amount of culture you add. I use about 150 grams of the previous batch. I've never used a bought culture but the directions should give a good guide. There is a thickener you can buy, and I use that, but don't think it helps much. Adding powdered milk thickens it so maybe a bit more will help.
    How long do to leave it processing the batch?. You can safely leave it up to 18 or more hours providing the milk is fresh. . I usually leave it 12 hours, check by tilting the machine a little and leave longer if it is still too thin.
    Use full cream milk. If you are using semi skim or skim milk you will not get an acceptable thickness. The milk should be room temperature, maybe more during cold weather. I use long life milk, so a new carton is already room temperature, but if you use milk from the fridge warm to first.


    Thank you. I am using skim milk.

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    CategoryNovelty / Snack Makers
    Price (RRP) $53.95
    Product TypeYoghurt Maker
    Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)

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