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Greenstar Elite Juicer GSE-5000

Greenstar Elite Juicer GSE-5000

5.0 from 7 reviews

Best Home Juicer for Large Quantity Juicing

Recent health issues have us juicing very large quantities of vegetables and fruits, every couple of days. This is a great juicer for this purpose. Solidly built, powers through carrots, cabbage, greens (even the stalks). We are amazed at how much juice this machine gets out of our produce. The only thing it has not liked so far is ripe pears and tomatoes, but we tried them after the fibrous greens. Put those through first, before your spinach and fibrous lettuce greens, it'll be better. We're juicing at least 6 litres at a time, running the machine for 1/2 an hour each time (stopping only to swap out the catcher bowl). No overheating, works great. We did purchase 2 larger Pyrex 1 litre squat glass jugs to use in place of the small jug supplied, because of the quantities we're juicing. Also makes excellent dough for sprouted grain bread. If we could change anything, it would only be to have bit the bullet and spent an extra few hundred dollars on the commercial model, only because of the amount we're juicing each time.

Purchased in April 2019 at Raw Blend for $1,195.00.

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Amazing!!! Previously spent $600 on a Breville slow juicer, returned it after using Greenstar Elite

We make all types of juices at least twice a day.
I use all vegetables and fruits, had no issues with anything.
We are amazed how much juice we get from greenstar compare to all other juicers we’ve used.
Best of all was cleaning! So easy!!! I now have time to sit down and enjoy the juice.
We’re looking forward to making pastas and other good stuff.
Also, thank you RawBlend team for making the purchase so easy and pleasant.
Will definitely buy other products.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

5 Stars for the Greenstar Elite

I recently purchased a Greenstar Elite juicer from the great people at Rawblend in Brisbane.
It was to replace my old upright masticating juicer that I was having considerable frustrations with. A Froothy 400.
My favourite and regular juice is Carrot, Celery, Beetroot, Cucumber, Apple and Ginger.
My new Greenstar is amazing - leaves the old one for dead. I have to be getting 25% more juice from the same amount of produce. I like a little pulp in my juice so I use the larger screen which is also provided.
I also love the technology that's built into the Greenstar Elite. I don't want to have to juice every day. I can now do up a bigger batch of juice every other day or two and know that the juice will still retain it's nutrients for up to 72 hours, if need be.
The Greenstar can handle doing a large batch at the one time with ease. My old one couldn't.
The Greenstar is definitely a "Top Shelf" machine. Yes, it is more expensive than many others and I spent a couple of months researching what must be every juicer available before I made the decision to buy this one.
And it was whilst doing my research, and was actually ready to buy one here in Australia, that I virtually stumbled across the Rawblend website. They were located only about 40 minutes drive from where I live here in Brisbane.
That was good enough for me. I'm an older guy and I'm always a bit wary about buying anything on line.
So I rang Rawblend and spoke to Leah initially who was most helpful over the phone, and I arranged a time to pick up the Greenstar. That's when I met Claire and Tommy. We chatted for about a half hour. What a breath of fresh air. A pair of very knowledgeable and genuinely "nice" people.
So if you're considering a Greenstar Elite Juicer - just do it - you'll love it.
And if you're here in Australia and you're looking for the right place to buy one - get it from Rawblend.
Incidentally the Rawblend website is full of great info as well as other top products and recipes.
I find I'm now incorporating some great blending ideas with my juicing, thanks to the website.
Tommy's salsa recipe is better than any bought stuff.
My apologies for being a bit long winded here.
Ken Nyberg
Custom Picture Framer
Capalaba, Brisbane.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Very happy

Hi, I've used Greenstar Elite for years and it's the best juicer i've ever used. When I originally bought this product I was certainly curious to see if hard vegetables like beetroot, celery and ginger were going to make the machine labor but I am pleased to report that it was no match for it. You won't be disappointed!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

The Greenstar Elite Juicer Rocks

The Greenstar Elite juicer is the best juicer i have owned, this coming from someone that juicers daily and has also completed multiple extended juice fasts for up to 45 days at a time.
The juice from a Greenstar tastes better and has very little pulp, it also has much less separation when left in the fridge for a day or two. I did break a plastic part when I tried to juice a partly frozen stick of celery through the fine strainer, it was user error on my part. Raw Blend provided excellent friendly service, the part was not expensive and delivered to my door in a few days. Great juicer for the juice enthusiast. Wayne Bragg Agnes Water.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Worth The Investment

As a trained juice therapist and as someone who has "juiced" for over 15 years I can not recommend the Greenstar Elite highly enough. I have use them all, from the cheap centrifuge juicers to the modern vertical juices and everything in-between none of them could take my regular juicing of hard veggies like carrot and beetroot, or get the most, if anything out of my greens.
The Greenstar handles it all, producing a dry pulp and tasty juice without missing a beat. The only down side is due to the slower twins gear operation a bit of muscle power can sometimes be needed, particularly if you get carried away putting too much in the feed tube ;) I have suggested, for a few of my elderly clients, to put the juicer on a lower table then use body weight to push veggies into feed.... This is because, unlike the centrifuge type which just rips the veggies apart and begins the oxidative process so quickly, it is using the slow twin gears in almost a chewing action retaining all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes more efficiently and lasting a few days rather then a few hours. The minimal work is worth the result.
After 12 months I still use this one almost everyday and it hasn't missed a beat, a sturdy machine that is worth the investment. 5 stars from me and my carrots!

Date PurchasedJun 2016

The Best Juicer!

The Greenstar Elite Juicer is by far the best juicer i've ever used and I now know why it's regarded as one of the world's best. I have previously used Champion and Optimum juicers but they can't juice greens and vegetables anywhere near as good as greenstar can. I can now juice celery, kale, wheatgrass, carrots and beetroot with ease, it never gets blocked up and I get heaps more juice and less fibre which means more nutrition. I also love the bioceramic and magnetic technology which keeps my juice fresh for up to 72 hours and retains the enzymes. Clean up only takes minutes and it's easy to assemble. You pay for what you get and I wish i invested in this amazing juicer years ago. LOVE IT!

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Greenstar Elite Juicer GSE-5000
TypeTwin Gear
Price (RRP) $629

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