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great choice, great prices

The choice was great as is the prices, looking forward to my first delivery. This is my first order, will defiantly order again

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Hey, thanks for sharing with us! We're sure you will love the products you ordered. If you need any kind of assistance, don't hesitate to give us a call at 1300 222 824 and we'd be happy to assist.

Great quality

I find that the products are cheaper than the major stores and that they sell bulk which is why I love buying them

GroceryRun - poor quality provider

Do NOT use GroceryRun!!! Produce was very average and the packaging was broken on multiple items. I wanted to try GroceryRun to compare to other providers and I can see why Unocart is the #1 provider in Perth. They have Coles, Woolworths and Aldi under the 1 shopping cart and the service is exceptional with same day delivery.

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Hi, we are sorry to hear about your experience! We do take extreme care in packing the orders. It sounds like your parcel was mishandled during transit but there's nothing to worry about as we are here for you and will be happy to resolve everything for you. Can you please respond to our message so we can move forward in assisting you. Thank you.

Poor packing = damaged goods

I have used Grocery Run from the beginning. Recently the packing has been second rate. It has been so bad Australia Post lodged complaints to cover their company. Our box was then packed into garbage bags. Items were broken. I was refunded money or replacement items were re-posted. I was reluctant to order again, but placed a small value order. It was a disaster. I had a small order placed in a large box with no protective packing. Six blocks of broken chocolate, ripped packaging etc. I contacted GR who after 2 days approved a return. It came with threats of me having to pay the return postage if they didn’t deem it worthy of replacement. I wasn’t guaranteed of getting any product back. I had photos of how it looked when I opened the box. Items were clearly broken. I had to return it in the original box which had already been discarded. Never again. Don’t waste your money. Grocery Run used to be excellent.

Never had a problem

I have been purchasing goods from Grocery Run for years, and I have never had a problem with the products or service, items have always arrived really fast and in good condition, not to mention the great savings I have made each time. If I had to buy these products from a regular store, I wouldn't be able to afford them. Grocery Run has been a lifesaver! Thanks, guys, and gals!

Hi Lynette, thanks for your wonderful feedback! We are pleased to hear of your shopping experience with Grocery Run. Hope to see you back soon.Don't worry, I will definitely be back! :)


Is it any wonder they are closing down. Pathetic service. Ever time I order they cannot full-fill the order. The last time i ordered they sent $4 wotrh of goods and charged $12 postage. No notification again that were not sending my full order. I hope they do not open again under another name.

Some times great other times not so much.

I've used grocery run quite a bit in past, but It's come to my attention the last two times I've bought chocolate from them that the products have come inedible. I puchased 2 boxes of curly wurly's recently and both boxes every single bar had a gross white powdery crumbly texture on the outside. But I must say every other time the chocolate has been really good and normal every day house hold items have been fine. I still feel 4 stars is the right rating as their customer service was great and refunded my money on the chocolate.

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Hi, thank you for leaving us a review here! We are sorry to hear of the melted chocolates but we are glad that you contacted us and gave us a chance to resolve this concern for you. Happy to see that you are satisfied with our overall service. Thanks for shopping with Grocery Run!

Saving money & great products

One of the best things, we love about Groceries on the Run, is the money we save. Love the Gluten Free and health range. Very happy customers. Always on time with delivery.

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Hi Michael, feels great to hear that. Thanks a lot for shopping with us.

Great Range, Good Value and Superb Service

Shopping online with Grocery Run is much more than a convenience; it's a pleasure.

The product range is varied and of excellent quality, the prices provide good value consistently and the service is superb, especially for those of us who need to shop quickly and economically.

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Hey, thanks for writing this review. We are always looking to expand our product range and provide exceptional value. Pleased to hear that you are one of our loyal customers. Thank you for shopping with us!

Life Saving

I live in the middle of the WA gold fields and have shopped here for many years - the closest shop is 157k away - at the age of 73 I find this service is almost life saving for me - as a club catch member I find the product quality excellent and no cost of freight ,Thank You.

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Hey, thank you so much for writing this review. We are so glad to hear that we are able to assist you with our services in WA. We can understand how tough it can get but that's what we are here for. Thanks for shopping with us!

Bargains are great

Love Grocery run , and as a club catch member no delivery fees!! always find deals that you simply cnt get for the price in the supermarkets. Love that there are more Australian products now.

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Hey, we're so glad to hear that you are able to do all your grocery shopping at Grocery Run. Feel free to message us if you ever have any queries!

Good.place to get extras

Grocery run have some excellent products. Clinique products are significantly cheaper. Good place to visit. Usually get snacks for the grandchildren and high protein products.

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Hi Helen, thanks for the feedback. We hope you continue to shop with us in future as well.

Needs more vegan options!

Needs more vegan options! Vegans love a good deal too! Needs more vegan options! Vegans love a good deal too!

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion. We will let our business team know :)

Happy customer

Always find what I need at a great price and there is always something that tempts me so I buy that too

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Hey Debra, we're so glad to hear that. Let us know if you ever have any concerns and we'll be happy to assist you!

Love the idea of it.

Please make sure that any item that is not food is securely wrapped as last time got an order and my washing powder was not wrapped and it.
Split in the bo. and went everywhere. I did report it and sent photos so please be extra careful.
Thank you.


GroceryRun offers products we country folk cannot get at our local IGA. I have heard it said that the owner of our IGA buys things we don't want.

I like everything about GroceryRun including the prices - BUT the postage kills the benefit of the good prices. It's very expensive. When I first started buying from GroceryRun years ago, the postage was reasonable, so the prices were good.

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Hi, we're so glad to hear that you are able to find all your desired products here at Grocery Run. Postage is calculated based on size, weight and destination and unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it but we do have promotions running periodically where you can either get further discounts or free shipping. Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter so you get a notification!

Sooo disappointed

We used grocery run to purchase in bulk only to find that when we went to the supermarket we could actually buy cheaper. And on top of that you have the delivery fee, GroceryRun you need to pick your game up. At first you were awesome but it seems woolies and coles are price beating you constantly.

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Hi Meshelle, thanks for the review. Here at Grocery Run, we always try to offer great deals at competitive prices, However, we can't guarantee that our deal will be the cheapest one you can find. We do have thousands of great deals available, we are sure you will find the one that suits you!

good sight to shop

i find grocery run a sight that has good buys and quick delivery and if a problem with order there is always a quick response

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Hey Pauline, thanks for the review. We're glad to hear that you like our services. Happy shopping!


GroceryRun is a God-send to remote communities. We don't have access to a lot of things locally, and what we can get is ridiculously priced. The prices & deals at GroceryRun are ace! GroceryRun has improved from what it was several years ago. Keep up the great work! Dry pasta would be a great addition.

The best thing to happen to me in 2017 !!!!

Yes, where have you been? How did I not know about this frugal hunting paradise? Well let's just say living with two daughters 15 &16 (YEP!!!!) and an almost 12 year old son, I pretty much help all the other parents with hormone fluctuating teens support Coles, Wollies and Aldi stores across the Country. All I know is that it has become my full time JOB hunting down a bargain, and mind you trying to also make a teenager feel FULL on something at least GOOD for them other than the obvious buckets of fruit they make 'disappear' before the next day follows. Anyway this is a very positive review from a worn out Mum, who might actually get to eat something from the YUM section for once too!!!! Oh and just noticed the delivery discount, more awesomeness

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For the third and probably the last time, I have tried to place an order. Have followed instructions and created a new password but still cannot log in. What is the problem???
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I have tried many times myself to order some wine. I saw the ad on Current Affair then waited a couple of days. I find their website so frustrating as it just doesnt show the correct icons to click on. I am now using my library's computer believing there is a problem with my home PC but I am having the same problem here. I worked out that by the time I buy the wine and pay postage, I am only a couple of dollars per bottle ahead financially and I really dont think it is worth the bother.

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