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Quality supplier

Really enjoy the purchase experience from Nello. He's rarely out of stock and I've found his items competitively priced but considerably better quality than the stuff that he nominally competes with out of China. Great service and follow up when required too. Definitely buy with confidence.

Also had great experiences with Guitaraust!

I use Guitaraust all the time, and I concur that they are FANTASTIC to deal with! They ship items quickly, are reasonably priced, and always respond very promptly to emails and questions. Yes, they tend to not stock really high end stuff - and it goes without saying, if you want high end stuff, you pay high end prices. But I have always found the quality of Guitaraust stuff to be absolutely fine.

With respect to buying things like necks, it is always a little tricky online, as you can't ever see exactly what it is like, let alone touch it. It is quite common to have to sand a neck a little bit to to get it exactly right in the pocket.

I have bought a neck from Guitaraust - nothing wrong with it. Its profile was a little thicker than I liked, so I shaved it down a bit with files and sandpaper, and it now feels and plays fantastically! But other people may have liked the thicker neck.

I think if people really need a neck that is truly "drop in", with no work whatsoever involved, it behooves them to ask a lot of questions first - every guitar, even a factory made one, is slightly different - and you can't just order any old neck with a Fender shape and assume it will drop in.

I have NO hesitation in recommending Guitaraust to anyone looking for guitar supplies. They are great.


Good bunch

I dont know the issues others have had with the guys at Guitaraust but I thought I would throw my hat in the ring. I have spent over $200 with these guys and [name removed] has always been a joy to work with. Prompt response to any queries and more than happy to provide advice and suggestions. Its not the sellers responsibility if they purchase the wrong item being a consumer is about making informed choices.

Anyway highly recommend these guys!
friendly, helpful and very prompt

Poorly, china made guitar necks

I needed a replacement neck for my guitar and I made the mistake of cheaping out and buying from guitaraust.com.au. It's an absolute piece of junk and does not even properly fit my fender telecaster body. Problem is, I already got someone to work on fitting the neck to my guitar, I can't return it at this point. I just want to warn people not to go through this company. Don't cheap out.

poorly made piece of junk

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Hi Hugh, true to your word you take to the internet instead of attempting to resolve an issue. so for any reader benefit, I'll include the email trail below... HUGH: "Hi, I received the neck but it doesn't fit my tele and I didn't realise none of the holes were going to be pre-drilled so I could attach it to the body of the guitar, and so I could screw in the tuner pegs. I don't have the tools or knowledge to do this. I'm wondering if you're able to do this for me for a fair a price if I sent the neck back to you. Are you equipped to do that sort of job? Please let me know as my options around the sunshine coast are slim. thx Hugh" GUITARAUST: "Hi Hugh, we can do this, no problems, however it may be cheaper for you to ask a neighbour/friend to do this if they have a drill. by the time it gets sent here and back again, the cost will add up a little. the holes required are entirely dependent on the screw size and locations which varies from guitar to guitar and the parts used, so you would also need to provide this detail. if you'd still like it done here, please just let me know and we can work something out. regards, Chris." HUGH: "Hi, the guitar neck you sent me is a piece of junk. I just paid someone to get it fitted and set up and it absolutely blows. Neck is too fat and not designed for a fender tele body. The strings rattle like crazy. It's garbage. I'm very disappointed. I'm going to make sure to write a bad review for your company so other people don't waste their money on your poorly made necks. thanks for nothing." GUITARAUST: "Hi Hugh, sorry to hear of your disappointment. firstly, these are not fender necks, we dont advertise them as fender and we dont guarantee they fit fender bodies. if you are after a fender neck, you need to get a fender licensed product and pay the extra $100 on top. you haven't really provided any useful information for me to assist you with, so far your negative feedback is unfounded. if you also paid someone to setup the neck and your strings are rattling, then I would think it hasn't been setup correctly. regards, Chris." HUGH: "The strings are rattling because the neck sits too high which means the fret board isn't allowing enough space for the strings, the fret board is just bad quality, the neck is out of shape, it throws everything off. Your product is advertised as a tele neck so I think therefore it should fit a tele body. My feedback is totally legit, this isn't a well designed neck. I've never seen such an overly thick neck in my life. I should have just returned it when I first saw it, the thing just looked funny. What info can I give you at this point, holes have already been drilled, the neck has been varnished..." GUITARAUST: "Hi Hugh, the string height can be adjusted at the bridge by raising the saddles to increase string height. the fretboard is not bad quality and the neck is not out of shape. I'd say its just different to what you have had in the past. the product is not advertised as a tele neck or telecaster neck, it is not adverstised as fender either, it is labelled TL which is indicative of the style. tele is a trademark of fender, therefore we dont make tele necks and we do not advertise them as tele. Im sorry the neck doesnt suit your grip, but it does suit others - each to their own. but it does not relate to a poorly made neck. regards, Chris." HUGH: (no reply)

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