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Harley-Davidson FLHRS Road King Custom

Harley-Davidson FLHRS Road King Custom

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I agree with the above poster about resale, I have always come out of my Harley ownership with my money back minus on road costs, a great way to have a lot of fun.

The Road king is THE Harley to own.
I have had two road Kings, an Ultra classic and put a lot of miles on a mates Fat boy, for my first Harley purchase I was hard pressed to decide between the sexy looks of the Fat Boy or the practicality and classic styling of the Road king, I am very glad I ended up deciding on the King, it's ride quality is far better and the side bags hold a weeks shopping no worries. (The Road king is my every day transport)

I don't agree with the above posters comment about being a thief magnet,
It's insured – park it, lock it and forget it.
If you are going to be nervous, don't get one, if worst case some one stole it, get an new one, no big deal. But in my 15 years of daily use, I've never had an issue, and I don't park any where special, I even parked it in the driveway of one inner city house I lived at for a year.

Standard parts and service are very reasonable, you can blow wads on fancy accessories, but there is no need, Free flow pipes, and a stage two carby kit are the only must do changes.
I love the Torque of Harleys, it's a very primal feeling you get when you roar off from a standing start.
I love the big train head lamp, and the general 70's styling of the FLH range.
The saddle bag is generous and holds all my needs.
I average 30,000 Kms a year and it is a comfortable ride on long distances, and around town it soaks up bumps that are jarring in a car.
There is one very odd quirk with the FLH frame, it's not dangerous, but on very rare occasions when the conditions are right, you get a weird heavy feeling from the back end like you have a puncture, a few times in my long riding history I have pulled over to check and it's fine. What causes this rare feeling, is a lack of rigidness in the lower frame, in the right set of conditions the rubber mounts for the engine combine with the flex of the frame to make the back end feel wrong. But apart from making you think you are crazy, this very infrequent issues is not a problem, and if inclined there is an after market brace that fixes it. (do a google to read more about this problem and fix)


I'm on my sixth Harley and my second FLHRSi (Roadking Custom). From my first (an FXR Superglide) HD through the string I've owned, each one was a step up (in my eyes) closer to my perfect HD; and this is the result. For 10 years I commuted via HD, 100Km each way and traded each in with none less than 100k+ km showing on the odometer. I've never been let down and 17-18km per litre is the norm. On top of that, I've always received more back in trade than I paid for the machine and the difference trading up every 24-30 months averaged out at AUD$5000. Not bad, considering I'm now sitting on $25k (easy) from an initial investment of AUD$10k, five bikes ago. Try doing that with any other bike...or any car, for that matter.
Clean, low, rakish looks. Reliability, economy, comfort, resale value and it's pure, unadulterated eye candy.
Thief magnet.

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FLHRS Road King Custom
Release dateJan 2007

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