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Harley-Davidson Low Rider

Harley-Davidson Low Rider

4.9 from 11 reviews

Best bike I've owned

Bought the Harley Low Rider S just on two years ago and have clocked 22,000 km (which is a lot for a Harley rider) I've added V&H Big Shots and forward controls and the bike sounds and looks great. I did all the servicing myself after the initial run in service and run Amsoil in all holes. It rides solid and is the last of the Dyna's so reckon I'll never sell it.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great bike now.

In my previous review, I said how my new bike would not stay charged. It spent about 6 weeks at the dealer. I have now got it back and have not had any problems since. I was not told by the dealer what the problem was but an employee said that it was software related. I am really glad to have it back and I have to say that it is a great bike. It has loads of power and handles very well. This is the perfect bike for long range cruising. Shaky start but all good now. Fingers crossed.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Liked the first one so much I bought another.

My first new bike purchase in many years was a 2015 Low Rider. I've ridden many different brands over the decades I've been riding, including H-D, but this bike is something special. It feels very nimble for a big, heavy (666 lbs) bike, and it's 65" wheelbase makes it rock steady in the curves. Ground clearance is also good, only touching down the front foot pegs during hard cornering. I liked this bike so much that I bought a used 2002 one-owner Low Rider that was traded in at my local Harley dealer. It's also a great bike, but with less ground clearance. Side-by-side, the '02 looks to be about 3 1/2 inches lower than the '15, with both having rear preload dialed up. During hard cornering it grounds out the passenger foot peg bracket on the left side, and the muffler bracket on the right. It's still nimble and handles great, I've just gotten into the habit of taking corners a little wider on the '02. Both are very comfortable, and for me, have perfect ergonomics for both long and short rides.

Date PurchasedJun 2015


Beautiful features and lines , cruises along nicely , motor capacity 1449.ccm very capable of moving along , great for those sunday road trips up to the mountains, very good and functional lights and tacos , bucket list buy, we called her PAT if your looking for the best cruiser at a reasonable price this is the Harley for you.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

I would rate this bike Excellent over all.

I Just picked up 2002 Dana low Rider FXDL with only 8200 miles. I only put 1000 miles on it and really Enjoying the hell out of it, Bike has plenty of power and looks great. I am still getting use to it. But over all I love it. I had a Kawasaki 900 cc custom Vulcan .

2003 Dyna Low Rider

Never had owned a bike before, never even rode one. Bought this one in Nov. 2012, had 8400 miles. Replaced the tires and changed the Oils, filters and plugs. Can not stay off of it. Easy to ride and handles great. Have logged 5,000 + miles. Beautiful Bike. Harley did a great job.

Awesome Ride

I have had motorcycle in the family all my life. Honda, Suzuki, Triumph, Mustang, and BSA. All have their unique ride. When I rode the 2002 Harley Davidson FXDL Dana Low Rider I was hooked like a bass on the line. This bike is an awesome ride. You crack the throttle and this thing is a beast with incredible power and torque. You would think a bike of this size would be difficult to handle but oh, contra-ire. This motorcycle has the perfect weight to height balance. It's seat style and position makes it so smooth and comfortable to ride.
Harley Davidson has knocked this one out of the park ! I can't wait off from work to get out on the road.
I can't tell you enough. Awesome motorcycle

Better than the rest

Had all the rice burners and had good fun with them. Longed for a harley but never got round to it. I got told they were teeth chatters, they do nt stop and do nt go round bends. Well i now own a dyna low rider and it does everything i was told it would nt do. Ive one regret and that is that i did not buy one twenty years ago

Excellent Motorcycle

I live in mexico have had several sportys, shovel and even a panhead first dyna low and love it. I ride long distance 600 to 1200 kilometers a day sometimes have had no probs got some tommy guns 2-1-2. Regardless of what people say it sounds good (no baffle) and all in all comfortable i love it. No problems had it for a year put about 7 k on it just check it and change oil & filters and seems to go good. I recommend it and not very expensive can get some good deals used.

A little rigid but not too bad


HD meets every expectation... Its like buying a Rolls Royce... you get what you pay for... If you can only afford a Valiant, buy a ho Sung or some other Korean piece of [censored word removed] that will only last you a few years... If you want the best, buy a Harley.. BUT remember... they do shake themselves to pieces... This is my 3rd Hog and every few months I go over her with a spanner and allen key. Locktite is a staple diet when studs/screws/bolts etc come out ... If you want to get home without leaving bits and pieces spread along the highway, remember to tighten everything regularly..Otherwise, there is no doubt... It is an investment that will give you personal pleasure for years to come... Ive had my FXDL for 16 years... No major mishaps except for some [censored word removed] who overtightened the belt when I got a rear donut changed... The belt snapped 2 weeks later.. They are made to last 100K if you look after them. Mine had done 36k.
Dont get caught out .. it may be a bit dearer but get a genuine Harley Dealer to do any major repair or service, Dont go for idiots who claim to be professionals...It will cost you in the long run.. Would you take your Rolls Royce to backyard Bills?? I think not.. Get a genny guy who knows what he is doing... I made the mistake of going to a generic bike tyre company and paid the price... ( About $650 for the belt and fitting)
Ride height is great for short arses... Chrome and paint quality surpasses all others... The real sound of a big twin that can only come from a Harley.
The Mrs wasnt too excited about the pad on the back but she should be thankfull she even gets to have a ride....


My overall opinion of the Harely Low Rider is that you shouldn't hesitate buying one you won't regret it. If you're looking for a cool bike that sounds great and a world renound brand the Harely Dyna Low Rider is the bike for you.
I love my bike it's a 2005 model and it sounds great, looks great, rides well and turns heads. I've personalised mine added bits and pieces, more chrome etc. and love it heeps. Riding a Harely is the best experience it doesn't compare to any other brand it's just a great ride. They're not built for speed necessarily, even though it has heeps of power, but for cruising the roads I feel safe and secure on it.
I don't dislike anything about this bike as far as I'm concerned my Dyna Low Rider is the best bike on the road and Harley is the best brand in the world.

Questions & Answers

Is the dyna low rider a bigger bike the a 1200 sporster?is the frame bigger
2 answers
Yes it is bigger. It has a longer wheel base , and is approximately 150 pounds heavier (depending on the model years compared).Thank you Jim and i hope you have a great day!

Looking for an expert opinion on the H-D Low rider as a fist time bike. I am 5'7" about 175lbs. I have watched a ton of videos on what is a good 1st bike. I get some that say start small and grow vs. get one that you are going to be happy with and just ride and respect it you will be good to go. Any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated!!
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Hi mate, its a matter of choice. I wont go into the requirements of licensing etc but a Dyna Low Rider as a first bike? I don't know if you have ridden a bike before or how much experience you have (or haven't got) All I can say is that if it is your first time on a bike, I would get a cheap crappy bike to get some experience first. You cant afford to drop a Harley.. If you have been riding for a while, go for it. Ive had a Dyna for nearly 20 years. I'm a little bit lighter but similar height. The Low Riders are good for short legs but ive fitted highway pegs so I can stretch out on long rides. A lot depends on what you are looking for. In stock trim, Harleys are brilliant at just putting along enjoying the scenery. If you want suicidal neck snapping take off and double speed limit speeds, look at a Jap bike. I had a GSXR1100R Suzuki before I got the dyna and traded it within 6 months as I couldn't control myself. It was a full on race bike with indicators. (In stock trim). The Harley slowed me down and now I love the cruise and the scenery. As everyone knows, Harleys are different and nothing comes close to the sound or feel of one.

Can she drive around a city well?
2 answers
No problems at all. As the name suggests, its low to the ground and good handling. Still heavier than a Japanese bike but you get used to it and low speed riding is fine. If the bike has been modified with a wide glide front end, the turning circle gets a bit restricted but again, its something you allow for once you are used to it.Yes no problem I use it every day had a sporty before this one is not much different exepto a few kilos more enjoy.


Low Rider
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