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Healthy Inspirations

Healthy Inspirations

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I have learned a very hard lesson from Healthy Inspirations. I was bullied and pressured into signing their contract. I had no idea I was signing up for 3 years, and certainly no idea I was not able to cancel the contract. They target people who are wanting make changes in their lives and take advantage of the situation. I was promised the world. I was told I would have all support I needed, I would be weighted fortnightly and given nutrition advise. I received none of this. Do not trust this company.

Love Healthy Inspirations Blackwood, SA!

I love our Blackwood Healthy Inspirations.
From some of the reviews here it appears that there are some less inspiring HI locations but one tends to think the bad ones won't survive long in this competitive industry.
So back to Blackwood HI - for me I like that it is an all female gym - its clean, bright and doesn't smell :).
While I like to be focused during exercise and don't talk much, I like that some patrons do which I think adds to the friendly, encouraging vibe.
Jodi and her engaging team really help to keep you motivated and re-ignite a will to take control over what you eat and how you exercise. No silly fads - just common sense type of eating. Circuit oriented machinery as well as classes are offered.
This is not a 'set and forget' style of gym - Healthy Inspirations feels more like a community - a community full of fit or fat, young and old people bound together by the common purpose to better our own health and in an environment that cares.


This company is false and deceitful. They told me if I joined the day I signed up it would cost $389.00 or I can make installments at $59.00 per fortnight till. FALSE. Also did not receive my contract straight away as printer was not working said will send has not arrived yet, have been waiting 4 months now. Do not trust these cunning people, I am referring to the Burnie branch. Now the debt collectors are chasing me for money. I actually have overpaid. False, deceitful people.


Totally agree with comments of Bad. 100%. They are not upfront and put a lot of pressure on you. Not a good environment to support with personal health goals.

Not Help And Hidden Cost

I hate that they can not be upfront when you join and can't tell you that it is $200 to cancel, yes it maybe in your contract and when I suspended my membership, no one told me that you then had to make that up. I found the whole thing deceitful and dishonest and why would you be proud to be part of a business like that. So yes I may have to pay all the hiden fee to get them out of my life but we all know what word of mouth can do to a small business, so I hope no one ask me what I think of Health Inspirations because unlike them, I don't lie.

Not a bad thing to say

I go to Healthy Insprirations in Armidale NSW. There are a lot of mixed reviews here but in Armidale the gym is absolutely brilliant. The whole team is really friendly and professional, the classes really push you which is fantastic! They have 'challenges' for the week which encourage you to try harder and do more then just the circuit. Plus they give you a little bag of goodies to encourage you to join the challenge and more goodies when you do well with it. All the machines are clean and the whole gym is spotless and tidy. A bonus is there are no boys to put you off or make you feel inadequate. The price is $700 for the year which is what I opted for; with this they gave me 3 weeks to have the funds and in the mean time let me begin working out and attending classes. And that massage chair.......drool
Price was quite fair, no boys, massage chair, friendly, clean and tidy gym, encouragement


I have been going for 2 weeks using just the gym circuit and cardio machines (and the relaxation chair at the end which as someone else said is a little treat at the end of my workout) the staff have been very informative and friendly and even come up to you during a session and have a chat! This is in Armidale NSW. There is no pressure to choose one program over the other and I have met four members of staff who are equally professional. Overall a great experience and I'm sure my year will go fast!
Convenient! Open from 6am to 7pm is very flexible!
Nothing as yet.....

Highly Recommended

After noticing a lot of mixed reviews here I feel compared to share my very positive experiences at both the Mitcham and Dernancourt centres. At Mitcham I loss almost 30 kgs before changing to Dernancourt when I changed jobs.
At both centres the staff were unfailingly supportive, well informed and gently firm with what is a very structured program but it works. When I got down hearted once or twice, the girls reinforced that I just needed to stick it out and it would work. At both centres their were staff who had personally been through the program so they well understood. I have been attending for almost 2 years and really enjoy the circuit with some classes sprinkled in.
At first I thought it was expensive but was reminded by my husband and family that my health was worth the price. I love the bars and shakes which give me a measurable sweet tasting treat within the regime.
My sister attends a standard gym, with a personal trainer and has been getting larger by the year I wish she would go to her local HI!

A lot has changed since 4 years ago!

Well i joined 4 years ago and loved it, the staff were extremely helpful and supportive, they rang if you hadn't been 3 times in a week to see how things are.
Fast forward 4 years and i rejoined no joining fee as i was already a member, i only made an appointment to see how much it was going to cost me as they wouldn't tell me over the phone, i went in and she pressured me into signing up, never told me you now had to buy the bars etc... gave me bag full of samples, i assumed was free as there was no mention of cost, then after i accepted it told me to go pay at the counter. haven't been back in 1 week and no phone call, its now like they are just there to make money and sell there product. I am moving away n 4 weeks and they want me to pay a $200 canceling fee?? i wouldn't be canceling if i could still go, i think that is extremely rude. $ years ago i recommend it to everyone, now i wouldn't.
not much!
expensive, hidden costs, and pressured into signing up.

Don't waste your good money

Most staff are unfriendly and criticize even the smallest weight gain. They want to see the journal but they are only interested in reading the "correct" foods in the journal or they be little you. If you ask a question regarding the diet they usually can't answer anything that's not basic standard questions. If you want qualified knowledgable people I suggest you look elsewhere as these people do not have any qualifications. A gym provides better equipment, classes and advise compared to healthy inspiration.
massage chair
Expensive and hidden cost they you are not made aware of until it's too late. Very ridge and no care from the staff if you have issue with the diet. You walk away feeling depress with added stress in your life because you are made to feel like a failure due to weigth gain or not conforming to how they want you too. They do not take into account the highs and lows of your life.


Program worked for me at first - 7kg in 8 weeks, but then 1kg in the next 6 weeks. It's hard to stick to the program unless you buy their protein bars which cost $6 each - very expensive - but they do help. My centre is always out of stock. Also promised voucher rewards at milestones, which never eventuated. Most of the staff are fitness trainers who have never been overweight and don't really understand. But if you've got plenty of money and no psychological hangups like me, then it's quite a good program. I've failed every other program so it's probably just me.
I enjoy the exercise circuit as it changes quickly so as not to get boring. I love the massage chair.
I find 3 weighins per week counterproductive, as I only want to go if I know I've lost weight. Program quite rigid - their way or nothing. Grocery bill is expensive, with 100g lean protein every meal, plus their protein bars.

Great system for making life changes

I've returned twice to this group and love the fact that as a previous member I don't have to pay rejoining fees etc; I also believe the group at Golden Grove are excellent at motivating and don't zone in on the negatives as it defeats the purpose.
I do find the diary and 3x/wk weigh ins anxiety provoking when I've not been doing what I should be doing ie forgeting to fill in the book, not ticking all the boxes, not reading my statement, not doing exercise etc. But after saying all that, I do love how it becomes a habit. My partner and I do our regular meal checks - have we got protein, vegs, fruit, carbs etc and more importantly in the correct proportions.
There have been comments about the costs of their products - original prices may seem steep but if you only need half a bar then it isn't as bad, problem is people don't want to stop at half a cookie thou! There are options thou and it is a matter of hunting them out in the supermarket and dividing them out into the serve portions - does the same thing with the same goal, eat every 3hrs.
I haven't been a member for about 1yr again but continue to maintain a healthy outlook and try to balance things. I continue to weigh out my muesli and add my yogurt by weight, cheese is still cut and weighed and I will have a protein shake if I can't eat the expected amount of protein.
I have definately lost weight, lots of centimeters and changed a lot of bad habits.
Quick, user-friendly equipment, helpful staff, life-long lifestyle education and promotion, no rejoining fees
centre times limited for shift work


[name censored] the owner during gym sessions ran would gossip and complain about other members and her ex husband ALL the time. I found it soo unprofessional and really let the place down.
The eating plans and the excercise
The management


I would recommend Healthy Inspirations with no hesitation at all. I have been going to the Sale centre for 9 weeks. Every single staff member has been friendly, supportive, professional and gives freely of advice and their experience . I have found them professional , friendly and fun. They make sure i am on track and eating well and staying "on plan". If you endulge in the wrong thing or perhaps not drinking enough water or you have strayed a little they are very helpful at suggesting how to overcome tempations and stay on track.The protien bars are great and although they are expensive they are a great way to limit temptation.Just for the record: they taste great. I must say the first week is definately the hardest but anything worth while is not going to be a breeze. It takes a little determination and will power.I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about changing thier lifestyle, body shape and or getting fit.
Very helpful and supportive staff. I have found them extremely professional, friendly and wanting to help with my weight loss and keep me on track.You can see and feel results in a very short time. Lovely environment. If you are determined to learn the correct way to eat; to loose weight the sustainable way and learn how to maintain your weight and not regain it as you do with so many other prgrams this is definately the way to go.
Expensive; however if you are determined to loose weight and sustain it; it is worth it. When deciding if you can stretch your budget also consider the added cost of the protein bars which you need to buy :$58 per fortnight. Again expensive but highly reccomended.

Questions & Answers

Where can I purchase the protein bars online . There is no longer a " Healthy Inspirations " in our town. Denise, Mandurah WA
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You can buy from Supplement Den or Syntechttps://lowcarbsnacks.com.au/