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Heinz Baby Basics Trainer Cup with Handles

Heinz Baby Basics Trainer Cup with Handles

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Wish I'd read the reviews first

Wanted a simple sippy cup to take with me when out with baby. Bought in Coles on special. Same issues as everyone else. Only works when tipped fully upside down and then only through one hole. So is completely useless. Regret not keeping the receipt. Do not buy this, waste of money.

Leaked from where lid screwed on

This is the only sippy cup teat that my fully bf baby would actually suck and drink from. I bought three cups, and all three leak horribly from where the lid screws on. No matter how tight I screw them up, the contents just end up everywhere. So frustrating as he starts daycare tomorrow and don't know how I'm going to feed him without wasting precious expressed milk through a faulty seal.

Leaked everywhere!

This cup I purchased from BigW but it didn't have a valve so I'd leave it with my little one at her highchair and come to back to a tray awash with water! No good for us.

Expensive and Hard to use

Too hard to get the water out and too expensive considering this item has many reviews with issues regarding obtaining water (the whole reason for it's purchase). Once valve removed water poors out, makes it ineffective for little bub. Plan to keep cup and use it for when he's older.
Hard to get water out. Expensive.

Cant get Water Out

As an adult, i cant even get water out of this cup. I dont know how a baby is supposed to. If you take the valve out, water spills everywhere which defeats the purpose of a spill proof training cup.

Baby cant get water out

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Great for our 9 month old, who has breastfed and probably has pretty good sucking power. i agree it is hard to start with, but they quickly get the idea, and it doesn't leak if done up properly. I was disappointed when the rim cracked after he dropped if from the high chair. i will be expecting a new one, since for about $15 they should be more durable.

Don't waste your money

Am really unhappy with this cup. Although my son has no problems holding the cup and getting it to his mouth he gets frustrated that he can't suck anything out (even I struggled when I tested it). It also leaks when he shakes it.
Easy to grip; soft mouth piece
Near impossible to get liquid out when valve is in place; leaks.

Rim breaks easily

I was really impressed with this cup and my baby loved it.... she had no difficulty drinking out of it and it didn't leak, so
I could just leave it around for her to have a drink when she felt like it, however I eventually discovered it leaking at the rim but kept using it until one day I discovered a big crack right along the screw on tops rim.

I purchased a second cup, since I was so happy with the general performance of this cup, however not even 2 days later my baby dropped it from her highchair and the rim in the second cup cracked in exactly the same way the first had. I was very disappointed as this is the only cup I have found that truly is "no spill" and my baby drank from it easily.

I would have expected a product made for babies to be more durable and
unless they redesign to fix this flaw in the near future I will not be buying this product again as my baby will drop it.
Actually is no spill....no leaks!
expensive, not durable.


Do not buy this product. Valve is useless, but when you take it out the liquid quantity overwhelms the baby. Very unhappy at being ripped off :(.
Nice size, easy to grip, baby likes to chew on tip
Absolutely hopeless for feeding! The valve when in doesnt allow for any liquid to come out (even an adult has trouble trying to suck anything from it), but take it out and then it just spills everywhere.


I wouldn't buy again. Not a bad cup but there are better ones on the market and unless you take the valve out, your child better not be really thirsty because it is slow to drink from.
The mouthpiece is nice a soft and it is easy to hold onto.

Fairly easy to clean
Can be expensive depending on the store you purchase it from.

My baby/toddler didn't really like it and it was hard to drink from. It definitely wasn't no spill. She quite often tipped it up and shook water out of it. I ended up taking the valve out as she did get frustrated with the small quantity of water that would come out. Taking the valve out of course makes it leak and drip everywhere.


My bub is still pretty young so this is our first cup but I find to be o.k. I gave up on the valve because there is no way baby could get the water out with it in and eventually just gave up on the top so he now just uses it like a regular cup. I do like the big soft spout though, baby loves chewing on it with his new teeth and it doesn't seem to get damaged.
Soft spout, no leaks, easy for baby to hold on to
with the valve in it is really hard to suck the water out


My baby doesnt like the big spout. It has soft one so it is safe for my baby to bite it. It is also non spill so that is great. The valve can be taken off if we doesnt want it.
It has valve that reduce spills. It has soft spout.
The cover easily off. It has big spout. My baby doesnt like the spout. Expensive training cup.


This product is a great idea but the valve is just too hard to get clean. I now use it without the valve as my son is old enough not to leave it laying around. I found it a great first step to using a cup as son still had to suck like a bottle but it was shaped more like a sippy cup, slowly loosened valve to get to stage of no sucking and no gagging.
No leak with the valve in. Easy to grip handles for little ones- great first step to getting kids to drink from a cup as still requires a little sucking
Valve was very hard to clean


I haven't had any problems with this cup leaking (and it spends a fair amount of time on it's side) and after having problems with our daughter just chewing (rather than drinking properly) from another brand, she now drinks really steadily from this cup. With the handles it's easy for her to manouver. I tried the cup myself one day and you do have to suck quite strongly through the valve, but that has never deterred my child. Maybe never having the bottle before moving to a cup means she is used to having to suck strongly?
Soft spout so I know baby's gums are safe. Durable - my daughter tosses it on the floor from her highchair on a regular basis and there is no damage so far! Easy to hold with the handles. Readily available in supermarkets.
A bit more expensive than some others.


We found that this cup leaked from both the screw area and the spout/teat whenever it was left on its side or upside down which, with little fingers is regularly. The valve in the cup is not the easiest to clean and was quite frustrating. My little man had trouble sucking on it to get liquid out until he was about 18 months.
Soft teat/spout


I wouldn't recommend this cup at all. It leaks from the spout and the thread on the lid, is hard to drink from, and the valve and spout are difficult to clean. Lots of better products on the market.
Handles make it easy for little hands to hold.
The valve leaks when the cup is left upside down, but when sucked it is very hard to get the liquid out of and little babies become frustrated when they can't get the liquid out easily. The valve is also very difficult to clean, and the thread where you screw the lid on also leaks.

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Heinz Baby Basics Trainer Cup with Handles
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