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Heinz Baby Basics Unbelievabowl Super Strong Suction Bowl

Heinz Baby Basics Unbelievabowl Super Strong Suction Bowl

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DottiBGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Maybe I got a faulty bowl and suction piece but I attached the suction part to the high chair and connected the bowl but do you think I can now get the bowl off the suction piece. I have tried using all my strength and body weight to try and detach them from each other but they just won’t come apart. My husband then tried and actually broke the bowl trying to get them apart. The bowl completely cracked but the bowl and suction piece are still stuck together.
I really didn’t even want the suction part just the bowl like the othe one I have from Heinz.



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Idk what happened to the base and it stopped putting the bowl on lock


During the first few few months, i loved that this sticks to the high chair that my baby uses. I've had no issues because it seems to work perfectly. Until one day, i was surprised to figure that the bowl doesn't stick anymore to the base then I remembered, i dropped this a couple of times. I think the screw inside it messed up (i really have no idea) that whenever I try locking in the bowl, it never stays put! I just hoped it was more durable.



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Unbelievable unbelievabowl :)


The suction on this bowl is amazing! I have Steelcraft high chair and I guarantee you it doesn't come off from it. What I like even more the part that sticks to the chair stays fixed and you only take off and wash the bowl. Also, as the bowl doesn't have that rubber parts it is microwave safe (something you can't do with most of other suction bowls on the market). Great buy I highly recommend it!

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Great product but quality is inconsistent.


This is the first bowl and only bowl that i used and it actually stuck and it still sticks! After buying my first bowl with 0 faults i went out and bought 2 more, except these two the bowl seems to get stuck to the suction compartment and then i have to lever the whole product off the high chair. That is the only issue i have had - although i still use the heinz unbelievabowl and will continue to use it as its the only bowl that my baby cannot un stick!


Mary856Perth, Western Australia

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Not great for it's intended purpose


My baby pulls this off after only one or two attempts. Previous poster stated that it says on the instructions "not compatible with high chair surface". Whilst I don't remember reading that, how ridiculous for a BABY suction bowl. I mean most babies that throw their food or bowl would surely still be in a high chair? Not much good if it sticks to the kitchen bench but not the high chair. Pointless. It's a good bowl otherwise though. I've tried everything to get it to suction properly. I just use it as a normal bowl now. I agree, Heinz customer service is not great, I learnt that after emailing them and asking for a couple of replacement straws for two of my straw cups. No answer or reply after three emails. Not impressed.

Tried them all only this one worth keeping.


Reading mixed reviews I can only come to one conclusion that those disappointed with suction are not using correctly I have to break seal with tip of knife to break suction I have a grandson who is determined to throw bowl on floor this one is the only one that has fooled him I have a cupboard full of useless suction bowls most far more expensive I have recommended the hienz baby basic suction bowl to others and they all say the same purchased at Coles $10.40 second bowl purchased at big w. $13.00 although big w did match Coles price when shown proof of purchace



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Love this bowl!


I love this bowl! Once the bowl is clicked into the base my little one can't take it off and throw the bowl contents on the floor. Now that my little one is trying to use a spoon, it's made it easier for her because the bowl is so sturdy. I have found that if I wipe the high chair table with detergent it won't stick as well. If i wipe it with a dettol wipe or baby wipe and they dry the surface, it works every time! Thank you heinz!



Suction to high chair table


The price and concept is sound but bub was able to pull the bowl and suction base off of the high chair table after a few tries. The fine print on the back of the packaging I bought mentions suction is not compatible with high chair table. Should have checked!



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suctions what?


My daughter pulls it off easily from the high chair every time....and then empties the contents on the floor. As the suction pads don't do much, and make the bowl more difficult to clean, I would recommend just using a regular bowl. If anyone finds the answer to this problem please let me know

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Product doesn't work and Heinz does not respect its customers


AJBMiddle Park

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Will only work on limited surfaces


Turning the bowl is near impossible!


Suction is ok.The grooves to secure the bowl are another matter!
Whenever we try to secure the bowl we can't get it past the grooves, rendering it useless!
Eventually managed to get it on & then couldn't twist it off. The suction ended up coming off with bowl, which can't be twisted off!! Waste of money!

Dangerous for little fingers


My son has twice managed to place his fingers between the bowl and the suction base while I am screwing the bowl on and his fingers have gotten pinched and trapped in the process! Be very careful of quick moving fingers. Otherwise it's a useful bowl, but won't stick on all surfaces.

Amazing Bowl for Kids!


It's truly an unbelievable bowl!!! My kids use this bowl all the time on their high chair tray and my glass dinner table. I recommend this to all my friends for their kids. 10/10 for suction as it does not move! I take it out to restaurants and stick it onto their high chair tray it works every time.



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Can be pulled off by a 12mo...


It is fairly fiddly to set up the bowl, and it is easily lift off by baby... so pretty much render the product useless.
We have since discovered Plate Sticka, which works brilliantly for our 22mo who begins to show interests in self-feeding.
So, this bowl is now only use for dry, lightweight snacks (without the fiddly base).
Quite disappointed as Heinz is our favourite brand: no GM, good quality generally... etc.

Weak Suction

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Great first bowl for babies & toddlers


Excellent first bowl for babies & toddlers especially for those who are doing baby led solids and even for self weaning. My toddler is at an age where she loved to lift everything and play, so this worked a treat as it didn't even budge. Its also microwave and dishwasher friendly. Recommend this to everyone
Once you know how to master the suction, it works really well.
Had a bit of trouble at first to get the suction right, so it takes a few minutes of reading the instructions to master it. Would be ideal if also came with a deeper bowl.



My 10 month old daughter can lift them off there is no enough suction. Bowl its self is good. but there needs to be something done with the base so it will stay on the surface intended.. it is really frustrating where my daughter is at the stage of wanting to feed herself. and can lift the bowl off and spill food everywhere
good sized bowl
no enough suction



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This is the best bowl for babies/toddlers that I have found. In particular, I found it great because we were doing baby-led solids. My son basically ate with his hands for about 4-5 months and this bowl was perfect as it never came off the high-chair tray. I ended up buying one for both my mother and mother-in-law to have at their place as well.
Super suction onto the high-chair tray


krystal888WA, 6024

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Good first bowl


Feeding time was so stressful with the mess that was created until I found this suction bowl. It is an excellent first bowl as baby likes to throw everything. The Suction works really well, which prevents the bowl being lifted or thrown. Easy to use and not expensive. Readily available reliable brand. The bowl comes in numerous colours.
Inexpensive, works well



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it is a terrible Heinz product


The suckion base is very hard to use. After few time, it has strong chemical smell. Inside of the base, it is made by cheap chemical glue. I will not use it for hot baby food. no suction as well. I only use the blue bowl and the pink bowl for cold food. For hot food, my family prefer Oval Mini Casserole.
The color is OK.
The suckion base is very hard to use. It has chemical smell because inside it is made by cheap chemical glue

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