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Heller HPC1000

Heller HPC1000

4.5 from 4 reviews

Better than what I expected

Got it from eBay yesterday. Cooked some pork (soup) bones from local butcher shop, put in a little bit water, soy sauce and herbs under the Meat/Stew setting with normal texture selection. Depressurised cooker when programmed cooking just finished. Meat was really tender, can be picked off bones easily. Chucked in some potatoes and carrots and cooked some more under Potato setting. It was a lovely meal with very little effort. Everything came out cooked nicely, full of flavour. Watched a little bit TV with the rest of family in between. Never would be able to do that if I was to cook a stew using the gas stove. Loved the stainless steel inner pot. It was very easy to clean and food didn't get any terrible non-stick coating smell that you would get if the cooker was brand new. Liked the fact that the inner pot lip goes over the heating layer so that any bit of water comes out is collected and drained through a little hole into the little water collection cup (about 1/2 cup water collected when cooking stew). Initially, I was confused where the water collection cup would go. It was not explained in the instruction booklet. After looking closely, it became clear that any water spill would have to go over the rim and drain through the hole. Would prefer two slots so that water cup can slide in securely under the drain hole but there is only one slot. Maybe you can then put a bigger container under the tilted cup to catch any overflow from the cup. Lid is easily removable to be wiped and rinsed. For $99, this cooker well exceeded my expectation. Yet to try out other settings but I am very impressed with the taste of the stew. Very happy with the purchase.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

A Great Electric Pressure Cooker!

I'm glad I bought this machine at a great price from ebay about 2 months ago. It comes with a stainless steel bowl which is a bonus! I've cooked many dishes in it such as curries, dhal, soups, rice, boiled eggs, etc.with great success.

Another big plus is that it seems to come to pressure much faster than my Philips all in one cooker. Whenever I cook vegetable dhal, I usually stop the cooking process in between to add vegetables in and continue the cooking process. This machine has no problem coming up to pressure again and it does it so quickly. I'm so thrilled as I used to struggle doing this with my previous pressure cooker.

Another feature I like is the removable lid. It is very convenient when you need to clean it or leave it open without having to place it elsewhere. I damaged the lid of my previous pressure cooker by accidentally resting it on a hot stove!
I am also glad the beep sound is so much louder than my previous pressure cooker. It beeps when it's come to pressure and beeps again when it's finished. It goes to warm mode right away after that.
One of the drawbacks is I noticed the heat somewhat fluctuates when using the searing function. I failed when making popcorn in this cooker due to lack of heat:( You can't even choose the intensity of the heat with the "less/normal/more" function. This function apparently only works with the pre-set menu. How disappointing. Besides, I also wish the warm mode was longer than 4hours. There was no delay mode too but I think I won't be using the function anyway so not a big deal.
All in all, I'm still happy with my Heller. It outperforms my expensive Philips all-in-one cooker!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Good machine

This has been brilliant so far.

Lightweight stainless removable interior bowl.

Lid hinge is a bit flimsy.
1/2 leg of lamb will not fit
Led indicator lights not well placed
Hard to read buttons

I suspect the slow cook is too hot as it builds up some pressure between heating bursts,
so it took a lot less time to cook.
Searing is not really hot enough but I am still experimenting.
Can be filled almost to the top.
Easy to clean.

My first slow cooked meal turned out perfectly.
Vibrant veggies and no sticking despite having some flour for thickener in it.

Result was very different to ceramic slow cooker, where all the flavours meld and everything turns grey.
Glad I found this one, as the teflon one I had prior started to lose the coating and I had to re-purpose it.

I do wonder why U.S. specced ones come with a vented glass lid for slow cooking,
extra seal, plus other useful accessories?

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Finally got it!

I am so happy I have finally made a decission to buy a multi-pressure cooker!
I received my new kitchen gadget "Heller" pressure cooker HPC 1000 6L ! The best thing is stainless steel pot !

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Questions & Answers

Why is it not recommended to can meat and seafood
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Why is it not recommended to can meat and seafood in the hpc1000
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How do I contact Heller representatives, please? I'm in Perth and my Heller is leaking steam from under the lid when in pressure mode. I checked the sealing ring and it looks like the problem is in the lid itself. Thanks
No answers


Price (RRP) $99.00
Weight6.5 kg
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)

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