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Tefal Cook4Me

Latest review: We really tried to this cooker to work, and, objectively, it cooks very well. However, this is offset by a number of insurmountable problems, which made us return it. First a minor quibble -- the

Breville Fast Slow Pro BPR700

Latest review: Bought this back in Sept 2016 and have been using it a couple times a week sometimes daily. I've never had problems with sealing/lid pressure cooking. Sometimes might need to fiddle with the lid but

Kambrook Pressure Express

Latest review: Used a pressure cooker for years most used kitchen appliance in our house. Lately the timer starts after coming up to pressure, but goes backwards instead of going towards off it goes backwards to

Silit Sicomatic T-Plus

Latest review: I have had my Silit 6.5lt Pressure cooker for 18 months now and love it. It has replaced the need for a slow cooker. It is a sturdy design. Would not be without it. Bit worried that they no longer

Tefal Cook4Me+

Latest review: easy to use , over 150 built in recipes ,cooks then keeps food warm for hours , doesn't get hot so even teens can use it safely . is very easy to clean , bowl is dishwasher safe . only downside

Optimum Induction Pressure-Cook Pro

Latest review: a great all purpose cooker. Great as a pressure cooker and slow cooker. A lot of menu options for different types of cooking. It is easy to clean and I like the fact that it is sealed under the bowl

Philips Premium All-In-One Cooker HD2178/72

Latest review: This is the BEST appliance I own - in fact - I liked it so much I've got a second!! I am also a TM owner and the TM is now a very expensive dust collector :( If I'd known about the All In One

Tefal Minut Cook CY4000

Latest review: I have a manual (Stovetop) pressure cooker, and I love it. I thought the Tefal Minutcook would be a great, convenient second cooker for smaller quantities (my other one is big). I’ve had it for a few

Sunbeam Aviva Electronic Pressure Cooker PE6100

Latest review: Multicooker works very well. I love it but the problem its pot which every six months turned scratch n black coating comes out. We can't use this kind of pot. Otherwise, the machine works

Homemaker Pressure Cooker

Latest review: Has worked well. The instruction book needs a little more detail e.g. What is the Multi grain function used for? The setting instructions are not easy to understand. Can I cook bread in it. Where

Scanpan Pressure Cooker

Latest review: I spend more time trying to get the lid to seal than I do cooking. It took half an hour to get the pressure valves to lock. I am going to throw this piece of rubbish in the bin and buy a different

Healthy Choice PC600

Latest review: Easy to use and easy to learn. Softens everything, love cooking rice with it and vegan "beef stews" as everything is juicy and tender. Makes amazing soups and gravies

Cuckoo IH

Latest review: I bought one when travel to Korea. It was difficult for first time as korean language on the menu. However, I have follow instruction for English version and get satisfied with this cooker. English

All American Pressure Canner

Latest review: This is the ideal sized unit for those wishing to enter the home preserving of low acid foods (meats, vegetables etc) in a shelf stable way. It is also ideal for topping up the pantry items or for

Lumina (Aldi) Electric Pressure Cooker

Latest review: Use this pressure cooker to cook Asian Pork Bone Soup, Red Bean Soup, Bak Kut Teh, Cook Rice, Chicken Porridge, Steam Frozen Buns, Steam vegetables, Thai Curry Chicken, Pork Leg Stew, Boiled eggs and

Contempo MY-CS6004WP

Latest review: Best thing since sliced bread. Pity there was no recipes that came with the product, but I have found some nice ones on the internet. Done a nice beef stew last night and the family LOVED it. It is

Tefal Secure NEO

Latest review: I have had my pressure cooker for some time now and use it nearly every week. It is great to use in both winter and summer. I have made soups, pot roasts, curries, stews, you name it, I have tried

Power Pressure Cooker XL

Latest review: This 10 way multi cooker is a good cooking implement, one pot does so many things, more room in your cupboards for this replaces so many gadgets, the down side is the handles they appear very cheap

Heller HPC1000

Latest review: Got it from eBay yesterday. Cooked some pork (soup) bones from local butcher shop, put in a little bit water, soy sauce and herbs under the Meat/Stew setting with normal texture selection.

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Plus CPC-610A

Latest review: Managed to do 1meal in it without it clicking over to "keep warm" mode. Tried everything to get it to work but it just keeps turning off. It would make a very nice door stop. Please do your homework

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