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Hisense fridge

Couldn’t be more impressed. Recently had problems with Fridge, French door model. After reading many negative reviews & having the unit for over 12 months, worried what response I would get. Response was way above my expectations. Sent out service tech , tested found problems, Replaced with new unit , every person of contact was polite & helpful. Very happy customer.

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes

Can’t live with out it

I bought a hisense fridge 3 years ago and the door showed rust marks on the top of the door and also on the handle They blamed us for no looking after as it was close to the ocean

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationHarvey and Norman

Poor Example

Just garbage, no other way to put it really, just a garbage tv system all around. My Hisense TV is just rubbish, save your money, do not buy it. All the software and the TV itself is second rate. DO NOT BUY.

Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationHarevey Norman Noosaville Qld

What warranty ????

Do not buy a hisense television' i have a warranty problem, only with the safe removal of usb flash drive was on to them today went through registration etc etc etc and was asked for my phone number. I do not at the moment have a phone number and explained this to operator. Was then informed sorry without your phone number i can not help you and hung up on me. That is why i would not recommend this mob to anybody. Poorest service or lack of i have ever experienced.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store Locationhervey norman maryborough

Dehumidifier last less then a year

NEW Hisense DH35k1W 35 pint Dehumidifier is a replacement for another 35 pint Hisense that lasted 1 year (4 months summer use only)…. Now the NEW Hisense is also junk after 3-4 months use last summer....
Warranty help - non existent.. Just another appliance that I is costly to dispose of,,,,,, should be illegal

Product Quality
Customer Service
Store LocationLowes

Absolutely great service

I am very impressed with their service. I purchased 55 inch hisense tv from good guys on 2016 Sep and suddenly picture went off on 2019 April. Call the good guys and they said warranty is finished and asked to call hisense to get manufacturers warranty which was valid for three years from purchase. Hisense team ask me send proof of Recipt some pictures of tv. Within three weeks of time they replaced 2019 model brand new 55 inch tv . Greatly appreciated their service.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationDandenong good guys

Great 55'

I bought a 55' screen a year ago, and i never had any issues with it, great 4K image
The price is great, for a great image

You should definitely buy one...

Great customer service

My 10 months old smart TV lost picture. Called Hisense customer service only waiting a couple of minutes before a very efficient female took my report and arranged for a technician to come out to house within 24-48 hours. Technician arrived in less than 24 hours, replaced part. TV working perfectly. Can not fault the excellent service from Hisense.

Distrusting the customer - be careful if in Perth

The picture of my 65" M7000 HDTV failed whilst watching it. Sound continued but the image literally drained away over less than a second. Up to this point the TV was fine sitting wall mounted since its purchase. The unit was still under warranty. I called Hisense customer support and after over the phone diagnosis their appointed contractor R&I Electronics, here in Perth, collected the unit. Some days later after diagnosing the main board had gone, they received the required parts from Hisense and replaced them. All good so far.

I then received a call from R&I that the TV had what they called 'impact damage' in one corner and that this was the reason for failure. I asked for a picture and an explanation if the damage was consistent with it being dropped. They were unsure. Such damage voids the warranty.

The TV unit had no physical damage when it left my property. R&I removed it from the wall and I have not seen it since. However, despite several unreturned calls and unanswered calls - yes you Fil at Hisense - Hisense refused to believe a genuine customer and have voided the warranty. I am furious. As the chairman of a company I understand integrity and reputation. Be careful who handles your TV if it is returned whilst under Hisense warranty.

Dreadful service. Never again will I be purchasing a Hisense product.

Top customer service experience

Had an issue with a TV, called the free number, answered within 5 ministers but Dan, very polite, patient helpful man (in Australia) who ran me through some simple tests, asked to email some photos in, and sent an SMS with the address for ease. Within a week received a replacement TV, delivered to my door with the old one removed. Thank you

Hisense stay away

I lost 350 dollars of food was promised 200 food compensation received 50 manager approved 200 customer service lyed again and again fridge burned out after a couple of months

customer service improvement

I have to agree with some of these reviews. My first contact was with someone from the overseas call centre which was not a pleasant experience at all. I was spoken to quite rudely and had to deal with a guy who had a horrible attitude. The problem was not solved with my tv which mind you isn't very old at all. Again called to thankfully be greeted by someone in the customer service here in Australia. With relief, the customer service guy was very polite and was prepared to help me fix my tv. Fingers crossed I have a successful outcome and a working tv again!


Great until they break down. They do not want to know you. They tried to fixed our 4k many times during warranty. Even though it has never had 4k told us to use our extended warranty and go through the shop. Not fair and not right.

Terrible product - terrible customer care

Terrible product (bought a fridge for $1198). Lasted about six months, got a new one due to fault, that one failed. Three weeks without hearing a response, located this phone number 03 9760 8820 which goes to a manager.

Non existent customer service

Hisense "customer service " is a complete joke. I have a brand new fridge that sounds like a truck..its so noisy that I have to close the bedroom door at night and I can still hear it through the door.
I have called 4 times now and each time after being on hold for up to an hour Im told someone will call back within 24 to 48 hours. Im still waiting 6 weeks after making the 1st call.
You guys are PATHETIC. My neighbours are telling me they can hear my fridge.
Do not buy from this crap company.
A 3 year warranty means nothing if they don't fix anything.

Poor Customer Services and Products

I will NEVER recommend customers to buy Hisense Product plus worst customer service through my experience. Takes hours and weeks to contact Hisense. Not happy with Hisense Products and Customer services at all.

Terrible warranty service

My 55 inch TV died just inside the warranty period. I rang & spoke with the customer service who stated that someone would contact me regarding a repair. I was then contacted & told that they would need to get a part. After this nothing until I chased this up. A replacement TV was delivered 2 months after the initial phone call but when unboxed it was faulty. It is now 3 months & still no replacement TV. For any information I need to constantly call Hisense, there is no information provided by them & constantly get fobbed off & told to contact the service agent. I will never buy another Hisense product as they don't care about customers.

Hisense met their warranty obligations

I live in Springfield Lakes in Qld. After reading the reviews I was concerned when my 55 in TV lost its picture recently. While I had to wait on the phone over 65 minutes to register my warranty claim they met their initial obligation to have a service contact within 2 working days. The serviceman was unable to diagnose the fault after changing various components. I was advised a new TV would be provided. I was advised I would advised by phone message within 2 more days that a replacement would be arranged within 5 to 7 working days and this occurred 1 week later. A new current model 55 in to replace to TV which was almost 3 years old ( just within warranty). I have no concerns with the Hisense response and would encourage others to follow the process as it has been worth it for me.

Hisense absolutely is rubbish

Their customer service is trash they put on people with terrible attitudes they put you on hold for countless hours they said they have warranty for 3 years but they don’t expect that There products don’t work.mad in China

Never touch Hisense

5 weeks without a Fridge that died within the first year, (under 3 year warranty) compressor blown up, numerous calls and hours of waiting on hold, 5 promised calls to be returned, to date not one returned called, do not buy anything Hisense.

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Why been waiting from january 26.to now still no replacement tv.delivered.
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So two days in a row I’ve been hung up on by the service centre after waiting 45 mins to be told no operators available we will call you back. No call back ! My tv stopped working after 13 months and I can’t even get into anyone this is not good enough
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Hi, Michael mentioned that he contacted Hisense locally (avoiding the call centre) to get traction on his fridge issue, which number did you use? Thanks.
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