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Home & Co (Kmart) Clumping Cat Litter

Home & Co (Kmart) Clumping Cat Litter

3.0 from 2 reviews

It's the best clumping litter ive found if you add some deodoriser

Clumps better than petsan brand i've found. really easy to remve any wee clumps and just wash the tray in the backyard after emptying. Don't want to sound mean but never wash clay stuff down a sink you are just asking for trouble.

Sticks to the tray like glue

Doesn't absorb smells, sticks like glue to the litter tray in clumps. You can't wash tray under a tap either because when the clay dries inside the pipes it blocks your drains. I had to throw away the litter tray and get a plumber out to clean the mess. Very costly for a budget product.

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