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HoMedics Therapist Select Shiatsu FM-S

HoMedics Therapist Select Shiatsu FM-S

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Very Relaxing

The soles of my feet were hurting so much that amongst the remedies I was looking at I also decided to invest in a foot massager. I researched online and wanted to buy the Sharp Image, but it was not available in Australia. I looked at the Homedics products and found the FS110 had the same features so decided to buy it from Dick Smith. But when I visited a store it wasn't available, however, the Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager was available and I purchased it.

After bringing home and trying it I am pleasantly surprised at it's performance. The four balls on each foot give a nice pretty deep massage and the infrared setting gives a warm massage. You've got to move your foot around the balls which is no problem and it kneads into your sole. So far I have used it four times and I really enjoy it. It is more for relaxing than for getting rid of the pain in the foot. I've found that wearing the right footwear with some cushioning is the only way to prevent this foot pain and the massager adds an added bonus to soothe those tired feet.
Inexpensive, efficient and very relaxing

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