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HoMedics Therapist Select Ultra Professional Reflexology Foot Tapper with Heat RFX-1H

HoMedics Therapist Select Ultra Professional Reflexology Foot Tapper with Heat RFX-1H

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I love it period!

It is so hard to find something that will help my feet. but this helps my feet, knees, back. i have diabetes, i have a full metal cage in my back, and a metal plate in my neck. so i know pain. anything that helps like this is worth it and a friend god bless her gave me it brand new never used.

As Good As The Pro

I have been to the reflexology therapist almost weekly and know what to expect (from the average pros in shopping centres, who know nothing about acupoints). This machine does a lot the pro can do, but has been forgotten by me and sits in its box gathering dust for years. Only tonight I had a bout of indigestion coupled with leg cramps/RLS and after using it for a while, the symptoms were relieved. The result is as if you have a pro at your beck and call. The Program mode is particularly useful and is better than the sum of the other modes. Of course, the points of contact is on the sole only and does not even cover the full length of it. In fact, the centre of vibration is the ~6cm circular piece and you have to move your feet around for maximum effect. But whichever foot position, the vibration can be felt even at the knee. The heat treatment is a plus (just wish future models could add LED light--a tall order!). Where it cannot reach on the dorsum of the foot and on the leg, it does its job through vibration--and an effective job at that. It is less harsh than the whole body vibration plate which IMHO is putting too much stress on the spine and head. And it may not be as thorough as the uber expensive deep/3D (this term is overused) vibration machines costing thousands. But as an all-round home treatment equipment, it excels. Usual disclaimers apply.

Retail workers - get one of these machines! You won't regret it

My husband bought me one of these a few years back when I was working in retail. I would come home hobbling and complaining. It helped me so much. I would highly recommend.

I love it

I have always work long hours, and now I add school into my day. There are night when I get in that I can barely walk. My feet throb, my knees hurt and my legs are stiff. After using different programs on the machine Homedics I am able to walk again. I have had mine for well over fifteen yrs. This was very best thing I could ever have done for myself.
It works

To cool for school!!!

I have a very high demanding sedentary job. After work my legs are usually very stiff and if I don't exercise for some time then I can' bring myself to get back into the exercise routine.

After getting the foot tapper I just come home and use it for 20-30 mins and it totally relaxes my entire body.

The relaxed feeling provides further benefits because when you are relaxed you eat less and therefore sleep better.
Effective;different options of speed and intensity and also includes a programed massage option


I just recieved a Homedics RFX1 without heat and absolutely love it. After researching extensively what was available in an affordable, yet high quality percussive foot massager; I was able to find this one on EBAY. I have very painful restless leg syndrome, achilles heel tendonitis and arthritis. It is literally a dream come true for me...so soothing and really relieves the pain.
The setting which successively goes through all the modes is my favorite.
Finally, I saw another review from a guest who was needing to find one but couldn't...just Google it by putting in RFX1 Foot percussion or go to EBAY occasionally and search for it.
It has settings that range from mild to powerful so anyone should find what is pleasing to them. It really soothes, relaxes and relieves foot pain.
The only thing I found wrong with mine is the selection button malfunctions occasionally, but I really feel this is due to purchasing a used model and it is probably due to wear and tear...not a product defect.


it's the most simple foot massage equipment i ever have.
A bit regret to purchase this product and only use it for a few times.
don't really feel the effect at all.....
it's easy to store. heat around...
don't think it's really worth the value at all.

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Can I ask how much you paid for it? Thanks

Questions & Answers

How do I take the cover off? Screws have been removed but still being held by something.
No answers

Where can I get instructions and product information on a Ho Medics Foot Massager RFX-1H 0007?
1 answer
The manual should come with the product itself, not sure whether your model same as mine. If you lost yours, might be a good idea just to contact Homedics -http://www.homedics.com.au/

I live in Sydney and am having trouble finding where to buy the Homedics Therapist Select Ultra Professional Reflexology Foot Tapper with Heat Reviews. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can buy it?
1 answer
Not sure where to get in Sydney. But you can try Myer and The Good Guys. Recall I bought this from Myer.

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