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Honda CB1300S

Honda CB1300S

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Brilliant old fashioned super bike

I have a 2005 model with 55,000 ks. I am the third owner. It has a Staintune can which gives a muscular growling sound even when idling. It also has a stainless steel Beowulf radiator guard which complements the bike. The bike looks a million dollars and draws lots of favourable comments. Why this bike didn’t sell like hot cakes in Australia and was never imported into the USA I’ll never know.

I love the 12 litre storage capacity under the seat and the glove boxes in the fairing. The bike came with a centrestand. The bike is practical and user friendly.

The motor is a torque monster and so understressed. I run it on ethanol fuel. The bike handles well, has a comfy seat and is good for touring. I run Michelin tyres.

Purchased for $10,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Mileage 55,000 km
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting


I'm in my 50's now and have ridden since I was 16. I've had the whole gamut from 2-stroker Suzis, an XJ650 Yam (first big "proper" bike) then went a bit loony, as we all did in our 20's, and had a GSX1100S Katana, GSX-R1100 etc. Had a bit of a break and instead of coming back to something like an R1 or modern GSX-R, I decided to re-acquaint myself with riding and redevelop my skills on a nifty little Kwak ER-5 (would still recommend - bullet-proof and perfect entry/re-entry bike). Then it was a VFR800, R1100S, F650GS, another VFR800 ('01 model - should have kept that one!), a cruiser - Suzi M50 - great fun, a Deauville (don't laugh - the 700 version was quite a capable solo-tourer with the wider pannier doors, top box and taller & wider Givi Screen - just a bit gutless), R1200RT, XVS1300 (big mistake), R1200R, R1200RT, another R1100S and finally the CB. Sorry for the long intro, but the CB13S is the real deal. I've always liked the look of them and almost bought one back in 2012 (in Adelaide). When this one came up here in the ACT and was a local bike with full service records, plus getting a good trade-in on my ageing R1100S (standard apart from PC, Staintune system and Boxer Cup Ohlins Suspension), I couldn't resist. I'm tall at 6ft 5in and find it great for most things. Not a speed freak anymore, but the thing can boogie. Road-riding, where you'd be lucky (or just very silly these days) to see more than 140kph (overtaking), this thing just shines. Torque-monster with turbine-like power delivery. Have done a return trip from ACT to Adelaide, and while not offering all the comfort and wind-protection of the RT's I've owned, it was a pretty comfortable trip and handles the commute way better. I find the handling and brakes just fine. Fuel economy commuting sees around 6.3l/100, but that drops to around 5 when touring. 21l tank gives good range on the open road. The RT would trump it for range and overall comfort, having the full fairing and a 25l tank, but fuel economy similar. If I ever become a grey nomad then I'll look at another RT for a "lap", but for current usage and overall reliability, looks and cred, the big CB will do me just fine for a bit yet. The trip to Adelaide saw me collect a stone-chip on the screen, just near the LHS mirror, and the screen had a growing crack in it. Got back to ACT and found a great German-made replacement via ebay that is just a tad higher - by about 20mm, with a "lip" - and was pleasantly surprised of the look of it and the quality. Only other mods are a Staintune muffler - sounds great without the baffle, but still not too noisy, and a Ventura rack/bag. I use a magnetic tank-bag for longer rides, as well as the Ventura pack, plus an Oxford Seat pack for the longer rides/tours. Running Bridgies at the moment and they are fine - may go for same next time around or Michie PR's. That's a way off though - probably another 5 or 6k. I didn't ride it much over the ACT winter this year, but just kept it in the garage on centrestand and fired it up every week or two, let it get warm, and ran it up and down the gearbox a few times. Silky smooth motor (not quite as characterful as my VFR's or the two R1100S's I've owned - all with Staintune pipes), but is crisp and very linear in power delivery. Gets quite a few comments still! Great presence on the road and will do it all. Getting scarce too (only 1 Oz-wide available on Bikesales as I type), so I may just keep this one as a "classic" if I ever go another RT! If you find one and are at the same stage of your riding career as I am, then I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Rumblings around the enthusiast sites have it marked as a future classic, and they can be still picked up for mid AUS$7k, which is a total bargain for what you get. Fairly simple to do the basic maintenance and servicing on too - such an under-stressed engine - keep the oils, fluids and filters fresh, check the plugs once a year and you should only need to put it into a shop for the major stuff like valve-clearance check and bearing replacement. Fork oil replacement simple, as is brake and clutch fluid. Twin rear shocks a doddle to replace too, when the time comes. But hey, it's a Honda - do the basics and it should last a long, long time. Well engineered package with (mostly) modern bits wrapped up in retro looks. I love it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

The bike that's 100% compatible with my personality. Power is there, but not a show-off

I have a 2010 model, which is the last model imported in UK. I'm an all-year-round biker and ride my bike for commuting, touring, country rides, sport (Motogymkhana) -in heavy rain and dry, but not on ice. I can't afford track days though. My CB has given me nothing but joy over 15000 miles so far. I'm relatively short (168cm/5.5ft) and only 62kg (9.8 stones, so I have to rely on my fitness, flexibility and techniques to move the bike around. Although manual handling is a bit difficult at times, the bike is so nimble that I can easily manoeuvre it and filter in London's heavy traffic. It's not the the fastest bike compared to some sports bikes, but you'd be amazed what she can do when time comes. I've managed to do around 90 mph in second gear where the automatic limiter kicked in and cut off fuel until the RPM dropped, done around 145mph in Germany and I was only worried about my hearing. You can stay 2 hours in the saddle and it's still comfortable. The OE exhaust sounds great. It's not loud, but does have a very "civilised" deep tone, which doesn't disturb the neighbours especially late at night. I love the 2-second whining sound of first gear - it's fantastic. I Use fully-synthetic Castrol and Motul oil and change every 8K. Brakes are great and my pair of Michelin Pilot Road 4 have been on the bike for 15000(rear) & 10000 (front) miles.

Can't get enough on this bike, absolutely love it! I'm so glad I chose this bike. Have never looked back.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Future classic, will become very collectible.

I've got the red framed LTD Edition Anniversary model and since buying the bike I have found out that only 850 were produced and only 150 were imported into the U.K.
I've had many bikes in this class (Suzuki GSX1400, Yamaha XJR1300, Kawasaki ZRX1200) and the Honda has been the best so far.
Handling and power delivery is magnificent.
Due to the rarity of my model I am reluctant to use it so it's going into dry storage as an investment, I'll keep using my other bikes instead.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

2009 Honda CB1300A Naked

20 years ago Honda made the Project Big-1 it was a hit in Japan and when it came to the UK in 1998 I wanted one, in 2009 I found a new naked model in a showroom and could not say no. I did the 165 mile ride home and still wanted more, this bike is pure joy wind in your face real motorcycling, like it was in the 70's but with handling and real grunt, now in 2012 and after completing over 17000 miles I still love this bike, I also own a 2011 Fireblade that I love as well but the CB1300 comes out first for the long trips, or two up, or just to chill, it will pull from 30mph in top or you can rev it to the limit as you feel the need, handles well, 50mpg and I can do 400 miles in a day with no problems and after three years it still looks good even after salt (but you do need to clean it). Thanks Mr Honda this is my dream bike.
All day comfort 50+ MPG looks cool
After three years still love every ride Honda got this bike right (now a bit pricy new)


I wish I had bought it earlier and I probably will have it forever in case you haven't realized by know I love it and would not swap it for anything I have owned previously. cb900 cb1000 vtr1000 xjr1200 trx850 none come close.
just about every thing, seating position, power, looks, comfort ticks all the boxes
if you can find problems with this bike you are just a winger its perfect for all types of real world riding.


This bike is superb. The retro looks combined with a massive smooth powerful engine makes rapid progress very easy. Steep hill and row of slow moving traffic even with a pillion on board you get really strong effortless acceleration from 2000 rpm even in 5th gear. My bike has a full Ackrapovic exhaust and power ommander. It produced 125 bhp at the rear wheel and sounds superb. I've also impoved the ground clearance with Gilles rearsets which are superb quality. A hugger keeps the back end cleaner and i fitted lower Renthal handle bars with a double bubble screen. I guess i've spent quite a lot on this bike but i love it to bits. Don't know what i wwould replace it with, another one probably!
Superb smooth and very torquey engine. looks stunning in red and white, excellent buid quality. Really comfortable but feels light and nimble once on the move. Very practical storage with boxs in the fairing and an enormous storage area under the seat. Effective fairing makes high speed cruising
Its very heavy so make sure you don't park it fowards down any sort of slope! On trackdays the pegs ground out very easily and the bike jumped out of gear several times. I get numb bumb after about 100 miles. The standard tyres are poor in the wet. I've got Mitchelin pilot road 2 now which are as good in the wet as the Macadams were in the dry.


Great bike for touring or for playing. You have the best of both worlds, just cruise along in top gear or drop it down a gear or two and have some fun. I would recommend the bike all riders.
Big strong engine, loads of torque even in top gear. I like the way the bike falls into corners and then holds the line. The only mod I have performed is to take the baffle out of the standard exhaust, sounds great and lets the engine breath better,
Not enough time to ride this bike.


40,000 miles of superb touring so far both solo and 2 up. It's a real mile eater and with a Vario-screen fitted, calm on the autoroutes.Also fitted Hepco & Becker Panniers.Good kit.
Exceptional engine.Handling superb. Quite economical on fuel, tyres and chain. All day comfort. Top build quality. Looks like a proper bike!
Pillion footrests are too high. OK for short legs

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Thanks for naming the accessories installed. I have recently purchased a machine and it is such therapy to ride on Gold Coast hinterland roads. Now wife wants to do O' nite rides so looking for some luggage capacity, but don't want top box. Also need additional screen for cold winter mornings. Should have purchased this new 4 yrs ago. Thanks TicToc52.


After owning sport bikes and cruisers, this bike is a great middle-ground. They are common as dishwater in the UK, Japan and Europe - never really seemed to kick off as well here in Oz. I use mine for track days, general weekend rides, and touring. Honestly, it does everything really well. I'm 6"2", about 95kg's and it suits me fine. Wouldn't recommend it for someone too small though.
This bike has loads of low-end torque, that will easily give any one-litre sport bike a run for it's money on the track out of the corners. It loves to play in the higher rev range, where acceleration is smooth and very positive. Riding position is ideal for my height. Long trips (2,000km+) are no problems for the wrists and knees. Wind protection is better than a full naked, but still a little buffeting around the head and upper shoulders. I've not added any mods except for a Ventura rack for touring. Can't justify the cost of pipes when it already hammers along really well. Tyre selection is a very personal thing, and I found the OEM Macadams were terrible. Lots of chatter and understeer with the front during hard (peg-scraping) cornering. Switched to the softer, taller B/S Battleaxe's (front and rear)and a big improvement. Others have had good results with other Michelin tyres (Pilot Power). This bike can be front-end heavy, so you have to be mindful when cornering to stay on the throttle to unload the front. It's not to do with breaking traction, but more with getting a better run through the corners, and stops the front tyre feathering under the load. Overall, I love this bike, and plan to hang on to it for a long time. There's just nothing else out there that would let me tick as many boxes at once.
Broad seat, Seat-peg distance (long), Comfy upright position for touring, Useful wind protection from bikini fairing, LOADS of low down torque, loves to play hard. Good compromise for those who like to tour, and like the odd track day, without the cramped knees and sore wrists. Loads of under-seat storage. Good fuel capacity (21L = approx. 330km). Cheap to service. OEM exhaust pipe actually looks good.
Well documented windscreen buzz between 3-4K RPM only. A little on the top-heavy side (trade off is better ground clearance c.f. GSX1400 - a real scraper). OEM tyres (Macadam's) - swapped for B/S Battleaxe's - much better.


I only bought the bike in January 2008 after approx. 20 years of not owning one. I looked at it in the local Honda shop 'Morgan Honda' Emerald Qld. before Christmas and it was nearly love at first sight.
I love everything about my bike. The gold rims, red frame, white & red paint, it just looks the best.
No problems at all.


Great looking bike with plenty of torpue, long rides are easily done providing you keep your hands and feet moving around to avoid the numbness from the engine vibrations. Fuel economy is excellent for such a large capacity. 220km for 10L of fuel on average. 2up riding is reasonable if your pillion is short.
Upright riding position, freight train torque, modern yet classic styling, tuff kick@ss looks if you're a poser. Great 'glovebox' style storage in fairing and underseat. Great fuel economy for touring.
vvvviiibbbbrrattioiooooonnnnsssss!!!!! Quite disappointed with how much it vibrates, my old CBR1000F was smooth in comparison. Fairing/screen also rattles too which can get annoying. Few basic things I took for granted on the old CBR1000F I had like a centrestand and simple dipstick to check the oil. The CB1300 requires a juggling act to balance upright whilst holding a torch to check the oil level. I havn't even tried to lube the chain yet... balacing act with a jack coming up I think. Factor in the purchase price of a decent big paddock stand straight away when budgeting to buy one of these!

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