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Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha MT-07

MT-07HO, MT-07LA and MT-07TRA
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My second motorcycle

i couldn’t wait to provide my review on this little beast because Yamaha and the MT07 is just a sublime naked motorcycle in its own right.

i’ve had this motorcycle for over a year and five months and is an upgrade from the CBR300RR. i am 1m63 and i can handle the size the MT07 is.

first and foremost, i have the model which does not have the ABS feature hence i am completely relying on my raw skills to brake and the brake system are fairly strong.

off the mark, this motorcycle is quick so do not go full throttle unless you are more lunatic than the model implies. from first to second gear, it is amazing that it would put a huge grin on your face, it just takes off and have you ahead of the traffic without any problems. from second to third gear, you are in the clear for safety to overtake experienced other fast riders but do not treat it like a motor racing bike, if you do, the mt09 2018 would be your best bet to have. it has an excellent handling in the cbd and narrow traffic, and allows filtering easier compared to other mid-range motorcycle (i have not tried the others) but the size is the most decent i could find. the seat is very comfortable for both the short and long distance because it is narrow at the waist and Yamaha knows this would cater for riders like myself.

the geometry of the engine and motorcycle is just brilliant hence the power and handling with the adrenaline WILL give an awesome riding experience with every each single ride. when chucking corners or deep corners, do not feel afraid of falling over because the torque handles very well for safety.

overall, i would recommend this motorcycle to all riders including experienced riders and riders who are extremely above par. it is just a fantastic little companion to be with and to work on to put aftermarket parts (i have a few things in my sight already). if you have craftmanship skills, this beast would love to be pampered.


Date PurchasedSep 2016

amazing bike

this bike is amazing for a learner approved bike. super quick and easy to ride. you would not even need to upgrade when getting opens. they look really nice also. they are a bit pricey but worth the tag. plus its always nice getting through the traffic quick and spending little on fuel.

Date PurchasedJan 2017


I have had my my-07 for 2 months now. I think it’s a really good bike for the price point. I use to commute and it’s very comfortable with the wide wing seat that allows you a few different riding positions (I’m 6 foot) and is way more power then I will even need.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Best Bike ever made

I had this bike few months ago and let me tell you this was one of the best bike i have ridden, Smooth on road, perfect road grip and the speed.. just amazing.
You can get the bike.. ride it for few years and again sell it.. the resale value is really good as it is a YAMAHA engine

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Love my baby:)

My dream bike:)
Very comfortable position while riding.
Reaaally quick start
I put Titanium Acropovich exhaust and customized the look of the bike, and now - its simply masterpiece!
Every detail works like a clock
Japanese engine wins of course over all
Never let me down:)
Highly recommend
A bit quick for learners tho

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Very easy to ride

I brought this bike about 2 months ago upgraded from a LAMS approved perfect stepping stone for me as a female rider , light and easy to maneuver, perfect for those long trips, fuel efficient loud , I love the colours silver and purple, so easy to take corners as it doesn't have the fairings, can see your Blind Side very easily.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Nice body

Yamaha usually only makes the top quality bikes and with the MT-07 they have proved me right it gives me an amazing fuel efficiency and it's really smooth to drive looking at the immensely high speeds it can reach. It is honestly a pleasure to drive it every day. Love it.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Definite possibility

If you have read any of my other reviews you will know that I am a returning rider who currently owns a Honda CBR300R and I am in the process of going through options for upgrading from the 300cc to something a bit more powerful and better for some longer trips.
I ventured into the local Yamaha Dealer (BayCity Moto Hervey Bay) and saw the MT07 Tracer and was instantly impressed, as I plan to do some long trips and I hate the wind blowing the bike and sometimes me around I thought this looked like a good option. After a bit of a look around I organized a test ride on this brand spanking new Tracer and I have to say that I was very impressed.
I took the bike for my usual ride through various speed zones and the acceleration was something to behold as it surprised me, it cruised effortlessly at the 100kmph mark and the screen took the majority of the wind blast. I do wish though that I had raised the screen, as it is adjustable, prior to the ride to see if it would divert the wind even further. At 6 foot 3 the bike was a perfect size, too much smaller and you would definitely struggle to flat foot it and if you like the upright riding position then this bike would definitely suit.
Of the bikes I have had the opportunity to test ride, this is easily the pick of them so far but I did have reservations afterwards, the 12k plus price tag has deterred me a bit and I am not sure whether my back would handle 6 hour rides (I need to go 3 hours each way one day a week next year) in the upright position. Comfort for these sort of trips are imperative and it, like other bikes, possibly just feel different because they are different from what I am used to.
Personally, I am going to keep testing the bikes on my list, this is currently in first position of the 3 I have been able to test so far and if you are looking to upgrade whilst on your RE license then I would have no hesitation in recommending this bike. Acceleration is great, handling is great, it looks fantastic and if you get the opportunity to test ride one then do it as you have to test ride these to make sure they are comfortable and they are for you.
Thanks again to Bay City Moto at Hervey Bay as the opportunity to test ride this bike was greatly appreciated.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Nice looking

Nice looking..very fast smooth bike...Well priced $10000 on road....Seat will need repadding with a thicker foam..not a hugh cost..Will become uncomfortable in time. Being picky though...Learner approved who should take caution. Be aware services due are not cheap...$300 to $400 so I'm told as yet to hit 1000km service...Hard to go wrong with a Yamaha...Cheers

Date PurchasedSep 2017

MT owner

I purchased my MT 07 new in February and have been very happy with performance, handling and fit and finish. I feel for the price of the bike it is great value, would recommend the bike to anyone looking for an entry level street bike or LAMS approved road bike.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Love it

Loved it from the beginning. Looks good, goes great and very reliable. Modified throttle stop in order to get full throttle and that makes a huge difference in drivability. A little vibration due to the cross plane engine, but who cares when you're enjoying the freedom. Rear shock is a little soft for my weight & height, 6'1" 100kg and no I'm not obese like all the doctor's charts claim.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

This is perfect

taking it off the lot was hard going from the XVS650 16 classic but after a few days i quickly fell in love with it haha unfortunately I'm not getting enough mileage out of of it as I would like to hopefully I fix that with a few weeks as it's a beautiful ride and the freedom is unbelievable

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Awesome ride!

Purchased the bike as a commuter (coming from a sports bike). Has been a great improvement for the long ride (> 45 min each way) and the ride position is perfect.

Was a bit worried coming from a higher powered sports bike to a 2-cylinder parallel twin, but the power and torque are amazing. Can be improved even more with an after-market exhaust but that will be down the track.

Plenty of power in any gear, engine is very quiet, and breezes through traffic with very smooth steering.

Great bike and I highly recommend it!!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

A fun bike that has character

Great bike to ride and has character which is really engaging. Very light and handles like it is on rails, seat is ok for a couple of hours riding. Smooth motor with no vibration thanks to the 270 degree crankshaft and plenty of power even though it is a LAMS approved. Excellent on fuel returning 3.8 to 4.0 litres/100 giving a range of 450 Kms. The main downside is the harsh suspension which can be uncomfortable on rough bitumen. I have ordered a Nitron Shock for the rear and experimenting with preload on the front forks. Highly recommend this bike for touring or commuting am very pleased with my purchase.

March 16th 2018 Update: Update on first 12 months

This is the best motorcycle I have ever had. After 12000 kms it never ceases to amaze me how good this bike is. I have fitted a Nitron shock to fix the harsh rebound and changed to lighter front fork oil which has really improved the ride. Fuel economy is between 21 and 33 kms/ litre depending on speed and conditions giving between 350 and 500 kms per tank. After a recent 3500 km trip with one 1000 km day I found the comfort quite acceptable as the seat is firm. No bike is perfect and I have ridden many motorcycles but this bike is a keeper. Congratulations to Yamaha for making a bike that has soul.

Yabloody hoo!!!!!

I'm 68 yrs old had more bikes than i can remember and been riding 55 yrs. 1Ltr sports, nakeds,2 stroke screamers, big tourers, you get the picture. The mt07ho is perfect just about the best fun bike I've ever had. Got a yoshi exh. system great! a mate said to me, rowdy little bugger init. Given he rides a REALLY noisy Harley, praise indeed. Its very very light,fast enough, and wheelies like a mad thing (I,m 68 not dead!) Ifyou don't want to buy one don't ride one! cause you will, you've been warned. John.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Too Good

Hadn't ridden a bike at least 20+ years. Didn't even test ride one. Brought New with 2 Brothers Exhaust. So much fun. Sounds Deadly goes great . Can't wait for a track day hopefully Mallala. You won't be disappointed if you purchase this bike. Forgot to mention hhow much Low Down Grunt it has ...Well Done Yamaha. Too Good.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Great Advanced Learner`s Bike

I`ve just bought one of these to use in my motorcycle training business
[replacing the old Honda NC700]
Changed to this bike as it`s about 35kg lighter, & slimmer. You can really notice the difference.
What a beast. Hard to believe it`s LAMS legal. You need to be a confident rider if you`re thinking of buying this bike.
Great fun to ride. Really punchy down low, & it does`t run out of puff at the speed limit.
I think earlier models had fuelling issues, but no dramas with this one.
Suspension is a bit soft, but bearable, unless ridden hard
I`m running on adjustment 6, of the 9, on the rear. And, as I`m doing a lot of hard braking, I`ve added RaceTech emulators to the front forks. Really improved the ride. And that`s all that`s really needed.
Seat is little hard initially, but you get used to it. ABS brakes are good. Handlebars are rubber mounted, which is a bit strange at first, but then you don`t notice it. Comes with good tyres. Tacho is hard to read, but that may be my older eyes.
All in all a great bike

Date PurchasedAug 2016
15/11/16 Took the bike out on country run with some mates. The rear end is way too soft in that situation. Great when it`s smooth, but starts hopping sideways over bumps on corners. Also took my daughter out on it, combined weight about160kg, & it was like riding a pogo stick. Rear shock definitely needs updating Indicator switch is a bit"dainty". No real solid click when you turn it off or on.15/02/17 Added an Ohlins rear shock & fork springs to the bike. Wow. Complete transformation, for the better. The bike now rides like it should. The suspension absorbs bumps, rather than being deflected by them. Expensive upgrade, but for long term ownership, I think, well worth it

Best Bigginer < Middleweight Bike

My understanding is this is the Fastest Lams bike on the market and it lives up to that easily, riding with my friends they cant keep up maxed out when i feel like im cruising, white and black is best colour as it makes the bike look a little bigger and defined i suggest an exhaust to complete the picture but as i am drawn to a more sport like look i am considering the 2016 honda cbr500r but my dream bike is by far the 2012 Honda CBR600RR

Personal opinion as well as all other reviews youll find CBR's are the most comfortable to ride

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Very nice, happy with purchase

I had some specific requirements for a new bike:

1) faster than my previous bike
2) upright seating position cause my back and wrists can't take a supersport
3) good on fuel, this was going to be my daily commuter AND weekend toy so I wanted good fuel as well as good performance
4) I'm only a little guy so I wanted a light, flickable bike

This thing fits the bill perfectly. I rode stacks of bike, I researched even more. I would have been happy with half a dozen bikes but this one kept drawing me back and gave me the bigger smile. I'm not a speed demon and I'm still sharpening my corning skills so ultra fast speeds didn't concern me. Exhaust is too quiet and will be replaced. The engine braking is pretty strong so you need to account for that when dropping back a gear for a corner. Torque is great, I can rip it in top gear and the thing just pushes hard. It's lighter than most bikes, and feels even lighter than light bikes.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

How is this lams approved? Lol

Ok so after researching every lams bike on the market (obviously a beginner) I wanted something that wouldn't murder me but I wouldn't out grow straight away, Im pretty sure this thing will do the job quite nicely!

Feels great to ride with the upright seating ergonomics, even on long trips. The torque is incredible, mess up a gear change and it will find torque to get you out of trouble. My only criticism about the ride is the front almost feels too light which I've found in quickly taking off can result in wheelies! Im fitting some drag bars shortly so that should add some feel keep some weight forward.

One must do modification is throw out that awfully quite exhaust and fit a Akrapovic titanium system, if I were you I'd remove the baffle too. Sounds absolutely awesome trust me you also will be saying "this is a lams bike?"

So it really is a good bike in stock form but to get the most out of these things I suggest:
-exhaust, not just for the awesome sound but so if people can't see you they'll hear you
-tail tidy, save some weight and look much better
-bar end mirrors, stock mirrors are terrible

You will not be disappointed if you buy one! Il update my review in the next 6 months, peace :)


So after riding this thing non stop over summer I had an absolute ball but there was room for improvement. Rear shock is terrible and has been replaced by an R6 shock. Makes a massive difference coming out of corners and taking off wot. Air box its gone and im running pods straight off the throttle bodys, I think it pulls a tad harder.

Next on the list is braided brake lines, aftermarket rear sets and a tune :)

Date PurchasedJun 2016

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Questions & Answers

How much have you paid for a HO ride away in QLD? I have been told that I should be able to get one for $11 if I’m buying other stuff on top.
1 answer
Sorry mate I thought I wrote the review under the LA model. The bike was 2 years old and cost $7000

Is the MT 07 lams standard exhaust the same as the MT 07 HO exhaust?
1 answer
Yes same exhaust on all 4 models including the XSR

Can I get a replacement service book and tool kit also manuals?
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