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Triumph Bonneville T100

Triumph Bonneville T100

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Long term review

I have owned this bike now for 5 years so I thought I would write a line or two about it.
From new... the not so good first - The performance is 'gentle' or should I say pedestrian but then it is not a sports bike. The suspension from the factory was truly awful, I mean it was so bad it lasted about 1000km before it was gone, the worst 1000km I have ever had on the bike.
From new... the good bits - Looks, finish, feel, it is a lovely bike simple as that.

So all that said I spent about $2500Nz playing with Bonnie in the first year I owned her, this bike is a canvas not a finished work, you make it your own, and I did just that. Dunstal piggy back shocks / Progressive front fork springs took care of the ride quality, the bike actually handles now, very well actually. The ride comfort is great, I have just finished a 1400km trip, no gripes. I removed the O2 sensors, SAI and all the plumbing, added Dominator pipes, DNA filter and removed the air box baffle etc. Twin Power ECU tune and a few other little bits and pieces completed the performance part. Renthal bars, bar end mirrors, a tail tidy and a new RS saddle are the main but not only cosmetic changes. I now have a bike that goes well, is comfortable and will be in my garage After I am gone. None of the changes were beyond an average home mechanic, even the fork spring change and ECU remapping are straight forward if a little more time consuming.

So 51,000km ridden and I have had no mechanical issues, I have done the shims at 20000km intervals (last time no adjustment was needed), oil, filter, brake fluid and pads and tyres at the right time and Bonnie keeps going. I ride all year round, in rain, hail and blazing sun, the paintwork is still as factory as is most of the rest of the finish (some bubbling of engine paint due to my having a bad time in traffic on a very hot day and not being able to lane split).

I have owned Suzuki sports bikes, Yamaha's and Honda's before this, my first Trumpy, none of them were are trouble free as this Thai built Bonnie. I should say assembled there. Unlike some people the place it was assembled does not worry me, it is as good as any other bike I have owned and a lot better than most.

It may not be as it left the factory but as I said buy a Bonnie as a canvas and you will not be disappointed, after market parts are easy to buy and the quality of those sold by reputable companies is good.

Five years of ownership and I still look over my shoulder at Bonnie every time I turn the key off and walk away.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

I love my Trumpy

I had not ridden a bike for nearly 20 years. Then a friend convinced me to do so again. I bought a Bonneville T100 from Procycles in Hornsby and have never been happier. It really hugs the road. What a great bike ... should have bought this one years ago.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Can't take it anywhere.

I bought my 2014, T100 used, with just over 1,000 miles on it in 2015. It is beautiful and has been pretty much trouble free. I equipped it with an aftermarket wind screen and used Triumph bags, bought off ebay. I can't take it anywhere without turning heads and winding up in conversation about Triumphs and the good old days. I am 68. In a misspent youth, I owned quite a few bikes--all of them Jap bikes--because they were what I could afford. I always wanted a Bonnieville. One thing I love is how rare it is to find another Triumph on the road. I probably see a couple of thousand Harleys for every Triumph I see. The only thing I miss from my Jap bikes is shaft drive. Chain maintenance is not a lot of fun after being spoiled to shafts. That's the only downside for me. I am having a ball with the bike I always wanted.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

makes me smile

Bought my 2013 T100 Black after 25 years away from bikes. I always wanted a Bonnie in the 70's & 80's but the reliability issues kept me away so opted for Jap bikes.I have had the new Thai built Bonnie for 3 years now and have had zero issues, it is stock standard apart from an upgrade to the Triumph sports pipes (much improved sound). I love, it is not the fastest, not the loudest, and doesn't have that "look at me" vibe, it just makes me smile every time I am on it.

Date PurchasedOct 2013


I bought my bonny because I loved the old school stiling, too smooth, too bland, uninspiring, a real shame, I thought I'd love her, carb disguised fuel injection, green warning signal lights, fuel warning light that can't be seen in the daylight, a smooth, and uncomfortable seat that you can skate on, a myriad of 'points' that niggle me. She's up for sale after 3 months of owning her...

Date PurchasedJun 2016

The best of old school combined with modern reliability.

After many months researching both 1960s bonnies and the modern variant, I went for a 2015 T100 black.
Why? Because it is smoking hot and classicly cool.
You get the best of both worlds, a fun easy bike to ride with many modifications available to truly make it your own and that classic British look that is timeless.

A little update.
After 8 months this bike is a joy to ride. The only modification I've done is thuxton style handlebars and bar end mirrors. I'm planing on a few more in the next few months.
It is the perfect base for a cafe racer and has the reliability we dreamed of in the sixties.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

What a Ride This is.

Just converted my 03 T100 into desert sled, removed all factory road gear, replaced with high mounted chrome guards, 5 inch head light, small indicators, single seat, 2 into one exhaust, trials universal front tyre, heavy duty motor cross rear, small universal rubber mounted tail light, alloy sump guard, re located ignition switch and rectifier, love to send picture. Rides great in the dirt, very responsive and handles well. Not bad for a 77-year-old fruit cake.

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Would love to see some pictures. Please send them through to info@triumphmotorcycles.com.au

dissapionted 2012 t100

I may have expected to much having owned 4 Meriden triumphs in years gone by. But I found the new one uncomfortable especially with the seat that resembled a babies change table. I found it ran wide in corners, slow braking, and jerky efi. My 32 yr mg lemans better.

Uncomfortable,poor fueling, ran wide through corners,bad brakes not a $14k bike.

2012 Triumph Bonneville T100 - Black

Absolutely love it from the moment I rode it off the showroom floor ! Its one of those bikes that just makes you smile at the thought of taking her out for a ride. A really refined finish on a super smooth 865 engine, the bike looks great in the "T100 Black" version. The Triumph OEM performance pipes make it burble the parallel twin 360 degree firing note as it should and are a vast improvement on the standard limp sound.

10,000kms now and no problems other than minor corrosion on horn and some powder coat. Sump gasket seep 1 drop/ month. Issues rejected initially by Triumph, but all rectified on warranty after complaint.Bonnies well supported for customisation - pipes a must, can easily remove sec air injection if dont like pipe bluing and exhaust crackles. Seat upgrade to "contemporary" OEM excellent.
Riding position, motor torque and smoothness, build quality and finish and overall style and appearance.
Fears over keeping the wire spokes clean ! Yet to be seen whether its an issue. Minor corrosion issues. Triumph initial response to warranty issues

the spokes breaking on the rear wheel is a bigger problemI'm not sure about that - I'm riding a 2002 Bonnie T100 CE with just over 50k on the clock, spokes haven't broken yet, and i ride up and down the gutter daily to park the bke at work (although I must admit I do it very slowly) - and as far as cleaning, mag wheel cleaner has been fantastic - wipe on, wipe off - more time to polish the paintwork!Still no spoke issues...15K now. All good. Final conclusion after 3 years, great bike ! :)

02 triumph bonnieville

I bought my bonnie 10 years ago.have done 67,000 klms .didnt need to touch her for the first 45,000 ks but after doing philip island in 07 and knocking out 6000ks in 3 months the only thing i needed to fix was one spoke on the rear wheel 2 sets of tyres 2 sets of brake pads ,i returned to WA.She was a bit tired so i have done a few mods.got her resleaved to a 904 39mm flat slide carbs d and d exhaust from septic land progresive fork springs ,after market air box sports cti yss shockies slightly wider handle bars other than she looks stock haha,and she hums along im 54 yrs of age and as the saying goes go hard or go homeslimey Wa.ps did philip island on her last year .cant beat a bonnie
All round good bike wether u wont to go hard or cruise
after 10 years fa wrong with it

Had any problems with primary drive makin a noise.No not at all

Enjoy owning this bike immensly

Bought the T100 12 months ago after 30 yrs+ away from bikes. Chose T100 because I liked the look of its style,the riding position and the idea of riding a Trumpy. I thought it was manufactured in the UK and assembled in Thailand, so not worried about that, nor am I bothered by sound of factory pipes. Just done a 3200k ride over 8 days in 43 degree heat and didn't notice any problems with bike, while seat is a bit hard after a while and did have bum issues not enough o give it away, am going too give a sheepskin a go.
Fun to ride even for 65yr old
Panniers v.poor quality had two in a year both failed


Bike handles and stops well. Could have made more effort in keeping the weight down. Disappointing to read that it is made in Thailand and not the Old Dart (UK)but so far quality can't be faulted.
The retro look is great and turns heads. Engine is very tractible even with 2 up.
Pipes blue quickly. Foot pegs always seem to be in the way when you stop aand put your feet down. Std silencers are too quiet and it sounds like a sewing machine. Accessories seem unnecessarily expensive.


I had an 07 T100. A good bike, but i think i agree with other reviewers in that i would buy the earlier UK models. Made in Thailand just doesn't cut it does it?
The looks. the sound (aftermarket exhausts).Cheap to buy.
Blued/ browned exhausts, one different colour to other. VERY hard seat, sore butt after 1/2 hour. Felt unsafe over 120km/hr. Rear brake very touchy, came close to dropping it first time the rear wheel lost traction. Key position. To much plastic. Made in Thailand! You have to replace the exhauts to get a decent sound, ( you have to have that Trumpy sound) very expensive to do so. Noisy motor (tappets)

All triumph classics are now made in thailand.None are made at Hinkleydoes hinkley make the parts for assembly in Thailand----so hinkley dosent assemble them then.confused


Lets face it, this m/c is not for everyone, thats the point. I'm sure everyone picks certain bikes for all kinds of reasons. I wanted an honest, good handling m/c with an upright seating position that didn't beg me to do 200+ kmh. It doesn't hurt that it is also a pleasure to look at.
Looks good, people remark how well I've restored it etc (funny). Good riding position, naked keeps you under the speed limit.
Seat is hard, although I use airhawk if riding more than a couple of hours. The timing case leaked oil, easily fixed (wouldn't be a trumpy without an oil leak).

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iv done 75 ,000 and not a single leak or tune up-did break 5 spokes at the rear wheel tho--triumph didnt want to know tho --still goes hard

Bonneville T100 or Bonneville

I have both a Bonneville fuel injection model 2008 (silver) and loved the Triumphs so much that I bought a 2004 T100 with carbies just recently. The 2004 has reverse cone staintune exhausts which sound great.in 2010 I was lucky enough to visit the Triumph Hinckley factory. I am 67 years of age and hope to take one of the bikes around Australia.
I bought a centre stand for the 2008 Triumph but find it too heavy to use. I like to change the oil myself and find this easy enough. I owned a Harley Softail Heritage before this and enjoyed that for many years. The head turner is definitely the Triumph T100 when it is parked many people stop to look at it.


is the best bike i have ever ridden,love everything about it,it's also great value for money,it's very reliable(not like triumphs of years gone by) and it doesn't leak oil!
goes great,with a few modifications,staintune reverse cones,no pollution gear,bigger jets,handles very good,comfortable riding position

I am an admirer of Bonnevilles from the mid 70's when I rode a T140. Back then it was just about everything a non Japanese bike rider would dream of. Since then and even today, there will always be comments like "Rice-Rockets" spoken in disgust against Oriental products in a derogatory way, which I find very racist and without doubt, demeans the character of the person who made such a comment. I am NOT biased against bikes of ANY persuasion, except those which are known to be unreliable and dangerous. To me, I have re-visited (ridden) the Bonnevilles from time to time. The latest EFI SE version, rides about as well as anything could, which tries to hark back to yester-years with built-in design cues to match. It looks sensational and yet for one thing, I shall NEVER understand WHY the key goes next to the left side and has not been moved to the middle of the handlebars where it's easier to find in the dark. Of course the SE of today goes much better than the T140. It's still the same kind of ride with improved (modern) components. The SE clutch is easier to modulate and brakes are far superior. The rest, well, my T140 came with a centre stand and had truly roarty exhausts! For the city and urban jaunt it's still nimble and fun. Emotionally, it's still extremely likeable and pushes all the retro buttons. agreed.


after running in and clocking up 2000 Kms the bike is a great ride at a good price, but it is basically a fake and not the real thing. Plastic front guard, side covers and now tank badge, plus made in Thailand for the latest model, has really cheapened the model and feels like it. Triumph must think this is a reliable bike as it has no tool kit at all, except for a single Allen key to take off the seat. You are better off seeking a pre-2006 model if a Triumph has to be your ride.
Wish I now bought a Harley Sportser.
great looking bike that is a delight to ride. Plenty of accessories to make this your unique bike, and there's nothing like that retro air cooled naked look.
Dont be deceived by the Great Britain logo. The bike is actually made in Thailand and the dealers are very coy about letting that becoming common knowledge.Cheapness is creeping in with the over use of plastic. the latest models now have plastic tank badges stuck on with glue in lieu of dye cast metal screwed on badges. No centre stand offered except as an accessory. And check the aim of the headlight, it is probably pointing in the ground in front of you.

People are always whinging that they are not English made anymore, who cares. Jap cars are made in non jap countries and we buy them. Bosch made under license in thailand and you buy it. Deal with the real world and just ride a great bikeWhat do you mean by a fake? Seriously! ITs an updated version of a Bonnie not an identical replica of a 60's bike. The general consensus on the main triumph forum is that the thai bikes are identical in quality to the uk bikes but thats a moot point now as ALL triumph classics are made in thailand. So you think its a great bike, delightful to ride but you should have bought a sportster? Im guessing you would whine about that too.You don't deserve this bike,My t-100 was reassembled here in Texas by me! Engine is made in England! 21,000 miles and I have no problems! Buy a Sportster=less power,heavier with bad handleing!Long live Triumph!


Sits in my garage too much! I have 400 miles on her,all w/o any incidents.The first thing I changed was the exhaust.Sounded like a sewing machine.I love this bike!!!
Takes me back to when I was teen,riding a little cub.Love the lines of the bike.
No center stand,rock hard seat,ignition location


A true classic, however, youi need to be in touch with yourself and your ego before really enjoying this beautiful motorcycle
This is a truly unique motorcycle as it just that - - a motorcycle! It doesn't matter whether it is made in Thailand, UK or Timbukto for that matter as the manufacturing process is the same. The simple fact is that the T100 is a beautifully balanced motorcycle that will whisk you across a continent in no time flat whilst letting you attack the twisties in an exuberant manner without putting your life (you only have one) on the line. I've raced 600cc- 1000 cc sportsbikes for as long as I can remember and I certainly have no desire to ride on the road the same as I do on the race track - - if you do, you will get bitten in the end. The point here is that many people say the T-100 is a bit on the lardy side and that the handling is not at super-bike levels and the tyres are too skinny, yada, yada, yada - - well if that's what you want, by all means buy a Fireblade, R-1 or whatever and enjoy your life of fantatsy. But, if you want to get on a bike, a real BIKE, and not worry about whether you'll make it home that night, then consider the T100 - - you never know, you may actually get back into contact with what motorcycles are all about.
If there were things I dislike, I would not have bought the bike! The bike is what it is! Changing the exhausts, suspension, air intakes etc and doing other mods are all just ego issues - they really don't make any significant difference to the performance and end up costing about 1/3 of the totral value of the bike.

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those mods made a huge difference to mine---I think you went shopping in the wrong place.


Exactly what I was looking for at my age(56) can relive a misspent youth. Can hunt it along on the backroads and sticks like glue. Scared myself when I first used rear vision mirrors and discovered I could actually see something without using a hand to hold the mirror steady. Quality of parts has not been an issue other than rear guard. Good value for money.
comfort aqgility, retro look,good deal from dealer(hustled two of them), narrow and light enough to sneak through bollards meant to hinder traffic (figure out for yourself)
lack of centrestand, flimsy guard, toolkit what toolkit,

Questions & Answers

Hi, Since fitting nitro air shocks to my 2009 Bonneville mag I've experienced some steering wobble. What's your thoughts? Thanks . Angelo (trumpet)
1 answer
Hi, Trumpet, I have had no problems with nitro shocks, standing at the rear of your bike check the distance wheel rim to frame on both sides, I can only think wheel could be out of line, also mounting bolts are fully tightened, regards George.

Does a speedster sissybar fit the 2003 triumph bonniville ?,.... Thanks very much
2 answers
No wont fit,Hi Rick, sorry but it will not fit due to the difference in the width of the rear guards on these two bikes.

I have a 2008 t100 SE and want to go to after market pipes (exhausts). What can you recommend? I enjoy loud pipes.
2 answers
I have tried two types of after market exhaust systems, and find Arrow make the best system , east to tune in and well made, also looks great.Hi Rick, we recommend the use of Arrow exhaust pipes. Arrow pipes have been made in conjunction with Triumph to ensure that they ECU tune get the best out of your bike and pipes alike. No other pipes are officially tested or have specific tunes developed to suit the Triumph ECU. All the best.


Bonneville T100
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