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Honda CBR125R

Honda CBR125R

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Efficient commuter bike

If you want a bike without all the frills that just gets you from A-B this is the one. As a LAM's approved bike this bike this is going to fall under the lower end of the spectrum in regards to power. While it doesn't have the omph of like a cbr 250r or 500r, it will adequately get you from point A to B without a problem. Reliable motor, easy to navigate controls and highly efficient on fuel. Would be cautious for lighter fairing riders as the weight of the bike is rather light which may lead to some shakiness issues if riding in the wind, or at high speeds.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great Introduction To Biking

The winter riding was fine and the engine never missed a beat and always started first time even at -5 with the coolant I had in it from purchase, it was a strong reliable bike that I think for the price you cannot go wrong. I would rate it 4.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

stay away death trap

Very slow. Should not be on the road. Unsafe. Conned into buying one from a salesman without test riding first as a learner. very very under powered and light and unstable. cant pull away or keep up with traffic. at least with a bicycle you can ride to the side but with this you have to ride in traffic.

Date PurchasedJan 2010

CBR 125 an excellent bike

Test drove a 2009 CBR 125 for my daughter and it's a very reliable and great running bike. She really likes the bike - I wasn't able to ride for long w/o the leaned over position bothering my wrists. She's 5'8" though and I'm only 5' and it seems to make all the difference. For riding around town for a smaller or younger person in particular, this bike is it. However, I also sat on a Kawasaki 125 and liked it even more. If only they could get to the 150 cc mark I'd buy nothing else and ride it on the highway. The CBR 125 just maxes out on the highway with hills, so I wouldn't recommend it for highway use.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

2011 Honda CBR125R is better than the older generation in many areas

I'm a new rider and learned to ride on a 2007 Honda CBR125R but recommend the newer generation starting in 2011. When I bought the newer 2011 Honda CBR125R, the differences are quite significant especially for a new rider. A few things are larger including the tires and tank. A few things are better including the overall styling, especially the new side mirrors. It is still a 125 cc but it's larger and heavier. It also feels more powerful than the previous generation while maintaining its agility and nimbleness around the city. However, I still would not ride this on the major 4+ lane highways because wind gusts from trucks significantly affect my steering (i'm 140 lbs) and it does not have enough overtaking power at 100 Km/h. I would take it in minor highway backroads only. But in the city, I can imagine this as being a dressed up courier bike zipping around town. Finally, it is affordable to own because it is cheap to buy especially when used, great on gas, cheap on insurance, and cheap on parts and maintenance. I know a lot of people say that this is a great bike for beginners, but I can also see how a few can fall in love with this bike and keep it for years. As for reliability, I currently own 2 other Honda vehicles and can attest to their reliability.
sporty, great for city and minor highway riding, novice-friendly, cheap to own, reliable.
Not recommended on major highways due to lack of power and weight.

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Guys, thanks for rating my review. I have upgraded to a CBR 250R. I made a comparison review in my channel at http://youtube.com/BrownBrady if you would like to watch it.

This bike is awesome I have a 2007 model with 52000 km and still runs like a dream

This bike has perfect handling u feel so in control loves corners low on fuel very compatible perfect bike I wouldn't need a bigger one only for freeways

Its best for lams bike

Bought 2007 model for 3k on it,for $2k so basically new. I was worry about skinny tires, but dont judge the book by its cover, it is very nimble, enough grip on road as long as you don't turn with high speed. fast enough for suburban road. easily does 300km on tank. most of take off is faster than any other cars, unless idiots Holden commodore try to take off b4 you , because they are jelous of look of CBR125R. show my bike to all my friends they thought its super sport full on 600cc up from distance. Able to ride on highway if its short distance, very smooth gear
Easy handling, cheap on petrol, good look for price, its honda!!
Small underseat compartment, indicator swith could be better at high position ( about 0.3 sec lose grip when putting indicator).

Unbeatable first bike

As a first bike and me not knowing much about bikes the cbr125r is the PERFECT bike!
Its cheap (affordable at around 2,000-2,500), has enough power to get on the freeway for a good 10-15 minutes, very light and not very large which makes lane splitting for beginners all the lot easier, its a good looking bike especially for its price and power! it reached 120km/hr for me on the freeway and does comfortably 110 km/hr which is all you need for city riding and especially that the highest speed limit in/around the city is 100km/hr. I highly recommend to all first riders that it is a perfect bike to learn on however.. the downsides is that after about 6-12 months you will want to upgrade bike due to its limited power but that's all you need to get off your restrictions which last maximum 3-12 months. And the other downside is that it has very thin tires which means you'll have to look out for tram tracks to make sure you don't get your tires stuck (there is a very low chance of that happening anyway).
Others include the breaks which are expecional for a 125cc bike and the handling is just really easy due to its small size. Also for this bike if you wanted to put a passenger on the back just for around the corner for a quick ride it does pretty good i got to 80km/hr with a passenger on the back but i wouldn't advise it as it struggled a bit.

pros: -Light
-Great handling
-Great breaks
- enough power and speed up to 120km/hr
- cheap and affordable
- looks pretty sexy for its price
- not large and small width making it easier to lane split and filter through traffic

cons: - You'll want an upgrade after 6-12 months due to lack of power
- thin tires
-Light -Great handling -Great breaks - enough power and speed up to 120km/hr - cheap and affordable - looks pretty sexy for its price - not large and small width making it easier to lane split and filter through traffic
- You'll want an upgrade after 6-12 months due to lack of power - thin tires

CBR125R 2011 Model - Great 125 commuter

I purchased my cbr125r after going to buy a 250 at Honda world in South Australia. They had just received 2 off the new to Australia 2011 cbr125r's looking at them I tried the 250 i had gone there to and found it very nice.

Then more because it was there and I was curious how good/bad it was I took the 125 for a spin, came back grinning my head off. I left it at that for a few days and went back for another ride the following week.

Found the same thing on riding it again its just so much fun.
Took delivery on the 9th September 2011 and at this point have just passed 2,000 kms

So plus points

Acceleration up to 80/90kph is better than most cars unless there really trying, more than enough to get away from the front of the grid first,(Traffic Lights)

Fuel consumption about 2.5 liters per hundred

Handling is very good compared to my last 2 bikes (most recent Hyosung 650 gt and before Yamaha Virago I come home from work through the country around gorge road and chain off ponds much quicker than I used to on the 650 due to the handling and the bike is almost completely unaffected by even the roughest winds at any speeds. The fairing/screen gives smooth airflow over my head and around the bike.

Brakes are excellent

Performance (sticky point on something like this)
Those familiar with McIntyre Road in Adelaide will get some idea from the fact it goes up there at 80kph every day in all weather and winds and in fact has some reserve speed providing you can maintain the momentum. Initially during run in you are not able to keep up to all the speed limits especially on hills. However now with 2,000 km on and freeing up the wall it seemed to run into on some conditions has moved from 90kph and faded away.

I used the Port river expressway this week end and it held the legal 110 limit for about 25km without any drama's and 2,500 rpm up its sleeve and I felt it could have gone faster but its a 125 and 110 sustained is as much as you can sensibly ask from it and off course the legal limit is 110km anyway.

Very pleased with it so far.

Note! use as a commuter, daily ride, learners motorcycle, to learn to go around corners faster and actually ride a bike.
Do not use as a tourer or for longer runs on full highways. (Having said that i took mine to Mannum through the country route, speeds up to a 100km and some sustained longer stretches. This is a 90km each way trip and it was fine also quite comfortable.
Less than AU$ 4,000 ride away. Fuel consumption 2.5 liters per hundred. Handles like a dream. Good brakes. Unaffected by wind
Not suitable for longer trips or very heavy riders

Now passed 9,000km on the above bike, just replaced front brake pads. All still good nothing else to add to above.Reliable, cheap. But not enough power to be practical or safe anywhere but in town. Go for a 250, better life out of it, and you can go on highways act.Fully practical I'm the country due to the winding roads it's actual quicker than many larger bikes unless your braking the speed limits because it handles corners so well. As the modern motorcycle is made to last 100,000 miles before major repairs expected life is way more than most riders would achieve in ten years also the 250 is half as much money again to buy. I say it's more practical and safe than a 1,000cc Fireblade!

Good but limited

Just got a 2009 Cbr125r, it's done around 6500 kms. I got it for my wife and I to learn on and it suits this purpose perfectly very easy to ride and a good starting point. That being said I only had it for a week before the limitations of the 125cc engine began to grate on me, I don't recommend this bike to someone over 80kgs (that being said I am around 100kgs and over 6ft and it still gets me to 90kph at 7000 rpm). Definitely no freeways on this thing it doesn't have the power to be safe. I have also experienced the gear problems that people have mentioned though I have found it happens more frequently if I'm rushing the gear change. All in all though I can't really fault the bike in any way its exactly what it should be taking into account its power and size.
Looks great, handles great and easy on a learner
Small size, limited power and the occasional false up shift

Have just bought this bike. Thanks for the review. I bought second hand. Can someone tell me how to work the gears? I mean is it 1 down, 5 up? I'm still learning. ThanksHave bought one of these to get me to the train station, fantastic little bike with more than enough power for what I need, I weigh 95 kg and it has no problem pulling my fat gut around. Excellent value for money and a good looking unit to boot.I bought this bike and done 47000 on odometer since 2008 its working amazing and never gave me big problem. fuel economy is superb and freeway i dont care. 100 kmph is not a prob for this bike. i drive daily on freeway. its light bike so wind is a big prob sometime. rest is 4.5/5. happy from bike


I think this is a good bike to start on for people who are a bit nervous with getting their first motorcycle (or they have to compensate because of worried parents :P) I have no complaints, except the lack of power - If i could go back, that would be the only reason that i'd choose a 250cc.
This is my first motorcycle - it's cheap, reliable, easy to learn on, economical and can be maneuvered with ease.
I'd recommend starting on a 250 for most people however, as the lack of power hits you about a month after starting on this (if it's your first bike)
also gear changes can be a bit sticky occasionally.

Hello , im looking into buying a honda CBR 125 and i was just wondering about the sticky gear changes and how bad it actually is .Hey! Well it's a little tough to comment on, as i think it would vary from bike to bike - but from what i've heard it's quite a common issue on this model. I'd say it happens on about 5% of your gear changes - for me i always get stuck in 3rd gear or higher, and it's annoying because you only notice when you have to step down (at the lights) and starting from the lights in 4th gear is a little annoying haha. If you're getting a cbr125r that's still under warranty i've heard that you can take it to honda and they permanently fix the issue - if not however, it's not that big an issue and is quite manageable. I hope that helps! Unfortunately i'm not sure how much it would cost to fix at a mechanic or anything... but yes in short, it's not a big safety issue and more just annoying.Mine used to happen on 3rd and 4th gear. I will recommend you stay away from this bike. There are other better learner's bikes out there...

Good little commuter, not so hot for freeway

- cheap to buy, cheap to insure, cheap to run
- very reliable
- very light and flickable, awesome on a twisty backroad
- quick from zero to maybe 85 KPH

- once you get up to about 90 KPH, the little motor runs out of steam quick
- top speed is only 110-120 KPH

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I recently purchased one off these and found the 90kph max as well hard to get past. At 2,000km I changed to Motul 7100 engine oil the result the wall fell over it will now hold 110 on free ways with a little to spare. About 115kph now with a max of 140kph (red line) is possible on any slightly down hill or following wind stretch. ((Race circuit only of course).

Great leaner bike

It is a very brilliant starting motorcycle for the leaner, very good condition made by Honda. Easy to handle and cheap. Honda cbr125 is also looks good, like a real sports motorcycle. However, it's only 125cc so maybe the power is not excellent. But the limited speed for leaners is 80Kmh so it's the best choice for you.
Good looking, easy to handle, cheap and save for the fuel.
The power is a little low and the small problrm of the gearbox whick may make rider feel a little uncomfortable.

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Reliable, good around town, cheap on petrol. But heavily wind affected, can't really go over 80kms unless you have a long straight, up hills around 50 to 60kms. that said. i would recommend a 250 to start on, then you can do a few highway trips and get more life out of your bike. just my 2cents cheers brinno


This gearbox problem disappointed me a lot. What makes it worse is that Honda or the dealer will not admit that the gearbox is faulty, and the blame the riders for it. Because I was a learner they said it was my fault because I didnt know how to change gears properly! I took it to an independent mechanic who said that the gearbox has a problem. When you change gears sometimes they dont "get-into-gear" or "throws it back into neutral" so you have to lift up the lever again....Usually happens when up shifting. I had to write an official complain to Honda to get things moving and had to threaten with legal action. Miraculously when the gearbox was replaced the gears did not stick any more.
- Cheap, reliable and economical
- No power at all I should have bought a 250cc!
- $200 for a service??? That's more than my car!
- GEARBOX has a KNOWN ISSUE WITH THESE, Took it to dealer (bill's motorcycles in SA north) many times and had to consider Business and Consumer affairs, they REPLACED for me.
- Wrote complain to Honda and Threaten with legal action, Miraculously when the gearbox was replaced the gears did not stick any more !!

Niko says "No power at all" This bike will break every Australia speed limit and pull away from most traffic, and the power is pretty much much what you can expect from a 125 he clearly should have ridden one before purchase.Yeah that is on a straight road, with 1 rider. add 2 riders on an uphill slope (like where I live) and then let me know!The right tool for the right job. A 125 is ideal for commuting, not for riding two-up on the highway. Sorry to read about your transmission woes - but eventually Honda did the right thing. I have to say, I have owned both a 2007 and a 2011, and have never had any gear issues...


I bought this bike for cheap transport to work as I only have about 10 km to travel and the highest speed limit is 80km it is very good. The other benefits is that it is so light and narrow that I can ride it pass my wife & daughter cars without moving them. Being a shift worked after doggy you can always rely on it starting and being easy to ride home.
Easy to ride and cheap to run good for short commute with the price of petrol these days good for a learner or cheap transport to work.
Top speed is 100km but is better at 90km so not for free ways.


Having owned this bike for a while I would recommend them to any learner, or anyone who will not be riding on the freeway, or above 80kph regularly. They handle great and are very easy to navigate in traffic, very cheap to buy and run. Before you buy just understand the limitations - if you want to do long-term recreational riding, this is not the bike for you. But an attractive, cheap, safe and good quality introduction to motorcycles.
Handles well, easy to learn on. Looks nice, has tacho, speedo, fuel and temp gauges.
Limited top speed and power. Power above 80kph is pretty non-existant. Bad headwind on the freeway will not allow you reach 100kph. Steep hills require several down changes, and you will struggle to maintain speed.


Great learner bike, but you will get sick of it quickly due to its lack of power. Best use for it is if you live somewhere without a lot of traffic lights (the constant gearchanging due to it being such a small engine is very annoying) and not too many big hills it is an awesome commuter. I wouldnt buy one new though as the depreciation is horrendous - a great second hand model with very few k's will be about 2 grand cheaper than a new one.
Great looking learner bike, cheap to run (even on premium), easy to live with
All of the discomfort of a sports bike seating position, with none of the performance. Gearbox is difficult to change in to first occasionally (not just mine, but a common feature)

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"...Gears difficult to change occasionally" You have the same problem as me. There is a known problem with the gearbox on these? Why give it 4 stars??


I have just got my L's and my husband bought me this bike. It's sooo easy to ride, looks great and I'm having a blast. Makes learning easy. Every learner should have one.
Absolutely nothing.

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Your the target market the book says Intro Motorcycle and its perfect for that as well as a a commuter in metro areas


It is a great bike for what it is...a commuter that is cheap to run and own. Just don't expect sports bike performance, but that said it is handles heaps better than a scooter.
Looks great - from a distance it looks just like a scaled down version of its big brother (CBR 600RR. Handles well and easy to throw around at speed up to 80 km/h. It gets to become hard work an a little less enjoyable to ride at speeds above this. Great fuel miser, cheap rego, cheap insurance and cheap servicing.
Runs out of puff at 110 km/h. Gearbox a little clunky and I have had it pop out of gear a few times.

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Hi, Known issue with the gearbox having sticky gears. It will get progressively worse, so get it replaced under warranty. Honda knows of the fault but they are trying to cover it up.


A great like buzz box that would be great if you don't need to take it on a motorway. The fuel using is minimal and the cost savings would be big. It's a Honda so the build quality is legendary.
This bike is light and handles really well. I took it for a test ride and i was suprised about how much power it haves at high revs for a 125cc bike. When you give it some it really goes! The handling and road grip is fantastic. Throwing it into a corner you feel like it is on rails. A very nice ride.
It is small. The Wheels are skinny and I'd think about tuning it up if I bought one. Aparently you can get an aftermarket exhaust that will boost the top speed.

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Would not say build quality is legendary. Many of us have had gearbox problems on these. They made in Thailand, and there is a known gearbox issue with this model.

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Hey I've got a 13 plate Honda cbr125r with 16990 mileage on the clock is that bad or good just wanted to now, I use it day-to-day basis for work few people say wow that much its properly a stupid question like but just wanted to know? thanks
No answers

Hey! I'm a 5ft2 55kg female and I'm looking at buying a 2016 Honda Cbr 125 for the purpose of getting to uni and work. I want to know if these bikes have any regular problems and whether or not it would struggle getting to 100km/hr given my size and weight. I've been struggling to find a bike that would fit my height comfortably (I prefer to have both of my feet touching the ground as I've never ridden a road bike before, only dirt bikes). Thanks, Stacey
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Hi, I'm 170cm & 62kg. While I owe CBR125, I did struggle a lot to get to 100km/hr. From my experience I needed about good 10sec to get to 100km/hr. & I have get use to in 1 month. . CBR 125 tire is skinny( we call cheese cutter), so you are little wobbly on corner, but 250cc up is fatter, so more steady. I came off CBR125R twice due to skinny tire (less contact surface) not gripping on the road when I try to manouvre like we all do. Being tail gated many times, but could not get out, due to less power. I would recommend only if you are riding around suburb. I recommend CBR 250 or CB400 revo or cruiser if height is issue. I rode from Honda CBR125R to Honda CB400 Vetc III , then current Yamaha YFZ-s 600cc, since you have ridden dirt bike, may be 250-400cc would be suit you. Happy Riding!!Hello I'm also 5' and 104 lbs and hadn't ridden a sport bike and then test rode and bought a 2008 CBR 125 for my daughter. It's an amazing bike I tiptoe on but with no.probs because it is so light. You need to review the engine high to change gears on the highway, which I didn't k ow, so struggled in mega wind and hills on highway. A perfect starter bike, though, and while I want an adventure bike, I may buy a CBR 125 for myself for handling and seat height.

what is recomended fuel?
1 answer
unleaded 91 should be fine.but BP unleaded gave me extra k's about5km.


Honda CBR125R
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