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Honda CBR600RR ABS

Honda CBR600RR ABS

4.7 from 3 reviews

Immediately need one on full licence

I bought the 2008 version the day I got my full licence. Been reading so much hype about it and let me tell you it definitely lives up to it. So far it is the best bike I've owned in my favourite colour black/red and I don't plan to ever sell it!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Very solid bike, resale low!

For a start I liked this bike not loved but liked, it was fast it was smooth & I even had the bright look at me shiny red that when you are riding it you swear gives you a couple of extra inches you know where.
Things I loved.
•It was quick real quick for a 600
•Duel fuel injection really made it bite back down low especially
•you can throw this bike into a hairpin corner at 120kph & it won't even blink & neither will you through fear but this bike will stick.
•For a sports bike it's reasonably comfy if your used to bikes, I could ride it for 6 hours at a time no worries.
•Mechanically it's Honda so as long as you look after it I highly doubt you will have a problem.

Now things I didn't like.
•The air scoop at the front, it's awful its looks like someone just came up & kick a hole in the front.
•Very stiff bike in the lower gears fast but stiff could not really put my finger on it just felt a little off in first and half way through second gear.
•The resale value was horrible because virtually no one bought the bike because of that tardy design flaw of an air scoop.
•This is not a design flaw but an over all problem with 600cc bikes, when you get to 5th gear you really wish you had bought the 1000cc not because you need it but because you want it.

Over all I liked it but would not by another one if you are looking at this bike I suggest the 1000rr it's not much in price difference looks better & ofcoure faster.
The difference between them is like watching top gear with Jeramy Clarkson & then watching it with whoever that guy off friends was hosting it at the end, not bad but just does not feel right just no grunt in the end.

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Best street going sports bike

After 3 years, all seasons, 61 K on street and few track days I can say this is fantastic bike. Got plenty of mid range for spirited street riding compared to other 600 super-sports. I got the ABS for safety on street and with the combined braking feature I can stop as quick as a racer on a similar non ABS bike. No mechanical problems so far on the bike, just the regular services by myself.

The HESD has saved me once when I was overtaking two 1000cc bikes and the front started wobbling and it was back to centre position before my brain registered the fear. eCABS has worked for me many times.

One thing with all the CBRs are they have neutral characteristics which is very hard to achieve for production bike but Honda did it. Depending on the rider it can be a beast or bear. You can rev it all the way to 16K and keep it there or cruise at 5.5K on freeway.

The things I don't like is I have to remove the fairing to change oil and coolant. Can't check coolant level as well with the fairing on. This is only applicable to ABS bike with full fairings.

No gear indicator. Aftermarket can be fitted.

It don't have traction control, however, Bazzaz TC can be fitted. I don't have one fitted but know someone who did fit and happy with it.

If you are after a no nonsense bike with Honda reliability then look no further. It caters for the experienced and in-experienced alike. If you are buying any bike, do yourself a favor, tune the suspension to suit your weight. Spend money on suspension before anything else.

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