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Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa

Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa

5.0 from 12 reviews

Definitely before I Croke this bike is on my to do bucket list ,Japanese power and quality

I hear it’s a good safe ride for a mature ,safe ,responsible rider I’m progressing or hope to going on a Suzuki 1200Bandit all ready hope spend 18 months or 2 years then definitely progress to a lovely most probably save up for a Generation 2 ,there are good ones out there on the market ,be it gumtree or EBay ..middle age I must do kinda thing ,fingers crossed I will achieve my goal ..lol

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Surely one of the greatest motorcycles of all time

Ive owned my hayabusa since new. super comfortable extemely reliable just a tad on the heavy side however its one weekness also turns out to be its strength. when the roads get rough its stability over rough ground at speed is 2nd to none. Only now after 10 years are the 1000s starting to catch up.however gen 3 is on the horizon so they will be left in the dust again. A truly awesome machine. Well done suzuki

April 19th 2019 Update: surely one of the greatest motorcycles ever built

I've owned my hayabusa for 9 years it currently well over 100 thousand kms runs like a dream day in day out. the bike is pretty much a jack of all trades it will mix it with the sporties on weekends or cut through the traffic no problem pillions plus luggage it takes in it stride. it has more grunt than a pig farm it will still hold its own in strait line drag with current sports bikes. there is no substitute for cubes .fuel economy is also excellent been a big engine it does not need to rev as hard. all in all one very solid bike from Suzuki .

Purchased in April 2010 at Central Coast Cycles for $19,900.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Mileage 113,000 km
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting

Great Bike

I was waiting to see if Suzuki were coming out with a gen 3 however from what I could tell it wasn’t happening anytime soon so I went & bought a new one in Oct 17.
I was after something a little more comfortable than my gixxer 1k but I wanted around the same amount of hp.
First thing I did was fit helibars, heated grips & had the tyres changed to Q3’s.
Power wise it’s a fantastic engine with loads more power down low where you can use it on the road.
Another reason I needed to change bikes was pillion comfort & again it hasn’t disappointed my GF. She loves it more than I do.
The brakes aren’t too bad however it could do with a Brembo master cylinder to match the calipers.
Suspension is quite plush compared to my previous bike which makes a better road bike.
There is room for improvement but pretty good for the price.
I plan to fit hard panniers to the bike so I can tour a little on it & maybe an improved seat to help with long rides at legal speeds.
Couple of things I don’t really like is the gearbox is not slick especially between 5th & 6th. And the weight of the bike when wheeling it around.
Definitely have to leave in gear when parked so it does not roll of the sidestand.
The fueling when trickling around a roundabout is bit of a handful but I know this is due to the emissions.
This can be fixed with a PCV & a dynotune.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Hayabusa 2017

I am 63 years old, I have ridden motorcycles since I was 15. I have had all manner of motorcycles, Yamaha 650 twins, honda cb 750/4, Harley Davidson, BSA, Buell, Yamaha, Moto Guzzi and Mv Augusta etc. I bought this Hayabusa 2 weeks ago to fulfill a bucket list dream, just in case, it reminded me of a Katana I owned in the early 80s. The fit and finish is second to none, I admit it doesn’t have the flair of Italian master pieces (Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta), but having said that, the Hayabusa does everything better. The fuelling is pretty well sorted as is the suspension and the ergonomics. The power is there and the handling is more than adequate, an experienced rider on the track may need more, but in the real world the Hayabusa delivers more than is necessary to get the heart pumping. On the negative side, I have noticed that the gearbox is less than perfect especially 4th to 5th and 5th to 6th. It feels as though the gear is not engaged properly and then grinds and bangs into place. I have had this happen on 10 or 12 occasions, something I will address on the first service. The brakes are the Brembos with ABS, I have used Brembos before on a MotoGuzzi Griso and found the Hayabusa requires a lot more effort with no real feeling being relayed to the rider, it may just be me. The rear brake is just wooden and in my opinion needs to be re-worked. I have installed the helibars and they do make a difference, but not earth shattering. I am going to investigate foot peg relocations to stretch myself out a bit. Fuel consumption is 18.5 km per litre or 5.9 litres per 100km. Not too shabby for the performance it delivers on the open road. A true mile muncher, second to none. I have placed a few negatives here because that is what I have found. The Hayabusa is an outstanding motorcycle and not withstanding my small criticisms deserves every accolade that is given to it. At this point, I think I have found the ultimate motorcycle for me. It took nearly 50 years to get there, this is the first time I have been moved to do a review.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Best on two wheels

Owned a few bikes in recent years, the Busa(2014) is my current motorcycle. This bike is the peak of everything, the power the comfort, handling , even when riding alone or with a pillion this is so comfy.
This bike is so smooth, that you need to keep watching your tacho and Speedo just to make sure you are not pushing your limits. With the analog speedometer I had to get used to the gauge, cause all my previous ones had digital speedometer, in saying that this is rather cool to watch, when both of them spin even without trying.

I have read reviews mostly saying this bike is ugly and heavy. Never for once I found this to be ugly, but yes looks different than the rest but not ugly. And yes it's a heavy bike, but if you throw your leg around it , you won't feel a thing. But if you drop the beast, then it's a different story.
Anyone can ride this beast , but with experience you can appreciate this a lot better.
So if you still want to know what Busa is like? Test ride one for yourself,.. thanks

Superb allrounder

Owner for last 3 years, wife often pillioned on back and ideal for 2 up touring. Most other bikes seem rather gutless by comparison(ZX 1400 excluded)
Capable of very good economy and bike continually attracts attention despite being 6 years old. Very robust drivetrain and gearbox is slick in operation. Capable of 5L per 100km fuel consumption. Engines are extremely robust design. Fantastic bike!
Grunt and accessible torque delivery
Sportster position was wearing on all day rides.

Best motorbike I had in my life

I bought my first motorbike 16 years old and I had several one since then. My last one before the "Busa" was a Honda CBR 600RR. When I went look my Hayabusa, I got scared by its size, weight and power. However, just after a couple squares driving it, I felt in love. It is really stable, even at considerable high speeds. I have my Busa almost for 2 years now. The maintenance is very low. The bike is extremely reliable. Fuel Economy is not bad, 15 km/l. I do recommend it.
Stable, Reliable, Economic.
Australian speed limits are too low for the "Busa"

Best of the Best

The latest version of the Hayabusa is an absolute beast whilst still retaining the finesse and agility of a pure racing machine. Finish and overall performance exceeds its competitors. This motorcycle is a gift from above to the discerning rider who knows and expects absolute perfection. There is no imperfections.
Power & Handling

Hayabusa Magic

Two years from new when I bought it, I am still in AWE of this machine. I'd give it 4.5/5 for reliability because the rectifier went and was replaced under warranty + (a free battery too.) Otherwise 5 stars. It is not for the novice though anyone with some dexterity and experience would be able to ride it. It is weighty (top heavy) when you pick it up off the stand but once moving the handling is VERY smooth and easy, keeping in mind it's not Vespa-light. Filtering through bumper to bumper traffic has it's limitations and should be done with a 125cc in anycase. However, handling is so smooth and easy that once moving, you get INFRONT of the traffic in about 2 seconds, less if you really try. Fueling, clutch and general demeanour are EXEMPLARY. From about 6000rpm-redline, you better HANG ON! Torque from standstill is also outstanding. Brakes are more than adequate for road use, but not for the track. OEM rubber is OK but must rate as way below average compared to the after market tyres such as Sportsmart/M5/Angels etc etc. My full Akra 4-1 with carbon end (installed+tuned) has transformed the bike from being Sonny Liston to Muhammad Ali with the foot-speed of Mr E. Bolt! THAT's how it should have left the factory. For long stints, Heli bars will help. This bike is gentlemanly yet also blindingly quick from 0-300kph. [Don't do it unless you have checked the road/runway beforehand!!] It is also comfortable enough for touring. Track bikes are lighter and quicker around a track, but in the real world, between A-B on the autobahn where there are no limits, nothing gets there quicker that does not cost you over a million dollars. I would not recommend this to a friend because admission is by pre-qualification only. This machine has to suit you and your temperament (+ aesthetics appeal). A grandpa with skills can ride it... It's an all-time ClASSIC on STEROIDS!
The whole package is unbeatable plus the Hayabusa "Magic"
Rectifier failed. The rest is exemplary

Good review!The "Not Recommended" bit might be misleading. Not intended that way. I do mean that in the same way, you would not recommend someone to ride a stallion having no previous experience in the saddle of any kind, or someone used to riding donkeys. I would also not recommend someone straight out of P plates restricted license to get on something like the Hayabusa with over 190hp at the crank. without some 2-3 years on a 750-1000cc bike. This Hayabusa classic may now have been eclipsed by the Kawasaki ZR1400 and BMW S1000R. People attracted to these two bikes normally do not go for the Busa looks, but there is still something about the Busa that is unique. Apart from the rectifier, my experience from day one (brand new) of this machine has been nothing but fantastic, even out of this World, BUT you have to be very careful with your right hand on the throttle and simply do not ride beyond your skills. Great summary of a truely awsum machine ,just cant stop grining,got myself one .Great to be alive!

The Best Bike I've ever Owned (twice)

Brutal power, ridiculous speed, looks great in grey, blue or white and when I got rid of my first one I had to get another. I had about fifteen bikes and I'm 50 years old so I know what I'm doing. Treat yourself!


The bike is totally awesome. The power of the beast is breath taking and the speed 300+ is exhilarating and it doesn't take long to get there. The handling, its stability and the ease at which you can throw it around is bloody amazing for such a big bike. I own one and would swap it for anything else.
The power, the handling and the fuel economy.
Chews through back tyres like a bunch of kids in a lolly jar, a dead set radar finder and hard to hang onto on full throttle, you need velcro on your pants and on the bike seat!


I took my first Hayabusa ride on a dare and have not looked back since. This the vehicle on which I commuute 200km each day, five days a week, all year. It returns a steady 17+km per litre, has a seating position that is tolerable over the sometimes 2-hour commute even for a big guy like me (EG: 145kg) and nobody dares to pick me!

I also own a Harley Road King and it has its place in my riding regemin, but this is my dedicated commute and all-around blat bike.

This is not a bike for beginners though...serious, mature, experienced riders need only reply!
Absolutely irrefutable street-cred king. Smooth, steady delivery of grunt, right from the bottom up. Reknown Suzuki reliablility, performance and state-of-the-art technology. Economical. Superb fit & finish.
Relentlessly tempts my wrist to twist on more throttle than is prudent.

Questions & Answers

Does its exhaust sounds loudly? Like yamaha yzf r1
1 answer
The standard exhaust is relatively quiet. Most Hayabusa's have aftermarket Yoshimura etc.. exhausts which can be very loud, much deeper noise than YZFR1, generally.

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