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Yamaha YZF-R1

Yamaha YZF-R1

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Yamaha YZF-R1

2004, Model S,. I think Yamaha is king of motorcycles. Best running, smoothest running bike I have. Maintenance interval for valve lash check is highest of all bikes (25,000 miles). Top speed is above 180 mph. No regrets . Fairing panels are relatively easy to remove and install. All the makers need to remove the excessive maintenance.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Excellent for track days, pretty good on the road.

Mine is an 05 model.
I use it mainly for riding on the street, to work sometimes, and weekend rides, with the occasional track day.
On the track, this bike is an absolute beast, it handles and brakes very well, and has nice top end power.
On the road, this bike is fun to ride, but I find myself getting sore wrists etc if I ride for too long in the traffic.
I had a 98 R1, and it seemed to have more low/mid range power, but changing the gearing on the 05 seemed to bring that closer together.
Like most 1000cc sportsbikes it's a wheelie machine.
You can't fit much under the seat.
This bike is pretty much just a racetrack bike with a number plate and blinkers, so it doesn't have some comforts that other road bikes have.
Looks, handling, power, braking.
Noisy clutch/transmission, not the best for long rides, no room to carry anything.

Get one, she'll never let you down and will turn heads.

I have a 2009 model, silver/white fairings with the maroon frame. I'm still not accustomed to having a bike where kids turn the heads and shout to their dads "MOTORBIKE".
This thing has power waiting to be used at any part of the rev range (on the road that is) and can be ridden as a daily commute bike, it ain't gonna feel like a naked 400 but I happily ride mine day in and day out through heavy traffic (think Eastern FWY in Melb during peak hour and then down Hoddle Street). To achieve a decent ride through heavy traffic flick her into mode B which sets the throttle to what can only be described as a long throttle giving those with less finesse the ability to smoothly navigate in and out of traffic (the clutch is much nicer in this mode). Flick her into Mode A around the tight and twisties up in the hills and it feels like you are riding at warp speed, the throttle is hair trigger sharp and the gearbox is silky smooth when giving the bike everything. Be warned though, if you want to stay within 3km/hr of the speed limit stay in mode B, mode A and standard = 10 to 20km over the speed limit at the slightly flinch.
As for the head turning factor I had a few blokes wander over and tell me she's a nice bike that sounds friggin awesome. They asked if I would rev her a bit and I couldn't say no. I've never been cheered before, ever and it made their/my day (I think the F1's in Albert Park had a part to play in this - the v6 turbo just didn't do it for them), As for chicks, they love the bike - just don't expect to ride off into the distance with one unless you have the stock exhaust on with the stock heat shield.
Oh yeah, I'm 5ft 6" and have no issues with the seat height, I'm also slightly portly
Reliable, fast, affordable, head turner, sounds like a V8 on two wheels
Cam chain tensioner can be a bit noisey on older models however simply bolt on the latest one for 90 bucks and it's gone

Unbelievable machine but....

I own the 2010/11 black on black R1 fun all round bike switch to power mode and hang on. First week I had it guys were taking photos on the beach. awesome looking machine and with the race cans sounds tough! Slightly jerky through traffic but on open road and twists it's in it's elements, I've had this over 260 and it didn't worry me at all, stable and direct but I do have a race screen fitted. I'm 6'2 105kg find it quite comfortable for short to medium journeys. Ideally suited for country blasts through the mountains or track days where your always moving, forget peak hour as these heat up quick when not moving. I had to get through the city once and once only never again. I was sweating head to toe and that was in summer gear!
I was hoping the r1 would be half decent for pillion passengers but unfortunately this is not the case I know this is meant to be a race bike but wouldn't you want that chick you picked up get back to your house with you without stopping every 2klms.????
Overall I can't fault this bike if you want a pure racer I've had gsxr 1000s, 750s, cbr1000s, aprilla rsv, vtr, and so on. This is one of my favorites.
The r1 seems to grab everyone's attention maybe due the note or the evil look black on black turn up to a set of lights not many guys give it a go great stance no matter if parked or blazing down the road.
Street cred, exhaust note, colour, racers dream
Not a long distance bike, hard on pillions,


Great bike, sprocket change helps redeem some of that low down power. Gotta love those headlights. Very reliable I used the bike to commuts, country runs and fairly regular track use, never let me down. Owned for just over a year and 25,000 kms. Sadly the bike hit a Hyundai and came off second best. I'd recommend the R1 as a great bike.
Great performance and fun on the road and track. Easy to source aftermarket parts. Looks hot and sounds great. Reliable just as easy to ride in peak hour traffic as it is to ride on the track.
Lacks the low down power from the start that the earlier models had.


This bike is a recommend buy for everyone. It is a one powerful engine which makes this bike a road killer. I would even like to buy a bike like this when i have the money. I would rate this bike a 5/5
You gotta love the looks, feel, power, colour of this bike. It is very fast and runs like a thunder bolt. It is easy to handle when going around the corner. The design of this bike looks really cool. It is a cheap for a fast bike like this one.
Theres nothing that i dislike about this bike.

Questions & Answers

My first and only bike was a 250rr cbr that was great fun about 8 years ago and I hav not done any riding since. Now im thinkn about getting a 09 r1 in white with the red frame witch i hav always love that colour,but people r sayn im crazy and some say get it because the r1 is such a great bike. I'm worryed because one i havent done any riding 4 a long time and two is that im only 55kgs am i going 2 be able 2 ride a r1 with out it wanting 2 flip me. Please help me out?
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Hey Dana, personally the r1 is a bit of a pig on road, Track days or just thrashing nothing beats it, but if you want to do long rides seriously keep away . On flipping it it's one of those things on how you ride, full throttle drop clutch and your on your ass, you will never use all that power unless your pushing over 130 clicks. I've got a hayabusa now which i can ride all day, same thing everyone said I'm crazy blah blah blah you don't have to ride it hard to get good power its just nice to know its there. Being as light as you are have a look at R6 or gsxr 600-750 great bikes and you can use the power. I also swear by Honda cbr 1000 and 600 not as much punch but they do everything perfectly. The 09 R1 has the big bang engine sounds like a Ducati when it's got pipes. Go out and test them all! I rode 12 bikes before buying my busa a few months ago. Try triumph speed triple, gsx750r both naked bikes but awesome fun, sports try any cbr very comfy. Hope I helped!


Yamaha YZF-R1
Release dateFeb 2007
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