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Yamaha YZF-R3

Yamaha YZF-R3

4.8 from 13 reviews

Perfect first bike. Amazing handling.

I bought an 18 YZF-R3 in matte black, as my first road bike a year ago and have done 20,000K's on it.
It's perfect to learn on. Amazing handling and more than fast enough for a new rider.

It's perfectly comfortable to ride either aggressively or as a commuter. Commuting is perfect as it's narrow enough to lane filter in tight spaces and it's mirrors stalks easily fold in and out without losing your mirror angle setup. It doesn't struggle to leave traffic behind you when the lights go green.

Riding aggressively in tight twisties/hills is where this bike really shines. It's amazing handling and fast, high revving engine means you can easily keep up with most other LAMS bikes.

Fuel consumption is good enough that you don't need to panic with fluctuating petrol prices. Depending on how I'm riding, I get between 4 - 5 L/100km.

I definitely don't baby this bike, yet, with regular maintenance, it's never given me any issues yet.

The only downside is constantly having to explain to the uninitiated that it's NOT an R1 and it's ONLY a 320cc. :P

Purchased in March 2018 at Yamaha World for $5,500.00.

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2017 Yamaha YZF R3 Review

I bought my 2017 YZF R3 brand new on the 15th Dec 2017. Today it’s the 3rd Feb 2018. I’ve done 2100 kms on it in less than two months.
My god, what a bike!
I’ve put a tale tidy on it and the Akrapovic slip on exhaust for $399 here in Sydney.
It’s had its first 1000km service.
This bike goes like the clappers when you know how to ride it (took me a while to understand it plus it needs the break in period of 1600kms or so).
I got the blue colour and it turns heads everywhere. I’ve only seen a black one on the streets. It’s a rare bike. Mostly I see ninjas or hyhusongs.
This bike is a dream. Can’t say much more. If you’re looking for a mechanical break down, don’t bother. It’s at the top of its class.
Love it.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Amazing LAMS bike!

So impressed with the Yamaha R3. Not being the most experienced rider when it comes to non-LAMS bikes, I can't say how it could compares to the big bikes, but I'm amazed at how much bike I'm getting out of this ripper of a machine! I honestly can't see how I'll ever want or need to upgrade as this things keeps my wow-factor well satisfied. Having riding mainly Honda LAMS bikes, this thing is just so much more fun and keen to thrill. My only negative with the bike is the mirrors - I ended up buying extender spacers to get better vision. All in all, fabulous bike, don't know why you'd bother with the heavier restricted 600cc+ LAMS bikes. Can't recommend the R3 more!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Great LAMS bike

For suburban riding or a bit of fun on a winding oad the Yamaha YZF-R3 is a great choice. It's light, easy to manoeuvre, great on fuel, and has enough power to get the job done without scaring the life out of new or inexperienced riders. The engine in the R3 is a lot of fun as well. Under 7000 rpm it's tractable and gets you up and running smoothly and efficiently due to the excellent torque curve of the motor.
If I want to be critical the brakes and front shock are probably not up to what the engine is capable of - but that's pushing the bike well beyond any legal limit. Also, the fairing can make the bike a bit twitchy when you encounter a stiff cross wind, but by still I mean 40 kmh or more.. Finally, the bike is capable of touring and freeway work but there are a other bikes out there I think that would be more suitable like a CBR500r or Ninja650L if we stick to the LAMS category.
Overall, very happy with the bike and would recommend it for suburban commuters of any skill level but in general it's a bike for the new rider or someone wanting to step up from a 125 or a 250 road bike.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Really nice ride in summer

This bike is a really nice bike to ride in summer. I've been riding for approx. 2 years now and it is a great first bike for learner to learn on. having said that, if you live in a windy city, I'd recommend that you get a heavier bike as you'd be feeling the wind pressure.

Excellent LAMS bike for both beginners and aspiring 300cc racers.

I've had my R3 for about a year now and it doesn't fail to impress. What you get is enough power to make easy overtakes on the highway, a comfortable seating position, new tech and the potential to dabble into aftermarket modifications than can turn your bike from a commuter to a formidable 300cc race bike.

My favourite things about the R3 is that it has great tech that really helps out beginners (gear indicator, shift light, fuel consumption etc.), the sport bike styling is excellent, the reliability and durability (survived many drops and a few crashes without little damage) and the fuel economy, which averages at about 4.6L/100k for me, although I push it all the time.

You won't go wrong with the R3. Slap on some Pirelli tyres and higher rearsets and it'll become a bike that'll teach you how to go fast without the risk of going ridiculously fast fast.

Great learner's bike

The Yamaha R3 is a good bike for leaners, as a first bike. It is extremely easy to control and maneuver. The breaks are very forgiving, which is especially helpful for new riders.


My wife bought one of these and asked me to pick it up and take it home for her. By the time I got home, 60 k's later, wanted one ! Great little bike. They say you get what you pay for but in this case, well I think you get more for your money than anyone thinks. I normally ride super bikes, this ain't one of those, but it's a FUN bike and behaves like a decent bike at all times. A pleasure to ride and pretty well made from what we can see so far !

Can't get off it

First time rider, mid life crisis.
First off my main attraction to the R3 was it's looks, Had started out looking at the CBR300, then at the Ninja 300 but at the last minute after I put a deposit down on the Ninja I changed it to the R3.
Best move I made, The Ninja almost won it for me by having the slipper clutch and as a new rider I thought that would be important. Turns out not to be an issue and the thing the R3 had over it was the gear indicator, Now for a new rider I have found that to be very helpful and have never been in the wrong gear at the wrong time.
I don't look at it so much now but at first it was good to have it.
The bike itself I can not complain about, cant find a single thing that for the money I paid for it warrants a complaint.
Ok the bike had a recall but good to see it happen, after sales service working a treat.
The power is enough for new riders and will stand you in good stead for an upgrade in power one day.
Gear changes are smooth and once you put a louder pipe on it ( safer to be heard ) it becomes even more of a joy to ride.
in the first 4 months I put just under 6000 k's on it and that's not using it to commute to and from work, all just fun riding for the sake of it kilometres. had it almost 6 months now and will defiantly be keeping it for the year, I think when it hit 12000 klms I will sell it and upgrade but I don't think I will have any regrets.
Great bike to start out on, Wish I had started riding when I was a young man ( 45 now ) but better late than never.
Thanks Yamaha, A job well done.

YZF-R3 composed and capable

Yamaha YZF R3, Entry level super sport bike.
Recently I had two of these bikes in my shed one was my nephew’s brand new awaiting pickup from him as he lives out in the country and the other was a friends that she was hiding her new bike from her family until she got her learner’s permit. I have ridden both of the R3’s firstly my nephew’s just for a road test and bed in the brakes for him recommended by the dealer and the other my friends and I would pillion her to some big car parks and work on clutch control and basic riding skills as well as we would take the bike on a few long runs around 60 kilometres at a time.
Firstly my impressions of the YZF R3 were that they are a very composed and capable bike that does everything very well. Looking at the power of the bike been 42 HP and given the weight factor the performance is impressive both in the way of having a pillion on the back and or without. The bike carries another person on it with no effort at all up the hills and also under the brakes with the handling very composed around the tight bends. And with just one rider on the bike one can easily see that the R3 would make an awesome track bike. Once you start to lay hard into R3 the bike shows you it’s ready to race and eggs you on to max it out through the gears and hit the corners at nutty speeds with ease making this a top fun light weight super sport bike.
In my family we have a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14r and a Yamaha YZF-R1 and a worked XVS-650 so given these bikes to play with daily I feel I can give a fair opinion on the aptitudes of the YZF-R3.
I hope this help you in a simple review about the composed and capable Yamaha YZF-R3.

Great commuter with enough power and tank range to tour

I sold my SV1000S and CBR250R and got the R3 as a bike that I could commute and occasionally tour on, rather than having a different bike for each purpose.

As a commuter the bike is cheap to run and has enough low down power to handle the stop-start nature of traffic plus the ABS could be a life saver one day. The tank range is also sufficient for one fill per week (around 300km of riding on an average working week).

As a tourer, the bike has JUST enough power to safely overtake traffic without needing an unduly long run up. The tank range is also good enough for 350km or so of travel between fill ups and the bike is fairly comfortable although it does start to get a bit uncomfortable after 8 to 10 hours of riding.

The biggest plus is the handling - this bike handles better and feels lighter than any other bike that I've owned. It is a pleasure to ride in the twisties and can carry a lot of speed into the corners. There is just enough power to make the corner exits fun too.

The only thing I'd like would be an extra 10hp or so but other than that It is pretty much the perfect bike for what I need. It's a shame that they don't make 400cc IL4s anymore but in their absence the Yamaha r3 was definitely the next best thing.

I recently sold my R3, after almost 2 years, and 33,000 km of trouble-free use. The R3 was a fun, and very economical commuter, and it was very cheap on consumables: the front tyre lasted 30,000 km, the rear tyre lasted 20,000 km, and I did a chain and sprocket set at the 30,000 km service. Other than oil changes and servicing at the recommended intervals, and a couple of headlight bulbs, nothing went wrong in my time of ownership.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Best learned legal supersport out there!

I bought this bike around 3 months ago and have loved it eversince! It's an absolute beast for a 320cc bike and will not disappoint. Would recommend it over any other 300cc learned bike. Even the KTM rc390 as the KTM is only single cylinder and overheats even when you test ride it!

all that is needed in one package

My wife and I just picked up our New R3 and I am very surprised at how versatile this little bike is. It may be learner legal, but its no reason not to get this flexible little bike. Easy to ride at low speeds and very maneuverable, stable and agile in the city and small and light for traffic, yet wind it up in the revs and its a top little sports bike, well I wouldn't say its little, it looks quite large yet my wife at 5'4" can plant her feet easily. I think learners will love this machine as it is not a boring little buzz box and I have been riding for 35 years I'm happy to climb aboard and zip to work or take a spin with the boys on the weekend. great build quality and good on fuel, I suspect it will hold its value well as learner legal bikes are always in demand.

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