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Honda CTX200

Honda CTX200

3.9 from 12 reviews

Reliable, comfortable, a plodder not a sportscar

Relatively simple maintenance. Oil dipstick in a painful location when putting oil in (1 litre), has a strainer not an oil filter. Reliable plodder, good low gearing in first for cattle, good carrying capacity, good reliability, good lights, steel fuel tank. Overall easy to start, if battery flat, and enough power to have neutral glowing, give it a kick. Don't pull in the clutch when trying to start!!

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Average only

Made in South America or Mexico - definitely not Japan. Problems from the start. Cracked head when brand new and was blowing smoke all the time. Now the clutch cable has gone. Hard to start and using the kick start is necessary and difficult. Wish I had spent the extra and got another Kawasaki Stockman 250. Difference in power is significant.
Not the Honda I thought I was getting.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Japanese Quality at its best!

These are one of the last motorbikes to be wholly manufactured in Japan. They are not a sports bike and will disappoint if you are after a performance machine. They are however a bike that will never let you down if you keep them serviced. They are best used for their intended use - that is clearly stated on Honda's various websites in your country. This is an Agricultural machine designed for lower speeds on challenging ground. I can safely carry a small spray unit and some fence fixing tools across ground that would stop anything else. They are also useful for hunting and adventure trail riding although the smaller tank will limit your range unless you have a spare supply. I am sure the one star reviews are Honda haters. You absolutely could not find a more reliable bike. period.

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Piece of junk

The bike won't stay together all the bolts keep rattling end it goes too fast for cattle work and the seat is very hard. The back brakes are useless the Speedos stopped working in the first week of owning it in the front wheel bearings don't last as long as my old Yamaha AG bike.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Old school bike with old school reliability

Bought my bike about 6 years ago. It is very much like the old XL range but with electric start. It comes standard with many things like carry racks, bark busters and other handy things.
Not a speed machine as I would say that the max comfortable speed is around 80 km/h, having said this I had it many times reaching speeds of 100km/h but it was screaming.
It is very reliable and service is a breeze. I had no issues yet and considering that it has quite a hard life with me as the rider it is remarkable reliable.
It takes about 3.5l of fuel on 100 km so it is cheap to run.
It could really go with another gear on top as it has enough power. I am now considering to change the back sprocket from 47 to 42 teeth.

October 21st 2016 Update: Great little bike

Hi guys, just updating my last review. I have decided to replace the 47 tooth rear sprocket with a 37 tooth sprocket of a Honda cbf 250, part number 254 in the Honda book. It is now cruising at 80 km/h instead of screaming. It is still good of the mark and accelerates almost as good as my mates XT 250 which has an aftermarket muffler.I also removed the baffle out of the end pipe by using a holesaw, which fits over the baffle. After that I had to cut the weld around the endpiece of the muffler so I was able to twist the baffle of since it had one internal spotweld. After that I welded the endpiece back on. I now have more torque without it being to loud.
Thank you to Brian of Sydney City Motorcycles who chased to right sprocket for me where others told me that it can't be done.

First gear rotates the earth.

If you don't need to spend hours on a freeway to get to the dirt, the CTX200 is an incredibly affordable and capable adventure bike. It's light, relatively small/maneuverable, and for exploring technical tracks, the gearing is PERFECT.
*First gear will consistently drag you out of places you should never have gone.*
The CTX is a very "friendly" bike, you'll get nods from bikers AND drivers, especially in the country. People either think you're a farmer, or the postie with a bigger bike.
It's nowhere near fast, it's not *cool*, it has incredibly dorky (and practical) mudflaps, and will go anywhere and take just about everything you can throw at it.
It's a simple machine that works well.
Tried and tested bulletproof Honda technology.
Relatively low top speed. Teenagers will think you're uncool (yay!).

Low cost, Basic maintenance, Great for carrying large loads on the rear

The Honda CTX 200 A is very useful/great for carrying large loads on the rear. For off road use best to use off road tyres and for road use road tyres are best. Keeping the revs at a good amount in top gear (not constant full throttle) the top speed is about 70 km/h you could change the sprocket sizes though I think Honda got it right as it climbs hills with just enough good torque so I think stock gearing is best for this motor. When full acceleration is given it gets to about 100 km/h - 110 km/h for me with a slight down hill useful for spacing yourself from slow trucks with all lane on coming traffic at the same time (also this bike has a clutch lock useful for hands free neuteral in top gear). I get 40 km per litre using 98 octane BP Ultimate. The maintenance of this motorcycle is one of the most basic of any motor vehicle (2 valve). To everyone who rides the CTX 200 the revs need to be kept up to a good amount as riding this motor loosely (low revs all the time, Cradling) will cause a mechanical problem. I would eventually like to get a Honda or Yamaha 400, 500 or 600 Motard with 6 gears that has good mount points for full panniers and top box so I can carry loads and do 110 km/h comfortably also better for carrying a passenger. I like the Honda CTX 200 it is useful for carrying loads and nice quality
Nice quality, Low cost, Easy to maintain, Great load carrier
With everything as stock the top comfortable speed for this motor bike is about 70 km/h, Not good for carrying a passenger unless the speed limit is 60 km/h and you install pillion feet rests

Unreliable but fun

Bought one of these a few years ago for constant farm use on a sheep and cattle station. It has a decent top speed for the work and rides well new, even if it's fuel range is a little short for the size of our place.
We ran the bike alongside our usual Yamaha AG 200s, buying one at the same time as this bike. During the 26000km that it took to start using too much oil to run efficiently, it had a large number of issues.
The carburettor repeatedly drops a circlip off the main control needle, causing the bike to not be able to do more than an idle and a long walk home. The rear shock is in need of resealing after 20000km of constant ag use, and the battery is expensive to replace and has a shrot life.
This is just the edge of our issues, and with the Yamahas going around 60000km before needing anything more than regular servicing, I think I know which will win! I have many friends that have experienced similar issues with this bike.
Power, brakes, near silent running.
Reliability, Fuel Range, Longevity, Maintence hassels, too highly geared for stock work.


Completed an Enduro Africa in 2007 on one of these beasts with a hundred other guys, they never let us down, serious crashes no problem, completely submerged in rivers no problem, pull em out tip em vertical run the starter and they fire up no problem. This is the gods honest truth maintain them and you will have no problems.How many dual purpose bikes do you know of that have been through the above conditions for thousands of km's and not failed.
Errmmm I wonder!
Whats not to like there bullett proof! easy to maintain, economical, and reasonably priced.
The CTX 200 needs another 50cc.

A do-it-all-to-infinity bike!

Been using it mainly as city commuter with longer weekend trips, trail riding and outback camping. Been riding mine for about 5,0000km. Not the fastest bike but does 100km/h with me (100kg) + some camping gear...prefer to stick around 85km/h though. I cannot imagine this bike not going forever with regular basic maintenance. A simple motor that you can service at home! If it's build to handle the farm and farmers it's gotta be tough!
Bulletproof motor, offroad capability, very economical. In short I like everything about it!
Fuel range. Mine does about 220km with some fuel left "on reserve" (never ran it dry). Aftermarket long range tanks are very expensive, so on longer trips I carry additional 5litre in jerry can on front carrier.

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I bought a ctx 200 just one year ago. At 320 kilometers the motor failed, broken connecting rod and really trashed the inside parts of the motor. I had to fight with Honda for 3 weeks to get any warranty work done. The motor is still noisy and now the transmission is coming apart, AT 1800 KILOMETERS. Don't drive this bike any farther than you want to walk back from. The bike frame is really well built but the motor and transmission is really weak. I have had lots of bikes over the past 40 years, disapointed in this one.


I don't have facilities for maintenance etc and CTX doesn't need any. I'd like another 10kmph at the top speed. I try to ride on secondary roads to get around this. I've never ridden in the dark and hope I don't have to. Fuel range of 150kms hasn't been a problem yet.
I'm now riding my 2nd CTX after finding my last bike (Suzuki Bandit) always gave me a sore back. The CTX carries my camping gear. I've done 3000km on the original tyres and had absolutely no problems yet.
The top speed is sometimes below the speed limit and means I have to "manage" traffic behind me - especially log trucks which are impatient.


very good workhorse that with a little bit of extras b even better!!!! If a chinese kids bike can have discs all round why not a proper work bike? have had mine for 4yrs/10000kms now. would buy another if a 2wheeler was needed.
good ergonomics , good carry racks, good power range for offroad,good seat height,reliable,easy to maintain,looks good, does most of what it sets out to do
brakes desperatly needs rear disc and bigger front,neads poly fuel tank (no dints or rust),neads 6 speed box, 1st is too high for cattle tailing,adjustable rear shock is needed,rear brake footpedal 2 easy to damage,neads a proper tool kit!!!

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How Do i tell which is the ADR compliant CTX200A and what is the strictly farm version
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Can I fit foot pegs for a passenger on my Honda bushlander 200cc?
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Yes, Just drill two holes and place them where you want. We have successfully done this and gone 2-up heaps of times on the Bushy.


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