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Honda Lead 100

Honda Lead 100

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Barely faster than a 50cc.

I bought this because I assumed it would be fast enough on 80km/h roads because it has a 100cc motor. It's top speed is 75km/h and that's with a tailwind. Pretty much anything over 60km/h is a bonus but it does accelerate to 60 reasonably quickly off the lights. Handling is rudimentary so it's probably a good thing that it does go much faster.
The biggest fail on this bike is the fact that you can't fit a full face helmet in the seat compartment. This is why you will see them with gear racks and are pretty much a must unless your the sort of fool that gets around with an open face helmet.

Date PurchasedJul 2011

Fantastic Bike

A-Z in 123
The Honda lead is the choice of motorcycle taxis overseas and we can tell why .. 100cc plenty of grunt and top speed of 75kph ..

We use them for our scooter Hire business..

Bad point : body plastics poor and hard to get ..

Good points : fuel economy
Two up comfy for pillion
Easy to ready taco

Date PurchasedMay 2006

Great run around scooter!

I have had 2 of these bikes one for me (2011) and one for my partner (2006). It is a comfy bike 8/10 bit sore after 4 hours of riding lol. Great to learn on, riding to and from shops and carry your shopping home. (install an aftermarket Rjays luggage carrier on the back)

-cheap on fuel 6L tank got 150-160km per tank with 98 octane like cheap as to fill up!
-cheap tyres, for good brand tyres (Pirelli SL20) it was $50 a tyre and they last ages!
-cheap rego and insurance
-lots of handy compartments and light to lean over on
-quoted by mechanic these bikes have gone around the clock once 99,999km and have not had an engine rebuild or leak! Honda = Quality not speed lol
-easy to maneuver on being a 102kg bike
-Has a kick stand for those hard electric starting or low battery starting issues (which in that case you replace the battery)

-Servicing is every 4,000km or 6 months which every service needs a valve clearance check once this is done it runs like a gem! 100ml oil, oil filter is a cleanable one not replaceable, transmission fluid needs to be replaced every 2 years and all the other servicing components. Can be costly for a $1,500 scooter!
-Drum brakes not very safe in the wet or quick stopping tends to lock up! Be careful but on the positive side it is easy to adjust and maintain.
-very under powered and slow but expected! does like 80km/h max in the red line but is expected for a 102cc engine but is quality built and will last
-parts are expensive but last a usual Honda thing lol
-Can double but I would not recommend it slows the bike down and strains it!
-no side stand only a middle stand! This is annoying if you are sore or tired at the end of a work shift no side stand only a middle stand but once you do the technique right its EASY but is annoying all bikes and scooters should have a side stand or both!
-Electric start plays up but there's a technique to starting it by holding the button down 1/4 to 1/2 in not fully in is annoying!

Overall if you have an auto learner/provisional license or want a cheap around town bike this is the bike for you, if you do get one ensure you service is every 6 months or 4,000km and have the valves checked as it will give you an around the clock engine life :) as quoted by my Honda mechanic :). If it rain Be careful no ABS, disc brakes or traction control. The drum brakes lock up easy so ensure you ride carefully or better still don't ride in the rain unless you have to :)

Purchased in December 2015.


This is a great little town bike. The engine is reliable and very economical. The bike handles well for a scooter and the front suspension is very compliant. The wheels would be better with a bigger diameter. The fuel gauge on our bike would not read much above half, even when full. Drum brakes are OK once you make allowances for them.

fantastic money saver

for just over 10 yrs I used a 125 lead for deliveries of coke and fanta etc, I could fit 4x24cans on the floor and sit on one and put another across the top, finally the clutch gave in so I fitted a new clutch and belt and went for a few yrs more, now my new one is 100cc and works great and only costs $11 petrol from Adelaide to the Barossa return and goes uphill at 60kphr top speed on the flat 85kphr-- the footwell is a lot smaller than the old 125cc so I wouldn't do my old deliveri3s with this one.

Honda Lead SCV100 Scooter

Bought a Honda Lead 100 two years ago, and have found it to be very easy to ride and maintain (so far!). The wheels are 8", so u feel the bumps, but the CVT is good and it's easy to start, except on frosty mornings, where it's reluctant (learn to kickstart on YouTube). The foot tray and seats are wide, so you can carry a fair bit between the feet. No problem with pillions.
I once rode down a steep slope and braked suddenly, making fuel flood the carby and stopping the scooter... so if that happens just pull up and wait, then give it a start. Otherwise, no problems, its a well-balanced, reliable, not too fast (comfortable at 60k, but not much above), good little runabout, tough, good-looking, and does about 30km/L.
Update: its 'run-in' well now, and accelerates to 60k quickly. Have changed the oil a couple of times, no problems otherwise. Couple of wires at the front of the engine lost their insulation and sparked together, stopping the scooter, so had to reinsulate. Runs fine now. Have had it for four years now and it's still fun.
Reliable, easy to ride and control, low centre of gravity, good looks, wide floorboard and seats.
Won't sit on 80+km/h, so no highway riding.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Riding Scv100 since 2007

A terrific scooter. Starts first time every time. Have done over 40,000 miles on it and has never let me down. Top speed 55 mph with fuel consumption about 90 mpg ( used to be over 100 mpg think my tappets need a adjustment)
Brakes are basic drum but they work. Suspension is the reason it doesn't get a 5/5 it is very basic . Love this scooter it handles like a dream and beats all tariff .
Long journeys it will do 45 mph all day though a bid hard on the butt after 50 miles...... Take care and don't ride on snow or ice if you want to keep in one piece.

Poor scooter

i would star clear from this scooter as it lacks power,grunt,and with only a couple of hp in motor,as the saying goes you get what you pay for!!

November 10th 2014 Update:
my unkle phils scooter has got to be the worst scooter i have dealt with,issue after issue,carbys is now seized the speedo is untrue by 7 kph,the suspension is basic,the tyres are small and basic,the whole scooter is overpriced despite of it being built to a basic price,the whole scoot is basic and has the power of the honda nvs today 50 and lacks power in every aspect of the words,my uncle is stuck with a 100cc honda 2 wheel lemon .

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i would never touch this scooter......junk.....my old uncle Phil made this big 100cc mistake !!! now his stuck with this junk scooter !!!

Great little machine

This little scooter is great for around town. I purchased my scooter 3 years ago 2007 model with low ks and its been fantastic.
I own 2 motorcycle as well but I use the Honda lead as my commuter for work every day rain hail or shine and have never had an issue.
Its cheap and affordable to own the tyres only cost $50 each compared to full on motorcycle tyres that's a bargin.
What I like most about this scooter is just how basic it is with very low maintenances work needed and oil changes are easy as.
Cheap and reliable to own.

Reliable value and smartness

I ourchased a used Lead about 4 months ago after the dealer recommended it for my need for an automatic, low speed "workhorse" scooter for letterbox deliveries and short distance commuting. It is excellent for this kind of work, and even with heaps of very slow stop/start driving it gives me a bit better than 20kms per litre.
It cruises happily at 60k.p.h. with my 72 kilo weight and 10-20 kilo of luggage, and accelerates magnificently.
Reliability, load carrying capacity (I attached saddlebags) fuel consumption, quietness
Difficulty activating indicator switch when wearing riding gloves, mirror arms could be longer

Small great scooter

I recently bought a honda lead 100cc 2008, it has 2000km on it. I like the look of it and honda reliability and quality standard. the only thing is its only fast up to about 50kmh and after that its a bit of struggle or when it goes up hill. I think thats how honda keep its economy standard. Start everytime no problem. as i know it was manufactured in India. the rear mirrors seems cheap quality mirrors. the seat is high enough for 5,3foot person and above, if people shorter than 5 foot 3 maybe having difficulties reach the ground while stopping. Storage space under seat is not big enough for full head helmet. The there no kick stand. only central stand. Wheels doesn't have space to insert security locks or disk brake locks
economy, reliability, small size for not too tall people, reasonable price $1600.
the rear mirrors seems cheap quality mirrors. the seat is high enough for 5,3foot person and above, if people shorter than 5 foot 3 maybe having difficulties reach the ground while stopping. Storage space under seat is not big enough for full head helmet. The there no kick stand. only central stand. Wheels doesn't have space to insert security locks or disk brake locks

Great Little Scooter

Owned a Honda Lead 100 for 4 years and done 10,750kms. Do all my own service. Very easy. Replaced tyres with Pirelli. Really easy to take off the wheels. Had two accidents and replaced all he panels myself. Great Scooter. No problems. Great for getting around town and park it anywhere. If you want to go fast buy a Harley.
Grat Design. Reliable. Economical. Easy to work on.
Won't go past 80kmph. Buy a Harley to go faster like me.

No, if you want to go fast buy a jap bike. Harleys are for cruising & don't go fast or brake well :)But thanks for the heads up on the Lead 100 :)ill bye it my names liam blurton add me on facebook


Good value for money. Very cheap to run. Ideal for commuting short distances to work. Small tyres give a bumpy ride.
Cheap, econonical and easy to ride
Ride can be bumpy, can do 80km on flat but slows down quickly when going up hill.
Helmet compartment to small for full helmet. Brakes could be improved.


I tried bending low a bit while sitting on the scooter and I managed to get up near 80km/hr. Good overall for getting me to and from work which was the main purpose and as a secondary purpose I wanted it to get familiar with the roads and being on a bike and practicing road craft.
Cheap and affordable. Cheap to run. Looks stylish. Good design. Simple and user friendly.
Not enough power. I'm a 72kg male. On a flat road, I max out at 65km/hr. Going downhill I can achieve 90km/hr. Rear view mirrors are a bit low for my liking. (I'm 1.78m)


Honda arent what they used to be even the dealer i used was second rate. There are a lot of other brands out there dont fall for the power of nightmares
looks good cheap to run
going to cost$1000 to repair dont know when parts available dealer wont trade it says its not worth it
The power of dreams is a nightmare wouldnt go back to the dealer or Honda agian even a simple service was expensive.
Cheap to buy but lookout afterwards

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Your review is useless. What is the scooter like? What was bad about it?


I find the scooter very handy but I was shocked when they charged me $245 to get my scooter serviced. I don't think even a car would cost that much for a normal oil change and inspecting the brakes
I paid $245 for my service. I think that's a lot for a 5 months old scooter.
Can anyone tell me how much did you guys pay for your scooter servicing.

Questions & Answers

I have deffective honda lead 100 stator and I would like to have anew one but I need help to get can you help? I am in Bahrain
No answers

my honda lead 100 randomly has a flat spot when taking off. it takes a good 50 odd meters before it gets going. then the next time you get on it will be fine. Very random. Please help.
1 answer
Have you had a service done on it recently? Try checking the valves, replacing the spark plug, replacing the transmission oil, replacing the air filter/s and replacing the engine oil and cleaning the oil strainer. Also test the spark plug lead, battery and alternator see if they are ok? If its still not ok try a compression test see if the top end is within the Honda spec. The other thing you could see is if the transmission belt needs replacing as when they wear over time they tend to lag the take off speed i know from experience when riding the works scooters they all do the same thing when they wear over time. One other thing have you got dirty fuel? clean your carby and re tune it by a professional also add an aftermarket fuel filter on it see if that helps?

Rear wheel on honda lead 125 going round on its own what is the problem?
2 answers
No problem . That is perfectly normal . I would be worried if it wasn't .Where is the battery location on a Honda Lead 100 2008 model I cant seem to find it to charge it


Lead 100
Engine Capacity100cc

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