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Honda ST1300 ABS

Honda ST1300 ABS

4.6 from 17 reviews

Great bike

I am 74 yo I had the st 1100 nice bike, then decided to get the 1300 just cos it looks fast just standing in my shed
Haven't had to spend $ on either of them other than servicing I use it every day and love it
Get one best value $5000 ish at Auction

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Outstanding, period.

Reliable, dependable, quality Honda built. Not as fast or sophisticated as others but that's what I like, plenty of both for me. Wonderful all day cruiser, 42mpg average, comfortable although I have Russel seat on it (here in US). 70k trouble free miles (this is my second ST1300), shame Honda stopped making them. Great bike.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Totally agree- Best bike I've ever owned.

Over the years (all 64 of them) I've owned may different bike, but the ST is in a different league. Over the 11+ years I've had it, commuting every working day, wet or shine, she behaves beautifully. Oil and filter change every 10K, one set of brake pads, one leaking radiator hose couple of set of tyres (running at 42psi) and that's it. Never misses a beat, cleans of Harley at the lights (loud chuckle), 380+ K's to a tank in city riding, >400k's 2-up cruising at 140. Why oh Why did Honda stop making them??? Perhaps because they never go wrong they didn't make enough money on spares ??

Date PurchasedAug 2007

2003 Non-ABS model

I have owned my clean example of a 2003 non abs model for 12 months and I love it. It is heavy but you get used to it and don't notice it when riding. I am only 5'7" and 73kg and find it just fine. I have ridden my friends fjr1200 and 2017 r1200rt and I actually like mine better than both!(mind you they are all good bikes, just different) The ST has plenty of grunt, sounds good and is surprisingly agile. Mine has added cruise control, heated grips and top box and gets over 450km/tank. I haven't had any issues with weave or poor handling. Great bike for the money!

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Best Bike I've Owned

The Honda ST series is so good I don't understand why Honda has discontinued it.
I was very happy with my ST-1100 (non-ABS), and even happier with my ABS ST-1300.
I've done ~100,000 km on these and find their reliability, power and utility well beyond any bike I've owned (albeit only Kawasaki, Yamaha and smaller Hondas).

Brilliant! Get one.

Faultless and fantastic. I have a 2006 and am looking to replace it after many years of daily riding. Only problem is, I keep coming back to the ST1300a and there is nothing wrong with my current one (sales problem for motorcycle companies, not me).
Great combination of fast and comfortable. I can have an "old man" day and slouch lazily covering the k's or lean forward, grab two handfuls and take on all comers.
The manoeuvrability defies belief and even at low sub-walking pace speeds is balanced and steerable. I realise how spoilt I am with this whenever I hop on another bike. This is great for traffic, parking, lane filtering and dodging the usual array of people and events that present themselves when on the road.
Highly recommended. Get one.
+ everything
- you're sitting astride a 100kW ball heater so it can get a little warm in summer in city traffic.
- Standard headlight weak.

Honda burns your bucks

Bought my 2010 ST 1300 new at a 'discounted' $19,000. Honda slashed the price of this model from $26,000 to $16,000 ruining the resale value. I sold on principal and bought a second hand, mint condition BMW R 1150 RT. what a bike, this is real engineering, much more confortable if slightly slower off the mark, but much better braking, wind protection, storage ( I have tow widths of Panniers and a massive top box ) radio, elec screen, big 25 litre tank get 500 plus kms, (equal to Hondas 29 litre tank) custom seats are much more comfy for rider and pillion -155 kg together- we enjoy blue tooth connectivity. For just $8500 ( close to what I lost on selling my ST Honda with just 8000 kms) I never made a better choice. The new BMW 1200 rt is an even better bike and available from just $22,000 for a low kms model. Honda have lost me after four bikes with their rotten price slashing strategy, and besides have you seen their new model styling ? No wonder they have to slash prices! Get yourself a Low kms second hand BMW and enjoy the value.
It was black! Like my liver when they slashed the price. Quite economical, long range tank.
The companys price slashing strategy.

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Woody 33 here again.... some 6 months since my comment on the Honda ST 1300 was first entered here. I note that most other commentators rate the ST 1300 highly. As a ride, so would have I. I didn't have any issues with its' performance either, just with its' value in consideration of Honda Australia's total disregard for its future resale value, and along with that, their total disregard for their customers money. Whenever Honda have the sense that a well respected model is reaching the end of its design life or their stock level, they simply slash the prices of new bikes of that model which slashes the resale value of the one you bought new. Note also that no other contributor to this column has attempted to sell their bike. They may wax lyrical about its performance on the road, but have yet to learn about its performance on Bikesales.com when they decide to sell it. So remember when you buy a motorcycle, you buy the company culture along with it. The fact that; "It's a Honda' or "The Power of Dreams" doesn't necessarily mean that it represents good value. Unless you intend to keep it for twenty years, think about it before you put your money down.

A Sydney rider speaks full of praise.

I bought my new ST1300A out of the crate at Action Cycles, Parramatta, as a replacement (sadly) for my Hayabusa due to the luggage capacity. It was impressive from the start, a fine bike to look at and a very comfortable riding position. The panniers carry a lot of gear and didn't leak in heavy rain on my recent trip to Phillip Island and back. I fitted a TomTom Rider GPS unit to it, and just love it. No wonder there are so many on the road. I bought a tank cover from UK and now it looks even better. It was much cheaper than getting a local one.
Great size fuel tank makes for good distances between stops.
Nothing wrong with it, but a gear indicator would be handy.

Love that bike

After looking at a number of other bikes BMW, Yamaha, I bought the ST1300 new in 2009. From South City Mandurah WA. I have done a number of trips over east. Around Tasmania in 09 & 12. Two up over the Lyell Hwy in the snow, And around the westcoast in heavy rain and wind. Plus many rides in the heat. wind and rain. I fitted a Honda topbox and have never experance any wobble at high speed which i did read about in other reveiws? I have 95.000km on it now. It is serviced every 5.000km, I have 0nly replaced the battery and front and rear brake pads.The last set of michellin tyres were replaced after 23.000km. I have done 1700km in one day and can still walk.
29 litre fuel tank this is a good size for long trips. Very good brakes. I would say they are the best i have used on any bike.
No breakdowns or warranty work. One call back about the rear brake hose needs checking. All good.

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It would be nice to know what fuel consumption you get


As a motorcycle cop I was issued with an ST1100 and thought it was the ultimate bike, having done 1000's of K's at both high and low speeds in all weather conditions. I went on holidays and when I came back the 1100 had been decommissioned ( I was not a happy chappy) and the 1300 was its replacement. I had been so impressed with the 1100 that I was going to buy it when it went to auction......... then I had my first ride on the 1300, what a differance. The ST1100 was a fantastic bike and if anyone is looking for a great bike at a good price then that's the way to go, however if they can afford one, then they need to buy an ST1300 and they'll realise what a truely great bike is. I was so impressed that I went out a bought one. It cost me 25 grand but it's worth every dollar and the boss loves it too. She's too short to ride it herself and doesn't need to be talked in to going for a spin. It was her idea to by new, after taking a demo for a ride. If she says buy new, then new it is. Neither of us are 'lightweights' I'm 115 Kg's and she's about 70 Kg's but it's never missed a beat and does the job effortlessly. If you're looking for a comfortable, powerful, well engineered piece of machinery that'll get you, and whatever else you have with you, to wherever you're going, then the Honda ST1300 is THE bike to do it on.


i am a 50 y.o. 6'4" tall male who began riding road bikes early last year - 2006 - because of my wife's midlife crisis. in 24 years of marraige, neither of us had had any involvement with bikes of any sort (i already had my lience through a uniformed friend 30 years ago when i rode a dirt bike).i bought a vt750 shadow, my wife a yammy 650 classic. my wife acquired a 6 month open learner permit through q-ride. it wasn't long before afternoon rides became day rides became weekend trips etc. after 19,000 kms in 7 months, we decided that bigger bikes were in order. (my wife also acquired an open licence. as we were touring rather than cruising, we focussed on bikes that were better suited to our purpose rather than bigger versions of what we had. hours of research on the net led me to the st1300 and deauville. i had always received excellent service from my local honda dealer, and preferred to shop locally (as we also run an independent local business). we found a dealer 400 kms away who had one of each in their showroom. we liked the st, but it was too tall in the seat for my 5'4" wife. the deauville was even taller. the following monday i ordered my st from my local dealer, and was riding it four days later. my wife travelled out of town (alone) and bought a yamaha royal star venture (big mistake, but that's another story. suffice to say, my riding partner now has a lighter, lower, more forgiving bike than the rsv).
well, since taking posession of my st1300 7 months ago, i have put 27,000 trouble free and extremely enjoyable kilometers on the clock, and one set of tyres. now, i didn't want the worlds fastest, biggest, most sophisticated or most expensive bike to carry me off into the sunset. i just wanted a bike that; fit my height; was kind to my ageing frame; could carry a reasonable amount of 'stuff'; went a long way between drinks; could be ridden agressively if i desired without making me feel that i was 'flogging' it; offered some wind protection; stopped well; could be manouvered easily enough in more confined areas; offered a 'confident' warranty; and, a bike that i trusted to bring me home from every ride. my st has exceeded all my expectations. i am just so into riding this bike. sure, initially i went through the discomfort of my body becoming used to a different riding position, and wanted to race out and modify the seat and handlebars. instead, i gave myself time to adapt, and adapt i have.
the only extras i have added to my st are the hondaline topbox, tank and knee pads, lambswool seat covers and self adhesive automotive side moulding along the waistline of each panier and mirror to supplement the 'drop' protection. i don't envisage modifying the bike in any other way.
most of 'us who ride' will at some time or other encounter motorcycle snobbery ie; fjr's are faster, beemers are more sophisticated and comfortable, harleys, well...harleys are big and loud, and sometimes they come complete with a lifestyle...as well as other 'stuff'. well, i don't care. are you listening? read my lips..."i do not care!" my st does everything i bought it to do very, very well, time after time after time. i'm happy. i'm fulfilled. i am envious of no-one.
i could go on, but it's like trying to convince others of the joys of touring on a good bike; if they have, they don't need convincing; if they havent, you can't until they have, then you would'nt need to.
ride and handling, reliability, linked abs brakes, luggage capacity, electric windscreen, instrumentation, riding position, seat adjustability, headlight angle adjustment, long range fuel tank, effortless power, fit and finish, drop protection (side bumpers and detachable mirrors, overall looks, and (don't laugh) ease of refuelling without spillage.
digital instrumentation is dificult to read if the sun is anywhere within your 180 degree field of forward vision; the side stand is dificult to get your heel onto when up ( is a bit squeezy, tucked in between the foot peg and centre stand); i would like to see a couple of easily accessible external helmet locks fitted; it would be nice to only have to use a key to lock the paniers, but to be able to otherwise open them without a key; headlight bulbs are dificult to replace;

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LOL good for you mate I know where you are coming from, if you love your bike thats all that counts, I have a VFR800fi and a Dominator 650 and love them both, Ive done 3 long distance trips in the 70's on trail bikes and raced XT500s in enguro's Im currently looking at what to upgrade to from the VFR and now I think I know, I just love Honda bikes. Stay safe and happy biking cheers Mark Gympie


I have had a number of bikes over the years and traded up from a Kawasaki GT1000 which was as tough as they come. This bike looked a bit big for me when I first got on it but I was convinced to take it for a test run. The lightness of handling and pure joy of riding convinced me that it was the bike I was looking for. I had planned to ride a bike around Australia and I wanted one which: was comfortable, could go a long way between drinks, could carry all my gear (I wanted to be self sufficient), would protect me from the elements and was fun. The ST1300 met all my requirements and more. It was even a great ride for my wife and pillion passenger.
In the early months we did quite a number of day trips and even managed to fit in some "overnighters". Some of my trips even took in some gravel roads - now I wouldn't recommend too many Km on this bike on dirt but, with some care, it can be done. However, it hates sand. As soon as you get into any soft sand the front wheel just buries itself and over you go. The good news is that the side protection system protects the bike beautifully. I have dropped the bike three times and the only evidence is some scratches on the left side protector - out of sight.
Once I had really attuned myself to the bike it was time to do my trip around Australia. I spent 2 and a half months making my way up the east coast of Australia sharing sections of the trip with a fellow Ulyssian on a BMW 1200K.
We camped rough just about everywhere and the gear I had managed to pack away took care of me beautifully. In fact, it all fitted into the Top Box, side panniers and tank bag with nothing left out in the open.
Up in the tropics of the far north of Queensland I spent a week in the Daintree Forest with an old work mate who was house-sitting for a few months. My southern protective gear was a bit hot up there - but I refused to resort to the locals' idea of motorcycle gear - shorts, thongs and t-shirt!! Oh, they did wear a helmet.
Across the top with long distances spreading before me the bike handled beautifully and cruised for hours on end. In fact the tank distance of around 550 km was plenty between rests!
Once into the Northern Territory I decided to try out the speed of the machine - in those days there was no speed restrictions on the open roads (it has now changed and is set at 130Kmh).
The bike picked up speed and took me up to 200km/h in what seemed just a few seconds. I was passing cars and caravans like they were standing still. However, it was at this speed that the bike and its heavy load found its limit. The front wheel started to lift off the road and so I decided to drop back to 150.
Touring around the Top End was a real pleasure but it was then I got a bit homesick for my lovely wife and decided to head home the short way - straight down the middle. In Darwin I set my GPS to take me home (back to Bairnsdale in Victoria). The message I got was "Drive 1743 km to next roundabout" - where else but in Australia would you get that message?
It took me just four days to do the 5000 km home. On the last day from Coober Pedy I set off at 7:30 in the morning and did not stop until I arrived home 21 hours and 1874 km later. The bike performed beautifully and while, tired, I could still walk at the end of the ride - try that on a sports bike.
I still plan to do the other half of Australia later.
I love my Honda.
Control, lightness in handling, comfort on long trips, braking, cruise control, heated grips, storage capacity, acceleration, quiet ride.
A tad high for me (I'm only 163cm) but I can still get one foot on the ground!

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Dear fellow rider, I found your article very helpful and interesting, I am thinking of upgrading from my Honda VFR800fi but did not know whether to get a FJR1300 Yamy or a Honda again. I too love my bikes, I have a Dominator 650 as well, reading your article gave me a few ideas and also a smile with your openness of leaning how to handle your new toy. Keep on biking buddy cheers Mark Gympie QLD


i am a 53yo and bought my st1300abs brand new (out of the crate)from my local small town dealer in '07. I now have 96,000kms on the clock and have never had cause to put a spanner anywhere near the bike. nor have I had any warranty issues.the bike has been regularly serviced by my 'committed' local dealer.all this has allowed me to tour all over the australian mainland with that all important touring element, absolute faith in the reliability of the bike. i have not nursed this bike by any stretch of the imagination, and have ridden in most weather extremes, plus a great deal of night riding(by instinct rather than by the speedometer). 1200km days are not uncommon. people purchase bike for many different reasons, whether it be to suit a particular riding need, or an image. i have no bias, other than the fact that my st1300abs suits my personal riding need magnificently and i look forward to many more memorable rides on her.
reliability, comfort, effortless power, luggage capacity (especially with top box), excellent fuel range, comprehensive instrumentation, unstressed riding position, great headlights, linked abs braking system, weather protection and electric windscreen, drop protection, looks
no gear position indicator, trip computer digits difficult to read in direct sunlight

A bike for all seasons

I am 54 years old and took up bikes again about 5 years ago after a 30 year drought. I am 6'3". My children had grown up and it was time to hit the road and bush again.
I bought the 2005 ST 1300 after I got sick of the KWAKA VN cruiser style of body and seat positioning. It was out of a choice of the GTR, the FJR or the ST and the ST suited me better than the KWAKA and YAMMIE.
Have ridden Bunbury to Melbourne and Coober Pedy during winter and found it to be an excellent bike to ride. In serious cross winds etc the bike wandered a little but it was expected. I was surprised on how far the bike leaned into the wind to maintain a straight line. The only problem with this is seriously sore neck from riding in this position for a couple of days.
Cruise control and grip warmers will be installed if I do the ride again.
It is a superb bike to get on and ride 200 KM for a beer or lunch. There is no part of the bike that I do not like. No problems.
I love it!
Reliable, Good seat width and height, Suspension and adjustment is great, Lights excellent, power to burn, screen is great, handles like a sprint bike when you push it, all over a great bike
Fairly heavy to handle below 10 KMH, reverse gear, cruise and grip warmers would be handy,


Loved the first 2003 ST1300 (51000 K's) and impressed with improvements with the second. refinements from the 2003 model are aparent with my 2008 model with noticable smoothness in engine and gearbox. The choice came down to riding position and cost and fuel capacity / economy. Looked at competition but found the ST suited my riding position and had local dealership for servicing.
Upgraded from 2003 St1300 and like ABS and electric windscreen. The bike is definitely smoother in gearbox and engine than the 2003 model. Fuel capacity and economy are excellent as is the ride position for my 56 yr body. The bike appears lighter than 2003 model.
Seating surface is a little smooth allowing the pilion to feel a little insecure. Cost of accessories is a little steep, however purchase from Over Seas has it's benifets with some of the items at 50% less than Aust. Bike is subject to turbulance when following large vehicles / vans. Instruments hard to read with sun behind rider.


I have had my ST1300A for 3 years now. Have done many trips and it has been totally reliable. I had a small problem of oil weeping from an O-ring on the engine balance shaft not long after purchase. It was fixed without hassle by Honda and they even gave me a loaner bike while they had mine. I considered the Yamaha FJR1300, the BMW K1200 before purchase but they weren't close to the Honda in all the areas I considered important.
Superb comfort for rider and pillion. The seat is roomy enough two up that neither person is crowded. Superbly smooth and torquey engine. Great fuel economy coupled with 29 litre tank = long, long range. I have done better than 20 km/l while two up with luggage in ideal conditions. ABS, electric screen and tons of waterproof and secure storage space. We have the Honda topbox which my wife loves due to the comfy backrest. A beautiful looking bike.
Can't fault it. It was purchased solely for my wife and I to do country trips in comfort and carry gear.


Went from a CBR 1100 Blackbird to a new 2008 ST 1300 to achieve a more upright riding position.The bike wanders and seems twitchy when subject to a windy day or when following a vehicle. Over all a great bike with lots of storage and a good road presence. On delivery the front wheel was scratched but was replaced by Honda through the dealer (Fraser's Newcastle) without question. Front mudguard had a moulding defect that was also replaced without question. 12 Months on and I still enjoy this big tourer, although the VFR 1200 is just around the corner!!!
Finish, looks, comfort, smooth engine and gearbox
Very subject to turbulence, buffeting from electric windshield, down on power especially two up.

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You'll need to fill up twice as frequently on your new vfr1200. God luck touring behind that tiny screen and getting your money back when you re-sell.

Questions & Answers

I am interested in purchasing a 2 or 3 yr old st1300 & wondering if you have to be well off financially to own one especially when it comes to valve adjustments by Honda. Can someone please help?
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Ralston. I've had my Honda for almost 2 years and valves haven't needed any attention. It's only had fluid and filter changes. Honda mechanic could advise on prices.Thanks peter for taking the time to answer my question Rolston large Ontario Canada.Roiston. My 2 part answer 1; A Honda fan & multiple model owner owner since 1965, I did my dough on a 'brand new' 2010 ST 1300 Bought in 2010 for a heavily discounted $19,000, and dumped privately for $13,000 with only 8000kms on the clock a year later. (Still, more than any dealer would me pay me ) My advice; Check the date of manufacture. I doubt you'll find a 2 year old ST 1300 today. Last Model made was I think, 2010. 2012 registered maybe but not 2012 made. ST s' were 'Run-out' by Honda and discounted to its' dealers for just $10,000 in 2013, to get rid of the last of them out of the Honda Australia warehouse. They seem to be trading privately again ( or at least asking ) prices, of around $10,000 to $12,500. However in 2013 the last 'new' ones in dealerships were retailed for just $16,000 a $10,00 price slash in a 12 month period ! You can check the 'New Model prices in the back of some 2010 to 2013 Australian motorcycle mag's to check this fact. e.g. Road Rider etc.

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