Honda UMC435

Honda UMC435

5.0 from 2 reviews

Excellent machine

This is my third 4 stroke brush cutter after having mainly 2 stroke equipment and I couldnt be happier. The build quality on the Honda UMC35 versatool is second to none as is the quality of materials. The reason for purchasing the versatool model was for convenience and time saving, It is a reasonably heavy unit but you have to expect that with these larger 4 stroke units, the harness helps take care of that extra weight but I feel Honda could supply a better harness with the unit and fit the Honda speed feed W5 trimmer head standard instead of having to spend another $57.00. It is extremely easy starting and very quiet and the Honda GX35 engine delivers lots of grunt across the entire rev range when required. All in all a fantastic, powerful machine well worth the cost I also have a Honda UMK435 and a makita EBH341L unit and can honestly say I believe the Honda is definitely on par with the other competitors on the market no questions asked.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Heavy as lead

I bought this yesterday and did about 7 hours of work with it, I am a contractor.

The good.
It started first time like Honda's should.
It's really quiet.
Incredibly powerful compared to my GX25 and ripped through some very overgrown yards.
Well made, feels very good to use.
The bump feed head is very easy to pull apart unlike my SpeedFeed head.

The Bad
It's heavy, very, very heavy. Too heavy for general use.
It's powerful, probably too much for around houses where you can smash things.
It's very thirsty, the difference between that and my GX25 might be double, I usually get 2 yards done with the GX25, I had to fill the UMC435 half way through 2 of the big yards.

I would recommend this if you are going to be doing tough jobs with the lawn edger tool or with the chain saw attachment. If you aren't going to be doing hard jobs stick with something smaller and lighter and so much easier to use.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Questions & Answers

Need to replace my Kaaz with a Mitsubishi T110 2 stroke, made in Japan. Lasted approx 28 years with just spark plug and filter maintenance. Have narrowed a replacement model down to the Honda UMC435 versa tool and the Stihl KM131R Kombi. Having a tough time choosing between the 2 models. I know on the Honda UMC435 itself, its says made in Thailand. Is the engine made in Thailand also?
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I have the UMC435 with hedge trimmer and pole pruner attachments. Pruner works a treat but the hedge trimmer does not cut but chews even the smallest of leaves and branches. I have a smaller 2 stroke hedge trimmer which I have been using for years without any issues so I am not quite sure what is wrong with this hedge trimmer. There is maybe a little more vibration than i would expect when using it, which I thought may be part of the issue. Any thoughts?
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Maybe blunt? Loose chain?