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Honda UMK425

Honda UMK425

UMK425LNU and UMK425U4U
4.6 from 50 reviews

Excellent for domestic work

I bought this about 2 years ago because my new property is too steep for a lawnmower. The whipper snipper has a bit of weight to it, but the balance is pretty good so you don't notice too much.

4 stroke is handy if you don't have any other 2 stroke machines. Doesn't often start first pull, but that may be due to stale petrol. That said, it usually only takes 2-3 goes to start.

It's pretty quiet for a whipper snipper, but ear protection is still recommended, especially at full throttle. It says 80dBA on the shaft.

I find I can cut thick long grass without any hassles, and so far it's been reliable. That said I only have it for domestic use.

Overall, it's expensive, but worth it if you value performance and no hassles.

Purchased in June 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Occasionally
Grass Type Tall grass and Thick, heavy grass or weeds

Sturdy tool, great motor

This is so far the best (and the heaviest) whipper snipper we've ever had.
Quite heavy- and tall- especially if the head is full of fuel. This machine is very quiet, agile and the built is really, really sturdy. Since this one is new it is quite easy to start. We have about 600m2, and a lot of edges to trim. only use it for domestic purpose, maybe fortnightly. we clean it after every use, I hope this expensive machine will last long (it does come with a long warranty).
pro: good built, quite cons: heavy

Date PurchasedDec 2018

9 years of work

Hi i have mine for 9 years,a great machine,use it professionally.
Replace oil my self and ones a year new sparkplug!

She is getting old will buy the same one again!
Iam a private user.
Just here to help

Date PurchasedAug 2010

The last brush cutter you need to buy!

Very easy to start, no need to choke unless it's super cold, just prime and pull. Relatively quiet at idle, but at full stick your neighbor isn't gonna care! The bump feed system is a little bulky/medieval but definitely does the job. A much better machine to use after installing a blade or alloy head. A little heavier than the 2 stroke competition, which gets quite noticeable after a days brush cutting. Kill switch is also easily bumped when in use. Oil service takes about the same amount of time as mixing a batch of 2 stroke would. Only regret is not buying the handlebar version!

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Terrible design, not worth the money

Brushcutter is not easy to start, and it's unbalanced to hold when starting. Difficult to use cleanly, other people who are experienced using brushcutters have had trouble using it too. Doesn't do a big area before I need more line. Line extremely difficult to replace, even the mower/chainsaw/similar equipment specialty sales place where I bought it new had difficulty replacing the line. Doesn't bump as it should to release more line. The manual doesn't contain information on how to replace the line, annoying as the head design is not intuitive and is different from at least some other brushcutters. I bought what I thought was a top quality brushcutter but have been very very disappointed.

Date PurchasedFeb 2007

The absolute best

This was as the most expensive machine at Bunnings and to be honest i wondered if it was worth the extra. I'm super impressed with the build quality and just the way this thing runs. You hardly ever have to use full throttle and the unit runs smoothly and cuts well.

I did remove the guard as I find it hard to edge with it installed but I think that's common with a lot of machines.

I would 100% recommend this.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

when it brakes!!!!

Broke my kill switch and made a note on purchasing a new one ..was told at a mower supplier in the sunshine coast that i would have to buy the whole complete throttle handle...on closer inspection of the broken kill switch i noticed it is held on by a 3 mm plastic connection......so now i use it without the kill switch a little bit of masking tape here and there ...i might add it has had had little use... Apart from that i like it....

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Great stuff

Just bought this its power is above the rest .use less fuel economy. Its very heavy but the power compensate that.Easy tap base.had a cheaper brand only lasted up to 12 months. Should have bought this one first.great for domestic and commercial. Very happy and will recomend for the yardman.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Quality product

I bought one for $468 from Bunnings as my Ryobi was getting old, the plastics had perished and it leaked fuel plus I had a 4 stroke mower so I considered upgrading to a 4 stroke brush cutter.

It comes full assembled in the box, a bit unwieldy in the store (excuse me, sorry, pardon me, yeah its a longer box, sorry etc etc) but makes unboxing and using as simple as it gets. Dont forget to buy the oil, I just used the Honda oil as recommended.

A drawstring bag comes with it in the box. containing the shoulder strap, instructions and handy safety glasses, Nice.

You need to add 80mL of oil, the oil filler is clearly marked as is the warning of No Oil. Then, its add straight petrol its not a two stroke, dont add mixed fuel !!!

It took some pulls of the starter and choke application to get the fuel where it needed to be, then just brooooom..... and burbled away nicely with the choke off.

The difference is remarkable, no harsh two stroke ring, just a steady rumble and zero smoke.

The hardest part wasnt revving it like a 2 stroke. Just add enough trigger to get even revs and apply the cutter head accordingly. Smooth, easy torque that handles quite thick grass easily.

It seems small, but is perfectly capable for the house yard and probably some larger applications.

The thing that struck me the most was the smooth engine, very high quality Honda construction and the ease of use. Excellent buy, even for the higher price, zero regrets.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Very Good

The Mower shop owner recommended this model when purchasing my mower for a 1/2 acre block. He said its the one he owned he he had the choice of many different brands and models.

Does what a whipper snipper should. Starts first time and can hold enough line to last many months around my block. Cuts through grass without revving high.

I now own a hedge trimmer attachment that fits this model so that I can trim some large hedges. Taking it off an on is a bit clunky but cheaper that running and servicing two machines.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

A quiet powerhouse

I have only used the Honda once since purchasing, but so far am impressed! Starting is a breeze, and it is so quiet compared to the old Echo 2-stroke. Balance is pretty good and I can probably tweak that a bit once I get the harness in the right position. It was used for about an hour on VERY long, wet grass and weeds and didn't look like stalling. Pretty straight forward to refill the line and holds a good capacity to save frequent fills. It comes with a 4 year domestic warranty which is pretty amazing (though the dealer said I won't be needing the warranty - hope he is right). A free service thrown into the deal makes me happy. Oh - and I am a lightweight 60+ year old female !!!

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Never going back to 2 stroke after this.

Honda motors are legendary for a reason. Effortless starting fires up every time. 4 stroke power and torque cuts the grass without revving it full throttle. No smoke and endless starting problems like on a noisy and dirty 2 stroke. Brilliant bit of kit and has never let me down.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Excellent Brushcutter

I have had this brush cutter for just over a year and I am very pleased with the way it cuts and the way it starts so easily. Very easy to maintain and any one can do a oil change.I bought the steel blade as well and this is easy and quick to fit.Very quiet being four stroke and good on fuel.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Quality product that does what is advertised

I bought the product on the advise of a friend who owns a lawn-mowing business. I live on a small acreage with many steep sections with tough grass that initially was a metre plus high. I had been trying to use a UKON 52cc 5 in 1 machine that was incredibly difficult to start and ran for about 20 minutes each time before cutting out with loosened screws all over the product. The Honda is super easy to start hot or cold. I have used it 6 or 7 times for about an hour each time of solid slog with a blade cutter. It has not missed a beat. Instruction manual is clear. Product bought from a Honda dealer who was very professional. Dealer thought I would need the UMK435U but this product to date has handled some pretty touch conditions for long periods without any trouble. Have changed from trimmer to blade quite easily, including changing the guard, but I have also used the blade with the guard for the trimmer without problems. It is better on a slope to use the correct guard when using the blade.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Very reliable

I bought this machine about 6 years ago used and not running. I replaced the carby, fuel lines and spark plug. I use it every day for my mowing business and it runs perfectly every time. A the only things I have done to it since purchasing it are oil change, 1 air filter and 1 fuel filter. The gx25 engine doesn't rev as hard as a 2 stroke but it more than makes up for it with so much torque and fuel efficiency.

Date PurchasedOct 2011

A very competent machine that performs as well as a very good 2 stroke.

We have 1.5 acres of ex cattle farm so all lawn related machines earn their keep. The UMK425 had a baptism of fire straight after purchase by doing 3 hours heavy use on long grass, weeds, woody weeds etc on a large domestic block. Next day it was used on my block for the usual tasks and I thought did the job with ease. The torque of the motor meant I do not need to use constant full throttle and as a result much quieter over long duration use. The slightly additional weight penalty (over similar 2 strokes) of the 4 stroke Honda was not that noticeable to me.
The tap and go line head on the Honda is excellent in use and makes for uninterrupted progress.
Servicing: I changed the oil on Honda's after the first use and I cannot recommend that enough. Very simple procedure indeed. The oil was quite discoloured on first change, but on later use was nice and gold. As it holds only .08L oil is not a big deal and I will do as it slightly discolours in future.
Starting procedure simple and air cleaner and spark access very simple.
I cannot recommend the Honda enough and my much earlier doubts about power and weight penalty over 2 strokes have proved unfounded.
The Honda has particular relevance on domestic blocks where screaming 2 strokes tend to spoil the tranquility during the weekend.
Cost wise - I paid $499 for the machine from a Honda small engine dealer - yes, not the cheapest - but you get what you pay for.
Longevity: I have a 19 year old Honda Buffalo mower that has needed nothing other than 2 spark plugs and air filters plus regular oil changes over that time. It is still in excellent condition and justified its price in the long term. I see no reason why the UMK425 will not give similar service.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

It works :-) but I'm not sure if it was worth the extra money over the bend shaft model

First of all I'm a noob when it comes to gardening and tools, initially I was going to buy the bend shaft model but after some research I settled on the straight shaft, it was $200 more expensive and I don't know if it's actually $200 better :-).
It works fine but I have issue with the line feeder, I'm pretty sure that it's my lack of knowledge/experience but so far I just manually pull out a bit more line with hands whenever it's needed.
From looking at some other brands/models, I can see that Honda has a very good quality and it's been put together solid and I hope that I wouldn't need to replace it for many years to come.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

So good so far.

I was originally going to buy the ums425 but when I learned that a bent trimmer has a flexible drive shaft instead of a solid Rod drive shaft as in a straight trimmer, I upgraded to this one instead. The Honda dealer told me that in 15 years, he has never repaired the drive shaft of the bent ums425, but I just had a Victa bent/flexible shaft break, so I opted for straight model umk425 instead. Even though Honda seems to be reliable in both I didn't want to take the chance. I used it for the first time today and cut the grass on idle it was that powerful. The 2 stroke Victa needed full throttle and going over again and again (sales guy said every 2 stroke normally needs full throttle) but this 4 stroke Honda cut it on idle first time. Big difference. Well worth the investment plus 4 year warranty minimum so I'm happy.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Like all Hondas, it does exactly what it should

I have been using a budget Homelite two stroke brush cutter for 6 years and told myself when it died I would get a decent four stroke honda one. The cheapo finally expired so I went and got the Honda for $500 on special at Haughton Honda. I wish I had done it years ago.
It starts on the first pull every time and runs so much quieter than my old two stroke you could almost get away without wearing earplugs.
I was slightly worried that the Honda wouldn't have enough grunt, only being 25cc and on paper it is low on power compared to two stoke equivalents. The reality is the four stroke makes so much more torque that it absolutely scythes through everything. Half the time it's only running at half revs and nothing seems to slow down the RPM at all. The line spool feeder works really well too and takes seconds to open and reload.
The supplied harness is comfortable and the unit is light - so the whole job is so much less of a chore. It takes about half the time and half the fuel it used to. I have a steep sloping 1200m2 block of native vegetation and it rips through everything.

Stop thinking about it and spend the money - you'll be glad you did the first time you use it.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Pay more.. it's worth it.

My wife wanted a good brushcutter/whipper-snipper that she could use. Personally I regard them as 'instruments of the devil'. You know the story.. won't start, noisy, stops when hot, insufficient power, won't auto feed correctly, heavy, bad for your back etc etc. Bitter personal experiences from years ago. So I did a bit of research and opted for this model. Am I converted? Not quite, but close. So, it starts easily, it's relatively quiet compared to 2-strokes, it keeps on running after prolonged use (cutting 600m high heavy grass including tussocks), it cuts well, the auto feed works as stated, it's relatively light, and my back was still ok after using it for a few hours. What's not to like? Well worth the extra money, and the added bonus is that my wife is happy to spend time whipper-snipping.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

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Hi, have a near new UMK 425U and just purchased a SSHH hedge trimmer attachment. The UMK 425U has a different drive to the SSHH. The UMK 435U has an eccentric "half moon" and the SSHH a gear share drive. Any ideas?
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How much does it cost
1 answer
Price hovers around $500, to about $450 on sale. I get mine from the big green shed.

How do I grease the head on the UMK425U . There are two screws on the head and are hard to unscrew Thanks Wayne
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Power SourcePetrolPetrol
Price (RRP)729499
Handle TypeBike HandleLoop Handle
Cutting Head4-Tooth (Metal)Nylon

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