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Honda UMK425
Latest review: This is so far the best (and the heaviest) whipper snipper we've ever had. Quite heavy- and tall- especially if the head is full of fuel. This machine is very quiet, agile and the built is really,

Honda UMS425/U
Latest review: Bought one from GYC Narellan on the weekend, best machine i have every used. One pull start as it is a 4 stoke and powerfull motor for domestic use. The cord winder is also a no brainer, very happy

Honda UMK435
Latest review: I have lived on small acreage for 30 years and have thrown away quite a few 2 stroke brushcutters through hard to start problems and spare parts supply. My Honda 35cc with bicycle handlebars and

Echo GT-22GES
Latest review: Bought one, every good as reviews stated. I find it easy to both start and use. reloading string is easy, its weight is reasonable, and the service when I bought it in Forrestfield was excellent. I

Stihl FS 85 / FS 85 R
Latest review: I replaced a small Hitachi 2-stroke trimmer with this Stihl one after I threw the Hitachi one into the paddock in frustration. It was a horribly underpowered machine attached to a very complicated

Stihl FS 38
Latest review: This brushcutter is very easy to use, not to heavy so easy to hold and very easy to start. The cutter glides through the blades and does not get clogged with

Stihl FS 45 / FS 45R / FS 45 C-E
Latest review: My machine says that it is an FS 45 C - not sure if that's a different model to the C-E. I think that we bought it somewhere between 2007 and 2010. Either way, this is the least good weed trimmer I

Shindaiwa T260X
Latest review: Wicked power and great speed feed function make trimming a breeze. Love this machine. Make sure to be used with ordinary fuel, and not high octane stuff. It doesn’t like to run as good on the high o

Makita RST210
Latest review: I have had my RST 210 for about 3 years, it has never let me down. Great Jap quality in a superb brush cutter. I told a mate to grab one from Bunning's but they don't sell them anymore, he got a

Makita ER2650LH
Latest review: I bought this new and took it home and i could not get it started its supposed to be easy start i broke my back it started for a minute and stopped i took it back the guy started after 10 pulls but i

Husqvarna 122
Latest review: Bought the 122LD in 2011 and it has proved to be very reliable. Starting usually no problem. Press the primer bulb a few times, set to about 1/2 choke, give 4 or 5 short pulls then a full pull and

Certa 55cc 5 in 1
Latest review: I tried for half an hour when I bought but I had to return it back for been faulty not bad to cut and trim , but it is not good as it looks , it is very heavy for big job , can not carry it for more

Ryobi 26cc 2 Stroke RLT26CDSN
Latest review: I Bought this machine and used only 2 times and the Bump Knob broke ,i could not find at bunnings or online to replace.they are telling me to buy the whole head which is around $70.00 supposed

Stihl FS 94 C-E / FS 94 R-CE
Latest review: I sold on my trusty on Stihl FS 120 after many years of use to get one of the 94's and I am pretty happy with it. I can't fault it and have had it for nearly a year. I'm only using it on 2 lawns, on

Shindaiwa T270
Latest review: Today Im picking up my new t270, after my first one has given 7 years of service in tough, commercial business, and the only reason the first t270 is being retired is because I didnt really look

Husqvarna 135R
Latest review: Great value for money machine. Tested it in some really think grass and the torque drove the line or blade with ease. Some people i know use this same machine commercially and are very happy with it.

Stihl FS 240 C-E / FS 240 RC-E
Latest review: With over 30 years of heavy duty brush-cutting experience this is the best I have used yet. The Easy Start feature make staring easy and it always starts 2nd pull from cold with choke and first pull

Shindaiwa 22F
Latest review: A very good quality whipper snipper haven't had any problems yet. Starts first time every time without any worries. Easy to put on line was my main reason for purchase done in about 30 seconds no

Bushranger L20
Latest review: Tried cheaper trimmers and found that this mid priced machine works very very well. Use a cutting blade and a plastic edge trimmer on it as well. Very glad we got

Grillo Trimmer HWT550/600
Latest review: They are a great machine and are also very well balanced. I decided against buying one after having an on site demo. Main reasons was the difficulty in handling on a large rough section, steep in

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