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Stihl FS 94 C-E / FS 94 R-CE

Stihl FS 94 C-E / FS 94 R-CE

FS 94 C-E and FS 94 RC-E
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Very good trimmer.

I sold on my trusty on Stihl FS 120 after many years of use to get one of the 94's and I am pretty happy with it. I can't fault it and have had it for nearly a year. I'm only using it on 2 lawns, on average for about 20-30 mins each week.
Up until this trimmer I had only ever used one with the bike handles and full harness, through both my job and my previously owned FS 120. It's much easier around the house with a loop handle but I wouldn't like to take on a huge area with a loop handle. This trimmer would be up to it power wise but not sure if I would be.
It's a decent amount of money to spend on a trimmer but well worth it.
A couple of things worth mentioning. Follow the directions exactly with the easy start system. They have a spring in them that will distort if not started correctly. In my experience it can take a long time for it to fail, but it does happen.
Also as with any outdoor lawn/garden equipment, don't use ethanol blend fuel. If you can use 95 octane and use a good Stihl oil. I use the HP super semi synthetic in all my 2 strokes.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Unbelievable strimmer/brush cutter five stars great product

Great bit of kit really powerful and the features are really well placed no problems at all never have to feed line never cuts out I even accidentally cut a thick branch while easily brush cutting brambles an it cut it like butter I checked the blade and no damage at all. Its the best I've ever had in the past and worth the money when you get this high quality.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Absolutely amazing!

After a couple of months working with a very heavy "el cheapo" Gardenline trimmer, I finally decided to go back to my local Stihl dealer to buy yet another piece of equipment. I spent over 4 hours trying to decide whether to go with the FS85R or the FS94RC but I eventually chose the 94 and I couldn't be happier! It starts very easily, has plenty of power, is extremely light and is easy to control. The semi-automatic choke is very simple to set and I love the cruise control. It certainly makes life a lot easier when edging. One thing I find annoying is the auto-feed head. I have heard that plenty of other gardeners have been given grief over the auto-feed heads and replace them with bump-feed ones. I found out myself the other day that it gives me grief too after I went through over 2 full spools of line on 6 yards! I know I shouldn't go through that much because doing those same yards one after the other with my Gardenline trimmer I went through less than 1 spool and they both hold around the same amount of line. After speaking with another gardener that I know well who has the FS94 too I went onto Ebay and ordered a Speed Feed bump feed head. For anyone experiencing trouble with the auto-feed heads I would highly recommend the Speed Feed head. They are very easy to load and they are about $54 depending on which one you get (I have ordered the 4.5" one) which is still cheaper than most of the better Stihl bump feed heads.
Overall the FS94RC is a fantastic trimmer and I will definitely buy one again!

Date PurchasedApr 2017


I have been whipper snippering for over 30 years and have hand cleared many, many hectares of land in various states of very bad repair. I thought my trusty FS55 was good with its various cutting attachments however this FS94 is unbelievable. After I purchased it I went straight to work trying to cut down wet 4 foot high twitch grass which for those who know is a perfect test for a whipper snipper. Would you believe it never stopped. That grass is so thick and tough yet the 94 went through it with ease. Very light yet very powerful. Can't see (or have used ) anything better. Just a note that line size of below 2.4mm is useless and 2.7mm is ideal.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Brilliant piece of tool

I've recently purchased this Stihl FS 94 RC-E. It's so light and yet so powerful. The "E" is for "easy start" and indeed, it's extremely easy to start. This unit comes with an automatic head, which means you don't have to bump the head to feed. Therefore, you can continuously working with it. The only downside is the plastic head, which can be worn out after awhile.

Overall, Stihl FS 94 RC-E is a solid unit for medium to large block of land.

Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Absolutely Brilliant So Far

Purchased this to replace very tired fs45 which has had its fair share of use and abuse over the years. This is a big step up from the 45. I got the model with the bike handle bars and harness. Makes life so much easier and much quicker for clearing large areas. Has plenty of power and goes through anything you throw at it.

The guy at the local dealer was very helpful and even offered me a 4 year warranty at the expense of some of Sthil's high quality two stroke oil. I gladly accepted this as you need the two stoke oil to run the machine and if it gives you two more years on the warranty thats a bonus.

Love to machine so far, am yet to try out the brush cutting blade i purchased with it but as seen with other people with this model it will do it with no stress as.

Worth the money, especially with Sthil's reputation for high quality products and customer service.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Hard Working Unit

I love this machine, it's well made, it lights weight, economical to run but powerful and you can attach a Stihl articulated hedge trimmer to it. An all round well thought out unit.

Questions & Answers

Do u have Caburaters for STIHL FS 94 Bush trimmers?
2 answers
Yes the Stihl FS94 series, like just about every other petrol-powered garden tool, has a carburetor. You can find replacements for them at your local Stihl dealer or on eBay. I would strongly suggest you get anything like that serviced or replaced at your dealer though unless you are a mechanic and are comfortable with your knowledge of the machine and what everything does and where it goes.As James states, they do have them and they are available as spares. But if you are asking me personally, no I don't sell anything. I just reviewed the trimmer as I own one and was happy with it.

Hi, Looking at either the FS94 RC-E or FS85R but tripping more towards the 94. One thing I am worried about is the easy start feature which sounds great for homeowners starting the machine on the ground (like you are supposed to) but as a gardener who finds this a waste of time and starts everything while holding it (except my mowers of course) I am wondering whether I will end up damaging/breaking the easy start system because it is kinda hard to slowly pull a starter cord while holding the tool in the air, I normally just give my things a couple of good rips and they go. Don't really have time for slowly pulling cords 50 times. I know the FS85 and the old FS94 didn't have the easy start so I wonder whether I go the 85 to save the starter mechanism or get a FS94 RC starter put on the new 94 RC-E or will the starter on the current 94 be ok and I can pull it fast without breaking it? Interested to hear from people. Thanks, James :D
5 answers
Hi James, I believe the current FS94 series come with the "E" models and none of them comes without the "easy start" feature. Only the FS85 series or the series above FS94 (e.g. FS130, FS250) come with non "E". Personally, i've found that it's quite easy to start the beast while holding it in the air if you want to but put it on the lawn and pull the cord is even easier. I didn't have to pull the cord that many times and i definitely did not have to pull the cord slowly. Only 2 pulls and it roars. Cheers,Hi James, go with the 94. I do the same as you whilst starting the 94 I have at the moment. So far very strong cord but it does start easily......I've had no dramas in 6 months with it and it gets a good run. I also don't pull the cord slowly but it takes 3 pulls max.after the initial turn over in the motor. Great machine the 94. Go for it. MartinThanks Martin and Panania for the responses! Good to know. I am definitely going with the 94 now!


Stihl FS 94 RC-EStihl FS 94 C-E
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