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Hoover 700LE

Hoover 700LE

4.8 from 5 reviews

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Pretty good washing machine

Got the next model up from this washing machine and I have to claim that the hoover washing machine brand is heavy duty and washes clothes to a very good satisfaction level and it's so easy to operate compared to most other cheaper washing machines so I would highly recommend this washing machine, however, it rattles easily and it's noisy though, the quality of the machine makes it well worth it

Date PurchasedApr 2018


Yup, this one ( and probably other similar models ) is very reliable and durable and I`m very happy with it . When this one eventually dies, hopefully I`ll be able to find another similar replacement model.
Its a bigger machine, I have had it around 3-1/2 years now and it has been very reliable. I`m a guy, so you can imagine the care and attention it has received - about none. Its been used for business shirts to oiled overalls and never given a hint of a problem. It probably averages around two plus washes a day. There hasn`t been any apparent destruction of clothes or other bad signs. The machine seems solid enough.
Not sure if its really a con, but it can be a bit noisy especially when it comes to the complete end of a wash, when it really throws on the brakes with a loud "clang" to stop the drum spinning. I thought it might be a problem, but its done it for years now - and I`ve heard others of the same type do the same.. so its no doubt normal.


Overall, for the price of this machine I would recommend it to anyone wanting a Top Loader. I no longer have it (sadly) due to moving intersate although due to our new Laundry's need we now own a Miele front loader with honeycomb filter and countless amounts of features like spin speed options etc etc.. but seriously I used this Hoover everyday and have passed it on to another family whom use it for everything and it has never needed repair and it works a treat...the clothes are always clean!
Can fit a lareg (Q/B) quilt in easily! Washes well! Looks nice!
Nothing really although you have to make sure your load is evenly placed around barrel or it will be very noisy as it struggles to turn barrel evenly

Wonderful machine. 700L

I actually have the older model the 700L and 13years later its still going. I have had it serviced maybe 4 times over the whole time but only over minor things. When the serviceman came round he said I've probably got another 10years still in my machine as the gear etc underneath still look new he said. Well worth the amount I paid for it.
It is noisy when it spins.


A great solid machine that takes a good size load which is great for our now expanded family. I originally purchased this machine 6 years ago when it was just my husband and i but we since have 2 little daughters and the poor machine surely gets a good workout pretty much daily. It does the job and always cleans as it is supposed to. Can be noisy if you don't have a full load in and it gets unbalanced when spinning but i think from experience all machines will do that if they haven't got a heavy load in them
Good solid large washing machine that does the job.
I had to have the dial replaced just after a year but it was my fault as i was turning the dial without pushing it off first so i broke something internally a quick fix and it works a dream now. So make sure you push it off before turning the knob.

Questions & Answers

where is lint filter on model. 2430-2?
3 answers
Unfortunately I am not familiar with this modelHoover usually has the lint filtration system under me the fabric softener cap in the middle of the bowl of the washing machine though, not sure how to take it out and clean it at this present time.I took it out and had a look . It was all quite easy - just used my hands to turn the fabric softener cap then did the same thing with the undercarriage - it was all quite simple

Our household has the Simpson washing machine going through it's not.that.good - is it.worth it to buy hoover washing machine from a second hand shop in wollongong area?
2 answers
Sorry I couldn't say because the fact that it's Second Hand you don't know what condition it was in prior to it being resold.Howdy - ok thanks - cheers


Hoover 700LE
CategoryTop Loading Washing Machines
Energy Rating1.5stars
Number of Wash Cycles7
Max Spin Speed850rpm
Warm Wash Energy Consumption696
Cold Wash Energy Consumption80
Release dateAug 2006

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