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Hoover Gladiator Powerscrub Deluxe Carpet Shampooer

Hoover Gladiator Powerscrub Deluxe Carpet Shampooer

4.7 from 19 reviews

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Superior design and technology !

Hi ! Global Grandad Max here again from NZ!
Bought the Hoover Gladiator machine ! Best thing I ever did after the Hoover vac I bought !!! ( see vac review). Well the carpet shampoo machine comes with a portable off machine base car, bed, curtains and any other thing that can be shampood kit !!!! Stairs a breeze with mini drive head kit ! Only draw back is you won’t believe how much ... crap you wash and suck out of your carpets etc ! Had to do them 3 times to get them back to acceptable Level of clean!!! Also you be appalled how many bugs critters and pet hair it removes !!! Can walk on carpets straight after rinse/ vac mode ! Dries very quickly after !
Being a farming area I am in with tourists visitors animals in / out if the house , I do them once a month now! Even the expensive hand woven rugs I have clean up no problem ! Highly reccomend this machine and get a Hoover Allergy vacc . They make a good team to deal to your home cleaning needs ! Get one !!!! better still get both !!!!

cleans and drys better then i expected

I bought this to clean carpets that had not been done for about 4 years ,very old well worn carpet and for the most part it brought them up like new .It also drys the carpet out very well if you take the time to go over it a few extra times once you have cleaned them.Also the added bonus of the rinse option .I also did my mums carpet much newer and a thick pile and they really did look like new .

Love it. Does a gòod job also seats in the car

Happy with my carpet cleaner couple of stubborn stains won't come home. Other then that i can't come plain. I also friends coming ro my place. They won't mind helping. They love my carpet cleaner

Motor defective after little use.

It is now March 2017. I bought a Hoover Gladiator 5480 Carpet extractor in July 2014. I hardly used it, maybe 10 times max. It emitted a burning smell and stopped working I was told that the motor needed replacing and because it was out of warranty, I needed to pay.

I had paid $649 for this machine and I expected to get more than 10 uses out of it. Hoover expect me to pay for the new motor because it is out of warranty. A quality product should not break down when it had very little use. The fact that the motor has gone now shows me that Hoover no longer make quality products. Very disappointed with the service.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Godfrey who are repairing it for free after I purchased a new motor.

Footnote: The motor was repaired and Hoover can only offer a 3 month warranty. Says a lot! In 3 months I would use it about once.


Having purchased a house with light-cream coloured carpets - replacing them with something less prone to dirt stains (four kids!!) was high on my list of upcoming outlays, In an attempt to delay this expense, I did a little research of steam-cleaners - having been generally dis-satisfied with the outcome of professional services on past residences (... seriously & understandably, the professional service providers just want to get the clean over & done with, and get onto the next paying job - they don't have time to attend to address stubborn dirt/stains). The ratings of this machine influenced me to take the rather expensive punt and I am very pleased to say that it is a winner. I am simply amazed by what a great job that it has done on my carpets - to the extent that I am quite comfortable putting the purchase of new carpets to the bottom of my to-do list. I like that it is here at my disposal, as opposed to hiring. Only 'negative' that I can think of (so far) is the frequency of water filling - but I am cool with that... it's not a commercial machine (I wouldn't want to have to handle or store one of those machines). Highly recommended.

Sensational Domestic Carpet Cleaner

Toilet training our new indoor pup was taking a toil on our beige coloured carpet, so I decided to invest in the Hoover Gladiator following a read up of highly positive reviews. Our carpet was professionally dry cleaned about five years ago and were looking tired and in need of refreshing. Well let me say that this shampooer did a sensational job of removing old stains and revitalising the carpet fibres with the rotating brush heads as good as any professional service. The benefit of doing it yourself also means you have the time and can take the care to move furniture and maximise the areas you wish to clean.

The unit is lightweight, well designed, comes with stair and upholstery attachments that do a great job. However, remember it is a domestic model not a commercial unit. So please be aware that is has a lot of plastic construction to minimise weight and cost. As long as you are vigilant to thoroughly clean the unit of clumps of carpet fibres during and after use, this unit will give you years of trouble free service and keep your home carpets, car carpets and upholstery looking clean and fresh.

Really quite good - I've got a new hobby!

Based on the good reviews and sensational special price at Godfreys I bought on of these and by jingo I am pleased with it. The hand fittings and hose are very handy, it has a decent length cord and the suction seems adequate to suck up most of the water. For stains I pre-soak with Agar non foaming detergent at a 1:4 dilution in a spray bottle, leave for a few minutes and give it a working over with the hand tool and hose. For general cleaning use the same Agar detergent in the tank. All the fittings go into a bag which clips onto the handle and it all comes apart for cleaning which is great.

I wondered what the professional machines used and it seems not much more than the Hoover. They have onboard water heaters, larger tanks and probably greater suction but the Hoover simply uses hot water from your tap (easy!) and greater suction doesn't mean the carpets get that much cleaner as it is your water and detergent which does the work.

So as you can probably guess, I'm pretty happy with my purchase. Well done Hoover!

Light Easy and cleans!!

Spend the money and buy....i have light carpets toodlers pets and every mark possible...took care of everything with ease...Love this!! Better than hire cleaners. I have tried everything possible and this beats alot

The Hoover Gladiator is great

The Gladiator is a great cleaner I had a Bissell in the past but the Gladiator is far superior l can't believe how much dirt it removes it just keeps coming out.
It's also sturdy and easy to use and the tanks Areca descent size not like other machines. I also love the rinse function.

Best machine I have ever used!!!

My partner & I are still young & haven't bought a house yet so we are stuck in rentals, which equals alot of carpet. We have pets & with pets come pet stains. We purchased the Hoover Gladiator on special ($399) through Godfreys (worst customer service reps ever!) a few weeks ago due to the ongoing costs of renting the Rug Doctor machine from Bunnings over the past 5yrs. I used to think that Rug Doctor was a great machine but like many others carpet cleaners the stains would always come back once the carpets had completely dried.
I only had to go over the carpets once & the stains are 100% gone & the included 'clean linen' detergent smells amazing! The machine has separate water tanks which is much better than my mums brand new top of the line Bissel which uses an internal bladder system, so she has to throw clean detergent down the drain to fully empty the dirty water. Also the Hoover is super light so it's so easy to push around. Cleaning all the removesble parts is really easy too & it even came with several attachments as well for cleaning rugs, beds ect.. I found those great for cleaning my outdoor chair cushions. Highly recommend this carpet cleaner to everyone & just don't be fooled by Godfreys trying to upsell their own brand 'Wertheim' to you, even on take home lay-by. Stick with Hoover.

Great carpet shampooer.

I purchased this carpet cleaner a d have found it to a very effecient carpet cleaner. It is great to have it at home so it can use it any time.

Great customer service

As it may be a great Shampooer while it lasts.. just after 2 years and only been used in 1 room as the rest of the house is floor boards it started leaking.. Sent it to be repaired and NO PARTS ARE AVAILABLE.. Hard to believe that a machine still being sold and no parts.. in saying this Hoover have said they will supply a new machine

Dirt just keeps on coming!

This just paid for itself in one use. The carpet looks brand new! It really pulls the muck out, even after several passes the dirt keeps on coming...very easy to put together and user friendly. I like how the power scrub head can be removed and completely cleaned (no annoying residue or fluff stuck in there afterwards). Got this on sale from Godreys. If you see one, grab one you won't be disappointed.

One didn't I buy one sooner!

Bought this today and my lounge looks better then even after a professional steam clean. It's light and easy to use and the attachments are great. The gladiator does what it claims.
Only con is I wish the water catchment were bigger.
The Hoover cleaning solution also smells great!


This is fantastic - I have only recently moved into a house with carpet, and the carpet was shampooed before I moved in (4 months ago!). I do have two very hairy dogs as well. But the dirt this brought up was totally black! I love that you can chose to use the shampoo or just water, as that really helps. It has great extraction and my carpet dried quite quickly. The little tools are fantastic as well. Pretty easy to fill up and empty. I am very happy with the purchase! I did my mattress as well - how disgusting that was!! Again, just dark brown and black came up.

This one ticks all the boxes.

I have recently purchased the new Hoover Gladiator Carpet Shampooer - my wife thinks I have become obsessed. I have cleaned the Carpets, Dinning Chairs, Car Seats and Car Carpets for both our car and our daughters and am now looking for other projects. What a fantastic machine! I would rate it at 100/100. Incidentally, if you want to save on carpet shampoo - the 5lt. container of Agar Exit at around $32 from Godfrey's is a great product - smells good too!

A great carpet shampooer with useful accessories

We recently purchased this at Godfrey's during their after Christmas sales. We previously had a very old commercial grade carpet shampooer that died, and this seemed like a good upgrade without having spend money in the high end of the market.

First off, I would say this machine actually works better than our old "commercial" grade shampooing machine. I don't know whether technology has become better over the last 10yrs or what, but I definitely say this pulled up more dirt.

One of the benefits of this unit is that the brushes which scrub the carpet move in a circular rotating motion, meaning they are always in contact with the carpet at all times. Rather than some other units that have a barrel spinning brush which only contacts the carpet once, as you run the vacuum back and forth.

The machine has a manual trigger that allows you to control when water is being sprayed onto the carpet. The suction is powerful and is able to remove most of the water that goes down, meaning your carpets aren't left very wet and drying time is reduced.

The accessories that come with the unit are very useful, with a small hand power scrubber and several other accessories for cleaning things like stairs, furniture etc.

My only criticism of the machine (and I'm saying this coming from our previous experience with a commercial grade machine) is that the water tank(s) are small. One of our rooms is a carpeted area of around 9m x 4.5m, and for me to shampoo that (taking my time, spraying water and scrubbing properly), I probably had to fill the tank (and empty the recovery tank) around 7 times. Now that said...that is a large room, and this is a "domestic" unit, and there has to be a trade off somewhere. I know Hoover can't design a domestic unit with a 40L tank. But I'm saying this as a just be aware - that depending on the size of your house and the rooms, you may be making frequent trips to refill and empty the unit.

With that in mind - emptying and refilling the unit is very simple, with both tanks being able to easily be removed and clicked back into place.

I'm still rating this 5 stars though, as even though it's a small "inconvenience" (for me) having to refill that many times, the way this machine cleans more than makes up for it. Our carpets are near new again, and you can really just "feel" how much cleaner they are.

With this machine - you do get your money's worth.


After having a Vax and Wertheim carpet shampooer this little light unit is a gem. It works better than any of the others, is easy to clean and refill. So far very impressed by this unit. At least this one lives up to the price.

Cleaner Carpets, only a few strokes away.

I bought tis unit to replace a 6 year old Hoover that had seen better days, it has a good accessory kit and a tank that automatically mixes detergent, it also has a rinse function.

I find the spin scrub brushes better than the traditional brushbar , it just seems to remove marks on my almost white carpet a little better. I can clean my large lounge on one tank and the detergent reservoir works for roughly 3/4 tanks of water.

I have found its easy to clean as well because the recovery tank splits in two.
light, cleans well, rinse option, included tools.
wish it was a little wider.

Questions & Answers

Is this machine good for pet stains and smells?
2 answers
It depends for old stains and smells its the stain smell removing product that you use but for new ones yes for sure i have two kittens right now and mine has been working over time not a smell or spot leftThank you!

Machine with the same styled brushes in the USA ("PowerScrub 50" written in green) has an Amazon review complaining about rust breaking these machines quickly. Google "Company is oblivious to the issues with SpinScrub Brushes" to see ("2,489 people found this helpful". !! ). Anyone had issues with the head jamming up on this machine?
3 answers
No! Any machine you do not clean out, clean off brushes or clean out fluid tanks will have the same problem ! Never seen or had rust anywhere on my Hoover ! Includes mobile stairs car ckeaning kit as well . Suggest the negative feedback is owner / operator laziness and lack of maintenace tbe problem! Had mine and the matching shampoo machine 2 years now ,is still like new ! Says in the manual to clean it out thoroughly after every use! Easy to do ! Better tham tigers I gave had too! Vac is 10 times better than my Dyson I had to maintain operate and ckean out ! Shsmpoo mavhine as good as commercial one ! Lifts the carpet off the underlay and washes that as well ! Hunting fishing household with many pets! No problems !These hoovers are grade 3+ plus machines ! Means the higher the rated number the better the machines are ! Ask before buying any machine ! Also check out has replacement filters back up parts available and good warranty ! Pay peanuts you get monkey machines ! Global Grandad MaxThanks Max ! Although I'm not sure what a 3+ plus machine is (no hits even on the Google) !!! Anyways, does make sense the machine should last if cared for properly! But in the end decided on a more reasonably price multi-purpose cleaner !!! Even assuming this machine is fine if well treated, for me the deal breaker was that the Godfrey's price is just ridiculous compared to the same level Hoovers on Amazon USA !!! Darn it, I've gone and typed too many of these exclamation mark things!

What is the price amd where to get from
2 answers
Any Godfreys store in NZ . Can trade in old vac on the deal too! Get a container of shampoo thrown in the deal as well ! Cheers! Max Harding Global GrandadAs far as I can see the brand name "Hoover" is really just a Godfreys only thing in Australia. 500 on their current special (which I think are frequent). Looking myself, which is why I posted the question about rusty heads

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