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Hoover Steamy Wonder 3630

Hoover Steamy Wonder 3630

3.0 from 26 reviews

Beware of catching on fire

I have had this mop for 2 years. I didn’t have an issue with it until it caught on fire this morning. Flames came out of where the electrical cord feeds into the back of the machine. Thank goodness my safety switch kicked in and shut off the electricity.

Purchased in January 2017 at Godfreys for $49.00.

Floor Type Tiles

cheap and nasty

Just a cheap and nasty product. Does not pump out enough steam to do the job. The pads don't last long and the Velcro doesn't last at all. Don't waste your money.

Purchased in March 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Floor Type Linoleum and Tiles

It was great until I needed new mop pads

I've had this mop for just over a year. It's been fantastic for a small 2 bedroom unit, with enough cord length to not have to keep changing where it's plugged in to and a water tank that is big enough to last while cleaning the three rooms with hard surfaces. My problem started several months ago when I had to buy new mop pads for it as the Velcro no longer held on the original mop pad. The replacement pads made by Hoover and sold at Godfreys are completely different to the original pad and don't clean the floors properly. I can go over the floors twice with two clean mop pads and the floors are still dirty afterwards, when the original mop pad cleaned them perfectly the first time. Hoover basically said there was nothing they could do about it when I spoke to their customer service centre, so I had to buy a new steam mop from a different brand, even though the device itself is still in good working order.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great mop - Short Life span

I bought this steam mop just over a year ago. I have used it around two to three times a month for tiled floors. Like some of the previous reviews here, just after the year warranty had expired, the lights still come on and it makes a little noise but no steam comes out anymore so it's now useless. At least I bought it at half price for $50.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Not bad

I have been using it for a while now and it's not too bad- easy to handle, light, clean well and floors dry fast.
I live in a small apartment - only kitchen and bathroom are tiled, so I dont need to refill the water tank as often and cord is sufficient.

Date PurchasedOct 2016


iv had our steamy wonder about 6 months, still works great and happy with it. Refill the tank every second go because we only have the bathroom and kitchen/laundry tiled so a smallish/med area. After using the floor isn't completely dry but i find it drys a lot quicker than a traditional mop. I rinse or machine wash the pad after use, since it does get dirty quickly. Cord length is great for our sized rooms.

Hate when using sometimes dust just balls together on tiles and doesn't go on the pad, have to go over things a few times. For the grout i would use a scrubbing brush but for general dirt and spills this is a great little mop that's easy to move around and use.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Powering on for Two Years

I bought this unit 2 years ago, based on as good write up in Choice Magazine. I've used it constantly over this time with no issues at all. It's very light and easy to use. It cleans well, although it slow like all steam mops.
The water tank could be a little larger, but this is not a big issue.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great product, does a great job

Just moved into a new home, so house was pretty filthy from building dust etc, so needed a good clean, had to fill the tank once during the clean - was pretty impressed with that. Normally would guess I would be able to get the whole house done in one go, if not, pretty close to it.

The floor was slightly damp after cleaning - but it was all completely dry in a matter of minutes.

Not had to replace a pad just yet - but washed the one that came with it and its all good.

Cord length could be a little bit longer, but just chucked an extension cord on it and it was fine...

No dramas so far

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Light and easy to use

I've had the mop for 3 years and its still working well. Simple to use, although does take some extra scrubbing on ground in dirt. Water tank is easy to fill. Floor dries quickly and pads can be removed and put through washing machine. Suggest buying spares as if floor is really dirty may like to change if doing several rooms.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Easy & effective

Had this mop for 12mths & its great on tiles. I mop once a week, family of 5, large living area, kitchen, dining & 3 bathrooms, altho my floors are never super dirty so not sure how it would go with alot of dirt or pets etc. Heats up fast & steams efficiently. Water tank simple to fill & fit in place. One tank will do my house if i go quickly but i use two fills on a thorough clean but thats fine. Pad that came with it is the best & i throw in washing machine after each use. I brought two extra pads but they arent as good quality, so i mainly use original one. Has a handy clip to keep cord from getting in the way.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Quite acceptable performance for the price

A simple to use mop without the bells and whistles. Only has one setting which is not very powerful and can be frustrating when you have a particularly soiled area to clean. The water tank can be easily removed to fill and the unit is nice and light. Does an acceptable job of cleaning and the drying time is fast. With one tank of water, I can almost do a light clean of the whole house: kitchen, 2 toilets, laundry and 2 bathrooms. The unit does not maneuver so well in many instances and comes with removable washable pads.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Good...but only for a short time!

This steam mop cleans well at the beginning. Easy to use and effective. However after under 10 uses the mop stopped working. The light lights up and the handles heats up but the water and steam do not make it through to the mop head. From reading the other reviews it seems that this is a common occurrence. I think Hoover needs to consider the quality and longevity of their products.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Stopped working suddenly just after 1yr warranty

This was an ok, slightly clunky machine that I bought for around $80. It worked ok. I used it maybe two dozen times (between regular mopping) and it stopped working. The pads need to be changed after every use and I am glad the pads are machine washable. Would have been good to have gotten more use out of it.
Also- the electrcal cord is not very long which means you have to unplug and move the plug as you move. Wouldn’t buy this one again.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Good product

Bought this for $120 2 years back and working well till date. Bit heavy when loaded with water as the mop cloth becomes wet and need to put effort to push it to clean the floor. Otherwise light weight and very handy to clean the dirty floors. Good pricing and easy to use, recommended.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Broken after 3 uses.

For $99 I thought it might be a mid-range type mop. I used it 3 times. It worked okaaay - not great. Then the 4th time I plugged it in - it just stopped. The element feels like it's heating up, but no water is coming out or steam. Unfortunately now just going in to land fill. I'm sorry I bought it.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

The one year warranty certainly lives up to its name! No more Godfreys!

I purchased this mop 1 year and 1 month ago to the day.
Today (Jan 22nd 2018) it just stopped! No warning, no indication it was not going to work. I use it weekly. I was disappointed because for $99 I thought it was not too expensive but not too cheap. It worked relatively well. But the one year warranty was certainly true to form! Thanks Godfreys, won't be coming back!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Good budget steam mop

As others have noted, this seems to be on permanent special for $49 at a major franchise chain, and it represents good value at this price, which is not much more than a mop and bucket would cost.

Some compromises have been made to bring it to you at such a price, e.g. there is no pad to rest it on, but if you've had steam mops before, you probably already have one. You only get one cleaning pad, but a helpful shop attendant will sell you a pair of them for $20. The cord is not long enough, but a $2 extension cord will make the problem go away. There is only one steam outlet, but this is typical for a low cost steam mop. as with most steam mops, it will streak if you don't sweep first.

Other than these quibbles, the machine has been good so far. It's light and easier to maneuver than most other steam mops. It cleans the floor effectively. The pads are machine washable and seem to have good life expectancy. The water tank is detachable and easily filled, and hold sufficient to do my floors.

All in all I recommend this product.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

What You Pay Is What You Get!

It does the job which I weighed up the Pros & Cons before purchasing it. Only worth $49. Is that price permanently & not a special (Marketing strategy). Realised immediately with being self-employed myself. I chose this Mop as we are updating once we move to Victoria. We are not taking it with us to keep Interstate move costs down where we can. Will give to one of my Besties once finished with it.

Then we will invest in one that has the features I am wanting for satisfaction in all areas of benefits! This will includes having Low, Medium & High Steam. Also, that will be more efficient in not going through the Distilled Water quickly as the Hoover Steamy Mop does. A good starting point as a temporary Steam Mop if on a tight budget at the time.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Simple design, no bells and whistles, all that you need

I like this steam mop as it is simple to use, just turn it on and push. The tank is not huge but it is easy to refill and I like the velcro mop head as it stays in place. The first one I had lasted 18 months and I have just purchased the 2nd one for $99.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great Unit

This was a Godfrey's $49 (from memory) special and has proved to very handy for cleaning our tiled floors.

The main thing to remember is to treat the microfiber cloths properly. These are designed to soak up a heap of water together with the dissolved dirt so if they have lost their absorbent capability (say by rinsing with fabric softener or allowing to collect lint in a dryer) then they will become ineffective.

We have been using this unit for about 18 months and it has been trouble free so far.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

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Questions & Answers

Can you still purchase this mop? I bought mine from Godfrey but they don't seem to have it anymore
1 answer
Bought mine not long ago and they had heaps but where on sale so maybe gone now. Best to ring your local store and ask.

Does it come with the pads or do you have to buy them?
2 answers
Yes it does though do not remember if it came with 1 or 2 Pads.Only comes with one pad.I use 3 chux wrapped around and secured on top of the head with tape in lieu of replacement pads.Works just as well on light to medium dirty floors,glides easier and of course much more economical than pads.

my mop doesn't let out steam the water heats up but no steam. Any help?
1 answer
I haven't had this problem so can only guess. My first thought would be that the steam outlet from the heater might be blocked so I would run some descaling solution through the machine and see if that fixes it. If it's not still under warranty I might take the back off to check that the steam tube is still properly attached (I did this with a machine that I purchased from Kogan some years ago and was surprised at how simple its innards were) Failing that a trip to Godfreys to get a quote for repair. Hope this helps.


Steamy Wonder 3630
Price (RRP) $149
Tank Capacity350ml

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