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Hortico Weed Killer

Hortico Weed Killer

3.0 from 21 reviews

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Excellent Product


This is an excellent product.
It lasts for ages and I have had nothing but success every time I use it.
The only work you have to do is simply measure out the correct amount of
concentrate and fill your pump sprayer with water and away you go.
The cost is another bonus.

Date PurchasedAug 2018



  • 7 reviews

Great stuff to use - if you have a brain


I have used Hortico Weed Killer Concentrate for years and it has always done the job exactly as described - all it takes to make it work properly is to read the instructions and use common sense. My pathways and car hard stand areas are always free of weeds because of my regular use of this product. I wouldn't use anything else!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Doesn't even come out of bottle.


I purchased this from Bunnings and got the two bottles home. Couldn't even get it to spray properly without water going everywhere the nozzle is useless. I thought it might have been me but I took it back and replaced it for "Scott Lawns" bindi killer which worked perfectly out of the bottle. The Scott brand was double the price but sometimes I guess cheaper just isn't better!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

CJAYFar North Queensland, QLD

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Does the Job!!


Very good product for everyday use. This is not a selective weed killer, so be careful when spraying close to ornamental plants. The weeds start showing colour in few days. Best to spray during the afternoon. A little goes a long way. I bought a 1L bottle and still going strong. Avoid spraying on windy days.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Wary Consumer

Wary ConsumerSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 30 reviews
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Glyphosate/Roundup at a reasonable price

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Does the trick - value for money.


This product had done an excellent job across a large number of weeds, and also deals with re-growth of trees (popular/willow) I cut. Since you only use 5ml per litre it is very economical. Have been using this all purpose weedkiller now for several years and in the area I live (Central Hawkes Bay/New Zealand), Bunnings is the only shop selling this brand. (NZ$9.90/litre)

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great price, always does the job


I've used Hortico for the last two years without complaints. I believe some of the reviewers here may have been intending to buy or review Hortico's LAWN Weed Killer. This product is a non-discriminant killer of all plant matter, definitely not for spraying on your lawn. It will kill your veggies/flowers too so avoid spraying on windy days. As tempting as it may be, avoid the pre-mixed spray bottles and buy the concentrate to mix yourself. Far better value and lasts much longer. To apply it I bought a 2L pressure spray bottle from Bunnings. Costs about $7 but saves you a lot of time and effort in the long run, not to mention having to burn out your forearms if you have a large area to cover.

Date PurchasedSep 2017



  • 4 reviews

Reliable Weed Killer


I bought this product and it works as intended, it's exactly the same as Yates Zero and Roundup at 360g/l and is much cheaper. Less than $10 a bottle for a 1L Concentrate at bunnings. This is not a rapid weed killer or a super high strength one, I didn't need any of those so I bought this brand.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

NZ intelligence test for Australians


I also found this did not appesr to work. Water going everwhere. Then noticed a "peel here" tag on label. Peel that back and you find the insructions for use on a second label. You have to flip up the front the black cover and then open the flow of water. Works ok then.

Date PurchasedOct 2017


  • 5 reviews

Hortico Weed & Green Spray kit

Date PurchasedOct 2017


LinzPerth, WA

  • 5 reviews

Buyer Beware!


Buyer Beware!
I applied this product on my lawn Palmetto lawn.
20mls per 8litre watering can with a wide spray.
It has totaling killed my lawn.
So i phoned Yates and was told it the same as using Roundup.
There no warning on the front label
you have buy then peel back a hidden label.
I was after some compensation as item as not as described.
All i got was a poor response and all i receive is a 500ml of uplift
lawn fertilizer.
This product will kill your lawn...

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Killed my Lawn!


I applied 20ml in a 8litre watering can.
i did 1refill to cover a small area around 20m2
I have did use your spray on Liquid fertiliser to try and bring it back it was to late.
I did not keep the receipt from Bunnings
It was purchased from Bunnings Bibre Lake WA
I now have the worse lawn in the street…

I also applied to front verge ant it killed that too.
Not Happy

Date PurchasedSep 2017



What an absolute crap product doesn't even come out but water everywhere. Did the lawn then realised the product wasn't getting any less but lots of water spraying out the sides and all over my boots. Would not recommend this to anyone that wants to weed and feed their lawn.

Date PurchasedSep 2017



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The hose-on dispenser is useless


I had the same problem as Gay W. Even though the hose was connected properly the product sprayed out the connection and onto me and not the lawn. Never again! Does anyone know the dilution required to use this product manually in a watering can or other delivery method? Thanks.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
Gay W

Gay WSydney, NSW

  • 5 reviews

Hortico weed and green -useless!!!


Bought Hortico Weed & Green to use with the hose. After twenty minutes with water spraying mostly out to the sides and covering my jeans in water, the level of product in the bottle had not changed. Yes, the hose was fully connected. There are NO instructions about how to use it, such as turning it upside down or poking a little hole in it somewhere, NOTHING. Worse than useless. Taking it back to Bunnings for a refund. What a hopeless product.

Date PurchasedOct 2016


  • 3 reviews

This is a great product! Same active ingredient as Roundup which is 4 times the price.


For many years Roundup had the market - but I believe the patent ran out and along came Hortico 360 which same as Roundup uses Glysophate.
So it is the basically the same stuff at a way better price.
I am surprised to not see more favourable reviews...????!
I live in the Perth Northern suburbs and have garden beds and brick paving so periodical weed spray is a must.
In my opinion this is a great product - give it a go!

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Killed Our Lawn


Purchased 2 bottles of weed and feed lawn spray, the coverage on the bottle says 103 sqm i sprayed it on over 400 sqm. My lawn is now dead.
We contacted the supplier and they basically said that it wasn't our product, but nothing else was use, then claimed heat stress based on a town 20 km inland, we are on the coast the weather never got above 26c absolute cop out. Don't use this product as you may have the same result as us.
Very poor from


bzerk86Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 32 reviews

Good Value, a little goes a long way


I have never had an issue with this weed killer, It's rite for the price! If there was anything negative to say, it's that the weeds can take a few days to show signs of their demise other than this it works well and lasts a very long time as you only need 10ml per litre of water.



  • 11 reviews

Design of Spray Doesn't Work.


Bought Hortico Weed & Green in spray pack and followed instructions. After 20 minutes I noticed the bottle was still full! The only way to get the product out of the container is to tip it upside down and shake vessel as you walk along. Instructions say not to tip upside down and nothing about shaking container! Water pressure has to be fairly low also.
Took an hour to do the job. Not especially hopeful the product works if they can't even get the container mechanism right!
Well I have used it now and not impressed. It may have slightly [word removed] the growth of certain weeds but on most types it had no impact.



Worked like they said it would


Bought the concentrate, and a sprayer. Added the recommended amount to the water (did 2 litres), sprayed on a dry day... few days later it actually rained a fair bit ... then wasnt till about 7-8days started to see some of the bigger weeds start to curl up... 12 days after spraying now and the big weeds are wilting, and the tiny ones have turned yellow and wilted, and the sprayed grass is turning yellow too.

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Halina S.asked

I sprayed Hortico Bindii & Clover killer (Hose On) on my Buffalo Turf by accident. Turf is suffering. Will it destroy my turf or will Buffalo recover.

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Is hortico weed killer 360 harmful to pets

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