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Howard Restor-A-Finish

Howard Restor-A-Finish

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Didn't work for white hot dish ring on chest of drawers

I can understand how this would enhance old and scratched wood however after being recommended this by a retailer who swore by it ( i said I needed it for a hot white cup ring). at a price of $37:50 and a $9:50 fine wire wool I had high expectations of the product when I left the store. Unfortunately it did not work on my dresser, even after several attempts. I did exactly as the instruction stated but to no avail did the white ring blend with the colour so I will need to sand the whole thing back. I do understand how this item would make old and tired furniture look new and also blend in scratches but after the spell I got from the retailer and the promise of it being able to deal with hot white cup marks I guess I had expected more than the product capable of. I will however use it for tired and sctratched furniture.

Does what it claims to do, and does it well

I used this to restore the finish on some B&W DM16 speakers which had suffered from years of use and then storage in dads garage. Applying this made them come up like new. I also used this on a Telecaster copy I got from China which I wasn't happy with. Sanded it back a bit and applied and ended up looking great. Highly recommended.

Everything I had hoped it would be.

Steam had removed the finish on two of my kitchen cabinets, I purchased your product after reading reviews on your website.
Restoreafinish did exactly as promised removing all signs of the damage, thanks for an excellent product.

Does what it says on the tin

My dad and I retrieved some antique furniture from storage that was very much in need of some TLC. It was dry, dusty, and some pieces had scratches and water damage. Restor-A-Finish proved effective in camouflaging much of the surface damage and we were happy with the results for the price.

For scratches or marks, we used super fine steel wool (0000) as instructed - gently! For lesser damage and a shine up, we used a piece of soft muslin cloth. For example, an old pine cabinet with a satin Estapol finish had water marks on the top and side. After treatment with the 'maple-pine' colour of Restor-A-Finish, the marks cannot be noticed any more unless one looks closely. We followed up a day later with a beeswax furniture polish.

Treating minor damage this way was much easier than trying to get heavy pieces to and from a furniture polisher. It was also cheaper, of course. If you have furniture that needs TLC, then I'd say give Restor-A-Finish a go.

Note that this product will not fix major damage. The tin states that it works to restore colour, blend out scratches and blemishes and remove white heat rings. We also found it effective for surface water marks. If your furniture has major damage with a large area of varnish or surface treatment removed or compromised, this product will not be able to fix that - you would need to get it refinished by a professional.

As always, please test first, and start out with a light application on an inconspicuous area. Be aware that damaged areas may take up the tint at a different rate - either too readily (making them darker) or not enough (easily fixed by adding a little more product to those areas in a second or third application). Aim to build up the tint gradually with successive coats as needed. Proceed with caution and you should get good results.

Addendum: Just wanted to add that this product did not work on a chair with a modern finish (I'm guessing of the polyurethane type). Mind you, this type of finish does not damage easily - the chair I tried it on did not have much damage and I just tried it as an experiement. The product did not penetrate the modern finish, and I ended up wiping it off again.
Website and tin provide good instructions; range of colours to suit various woods; cheaper and easier than taking items for sanding and refinishing
You might need to buy several colours if you are doing various pieces of furniture - this seems expensive at the time, but is much cheaper than the alternative if damage is not major

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Do Bunnings stock Restore A Finish?
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Can I use this product on polished blackwoid kitchen cupboards
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Does it take multiple coats?
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I had steam damage on one of my Kitchen cabinet doors and it only took one application to solve the problem.


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