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Hunter Bobber

Hunter Bobber

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Needs a little more go!

Now being a rider for all most a year now after buying my 2015 hunter bobber, I loved the looks and style but no guts. 350cc just isn't enough power which you expect from a 350cc. It's not a bad bike for people on a budget who want a commuter around town but once on the highways that's where the dream ends. Especially for me. Revs its guts out like a fat kind in gym class dying for more air. I had a new sprocket put on the rear Tyre which gave the old girl a few more legs on the high but that's it.

Great kick around bike but all in all that's all its good for.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Hunter Bobber

I bought a Brand New Hunter Bobber about 4 months ago. I read some of the reviews on here and was really worried about the decision, but they are just the coolest looking bike ever and I couldn't help myself. The biggest problem so far is there's no where to sit all the chicks that keep begging me for a ride lol. I was a bit worried about the Rigid Rear end. Surprisingly its Really Comfortable. I'm over 6 foot tall and 110kg. I adjusted the under seat Shockie to suit my fat butt and its perfect now, more comfortable than other Motorcycles I've ridden. Just ticked over 8000 Kays, and no Problems so far. The Chain needs regular tightening and I had my dealer get rid of the poxy tail piece and mount the tail light up on the fender. One of the bolts in the chain guard came lose and made a horrible noise, so I swung passed the dealer I bought it from on the way home from work, be found it straight away and did a full service on it while I waited!! (It was due anyway). Apart from that all I can say is thumbs up Hunter, this bike has changed my life.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Brand New Bobber

Hi guys bought a new bobber on Tuesday 23rd and have had a few issues with it already. Keen to find out if anyone else has had similar ones. I'm not one too be negative, the bike looks great, rides well and it's had nothing but compliments.
I had done a bit of research before buying, watched youtube videos and read a couple reviews.
Friday 26th
Took the bike on its first proper ride and had done around 30kms when one of the reg plate nut and bolts became loose and fell off which left my plate rubbing on my wheel. The other was just holding on so i tightened it when i stopped then went to Bunnings for some 6mm nylon lock nuts and bolts to secure it to the bike. Another 50kms later and my clutch fell down to the same level as my foot rest and i was having to hook it up with my foot to select gears until i got to a safe place to pull over. Once i stopped and checked i noticed the 6mm nut and bolt that holds the clutch assembly together had lost the nut and the bolt was just hanging on in there. Luckily enough the packet of nylon lock nuts i bought earlier fitted the bolt and i managed to secure it back together so i could continue to ride.
Saturday 27th
I now have around 80kms on the odometer and i'm about to start my ride. At the beginning all was good and i though all the problems were behind me. I was really looking forward to the day ahead and another 45kms later the completely cut out while riding. I had a look at the bike and the bolt that holds the air box to the frame had lost its nut and the hose connecting to it had started to detach from the box which looked like yellow glue had been used to hold in place. I called the dealer (who is a really nice guy) and he suggested it could be an electrical fault that caused it to cut out.
For a bike 4 days old i wouldn't expect all these things to go wrong with it. It's now with the dealer and is apparently going to be fixed.... but i think i was sold a lemon
Has this happened to anyone else? I'm losing faith in this Brand/Company. Not sure whether to get a refund. What would you guys suggest?

They aren't without their issues

I was excited to find something cool looking in the Lams bikes! But that faded as in my 11000km I have broken down every 5-700km :( I don't own a car and was hoping buying a new bobber meant I would have a trouble free year... Not so. First dramas were related to a leaking fuel tank which would actually pump fuel out a breather hose and I would run out of fuel, next was the tail light cracking and breaking off three times...leaving me stuck with wiring dangling off the bike and no brake light, Until I replaced it with a hand made thicker bracket. Broken two clutch cables, broke throttle tube, ape hangers slipped and slipped until I replaced with drag bars for fear of an accident. Since then it's been wiring drama after drama.. Hit a bump break a wire.. The harness has rubbed and earthed in two spots causing breakdowns. The regulator has crapped itself and the connection to the ignition leads is dubious...

Now all of this could happen on any bike at any time, but for all of it to happen in 12 months and 11000km leaves me with little faith..

I wouldn't recommend a Hunter as your only vehicle if getting to work on time every time is a priority for you. As a cheap toy they are fun and get heaps of attention and start lots of conversations.
Hard tail is fun to ride, every body tells you they think your bike is cool.
Build quality

Good Bike!

I had just come back into bikes and wanted to start small then buy the HD. I wanted something different with the looks without the speed, found a Bobber 350 private sale had 1900km on the clock paid $6000 for it.

Bike had been dropped by previous owner, so had a couple of issues to fix, have now put another 5000km on the bike with one failure, fuel gauge shorted, this can happen to any bike, have done a few mods and I ride this little bike fairly hard, you have to keep an eye on bits and pieces, but daily pre ride checks sort that out.

Very comfortable to ride with the 10" apes, forward controls etc, fuel range is not great, but with nods I've got up to 160 km range, try that on you 1200 Harley with the same tank!!

Mods, seat remade thicker, bigger footpegs, Hunter supplied air horn, ram air pod, exhaust mods with wrap.

Bike will be going into Allbikes Moss st, in the Jan 14 for the following.
Tail light and number plate moved to left side.
LED indicators on the back.
New sprocket for more legs.
Whitewall tyres.
Re designed exhaust twin dumps right side.

You have to accept they are a cheap bike, but I have chosen a retro look and am modding to suit. I ride this more than I drive my car, rain hail or shine. I go on runs with groups that are amazed it keeps up I'm 112 kg....
the look
range comfort on the bum

My first cruiser

So after literally months of searching various web pages I decided on a hunter bobber sight unseen( only Internet pics ) plain black model and absolutely ova the moon with my most expensive online purchase... Living in a somewhat remote location I was able to secure at the time of no stock available a great bike with loads of street appeal... And wanting to give her a bit of my own style have done a few mods from increased horsepower( not telling ) custom paint and small touches which I am happy with ATM... Very happy bobber
It's basic layout
Engine capacity

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And it's now for sale with less than 800km on the clock.....due to not having any spare time to enjoy it.....$4500....0477653285

Style and fun on a budget.

I decided to get a Hunter Bobber after reading a number of opinions and viewing lots of Youtube videos. Mine is unmodified and as described on the Hunter website.
I've only had it for eleven days, but so far, I love it!
What I found most appealing was that it's a really cool looking bike with a reasonable size motor for a learner like me. I'm not the street racer type, and I wasn't after an offroad capable bike. I wanted that classic cruiser styling, but it also had to be LAMS approved. The Hunter ticks all of those boxes.
I get comments everywhere I go. The Hunter is rare enough that people are curious about it, it's obviously not a Harley, but has a similar look to the older cruiser style bikes.
The only issue has been a fault with the speedometer which is getting fixed under warranty. It either reads nothing, or shows 15kph under.
inexpensive, economical, fun, local service
Faulty speedo

hey brother just wondering if you know if it is LAMS approved in NSW ?Yes it is.Hi Neal, Thank you very much for this review. I am like you, not the street racer type of guy and i like the Hunter style. How is the bike going after 8 month? George glom@tpg.com.au

Questions & Answers

How much horsepower?
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What is the key on the forks for can someone plz tell me?
No answers

Has anyone undertaken the new most test on a hunter bobber? If so, how did the handle the bike handle the test? Looking at buying one as a first bike.
2 answers
Hi Bushy, I purchased my bobber on Tuesday and it's done 124kms. It's currently back at the dealer with issues. Read my story in the review section.I absolutley love mine. I was a bit worried about the power, but I got a 30 tooth sprocket fitted and it keeps up with my mates no problem.


Hunter Bobber
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