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Hunter Spyder 350

Hunter Spyder 350

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Looks great but pathetic

Looks great but has no power that basically sums up this bike.Dont buy this bike aimed at new riders .just terrible absolutely terrible but looks really nice.Please save your money

Purchased in May 2014 for $5,000.00.

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Best to pass on this bike

I bought one of these in 2008, it was the 250 carby version. The paint and chrome were ok in the two years I owned it. The big problem was that things kept breaking. At less than a week old I got called and told that the entire shipment had faulty thermostats and to remove the thermostat and boil it to un-stick it, the tool box cover came off in less than 100 kilometres and melted on the exhaust pipe. The dealer and Hunter refused to cover it under warranty. In the first 500 kilometres the front discs warped and were replaced with some from a 2006 demo bike. The factory mirrors had a cheap fitting to adjust them that broke in the first month so I had to buy a better quality after market set. The chain tensioner spring broke at 800 kilometres and after arguing with Hunter I finally got another spring, it broke after 1000 kilometres. Eventually I made my own spring. The mounting tabs for the chain guard broke off from bad welds so I had to re-weld them. The bolts on the left exhaust pipe that were part of the muffler (welded on) fell off so I had to drill out what was left and weld new bolts on.

At 2000 kilometres and less than 12 months old the radiator started leaking and you guessed it Hunter had no parts and refused a warranty claim. I took the radiator out and got it fixed by a radiator repair company. Not long after that one of the rear shocks broke internally whilst I was riding to work, no spare shocks either. Hunter said they were "standard Harley" parts that I could buy anywhere, nope they we cheap metric knock offs. I ended up getting a new set out of China. At 13 months the battery suddenly died leaving me stranded at work. So I had no choice but to buy a new battery from the closest bike shop to my work (at inflated prices) just to get home. I had a mate of mine put the old battery on his fancy re-conditioning charger but the factory battery was beyond saving. At 18 months the ignition wires melted under the ignition switch, so another Saturday morning repairing the bike.

The bike ran crazy rich out of the factory and kept fouling the plugs again leaving me stranded several times. I kept enough tools on the bike to pull the plugs, clean them up and get home. This got old real quick. Eventually I had to pull the carby apart and adjust the needle clip up by one, not a hard job but the cheap and soft screw heads came right off as soon as I tried to undo them.......swell, I had to drill out the screws and re-tap the threads. The front brakes had a sticking piston from the factory that required removal and re-machining. After two years and 5000 kilometres I decided I wanted to ride and not fix the bike so I sold it.

I don't think I got a "bad one" as they all seem to be like this. The guys on the alternative crusier forum around the world were having the same experience with this bike (it's sold as a Regal Raptor, Johnny Pag, AJS, Hunter, Laro and many other names). No question it looked cool but it's no fun when things keep breaking.

Date PurchasedMay 2008


Great bike for a first bike, has everything it needs to, tl work well. Only problem would be is it is very loud but that’s cool, my son loves it he has been riding around all day it’s good on petrol and easy to ride, I would definitely recommend this to anyone

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


How much km does a full take do on a hunter spider 350 as i live in Tasmania i wish to buy one and wondering how far i can travel as Strahan and zeehan is a far ride but has alot of corners and site seeing can some one help me

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great first bike

Bought one to learn on and not dissappointed.
Real head turner with the loud pipes, looks and goes great.
Well priced so u don't have to take out a second mortgage to get the harley badge.
A real chick magnet too.
To those who say they fall to bits, i say if u look after the bike it'll look after you.

Swapped My Harley For This Bike

Wow what a bike! I swapped my Harley Davidson Road King for one. Harley are overrated. The Spyder is a real head turner and chick magnet to boot. Rode around Australia twice without a problem. If you want to look cool and pick up chicks this is the bike to ride!!
Chick magnet and makes you look super cool. Harley owners cower when I roll up beside them at the lights especially 1%ers. Easily leaves the Harley V-Rod for dead. Motor is superb.

This 350cc version is a Very Nice Cruiser

I've had it for a year and I really like this bike! US design (Johnny Pag) built in China, the water cooled motor seems like a copy of a Yamaha 350 and the frame looks a little bit like a Harley Soft tail. It's no Harley and it's not perfect, but it seems well made, looks good and with a few minor mods it rides fine and the price is definitely right! I replaced the standard dragger handlebars with some buckhorn cruisers for a better sitting position and they worked great. I would recommend this bike to anyone who likes the cruiser looks but prefers a lighter (but full size) frame.
Looks great, rides well, inexpensive
I swapped handlebars for a more comfortable ride

Hunter Spyder 350

I got the 350 version. I found the ride too hard even with the rear shocks adjusted back so I put on a solo bobber seat with 3 inch springs I picked up new from Ebay and now the bike feels amazing - and looks brilliant. I would recommend this bike if you like a firm ride, but if you prefer comfort, just fit a sprung seat. Perfect.
Looks great, feels beautiful with the above changes
The standard rear shocks are too firm for me


Great looking bike,Gutless and the service from Hunter themselves is extremely poor, good for a learner with not a great lot of experience with road bikes but would definetly reccommend that the bike be fully test road on an extended test ride, after a few days the novelty wears off, getting to 100kms nearly revs the ring out of it
great looking thats all
gutless, very poor service from the importer, you get what you pay for.

Are you talking about the 250 or 350 version. I think the 250 might be underpowered for 100km cruisingkIn terms of service, please dont tell me that you took it to Maverick Motorcycles on Parramatta road?

Spyder bite!

First time bike owner. Purchased the Hunter Spyder 350cc EFI. Had a few problems at first with EFI but resolved eventually (replaced the unit). No problems since. Rides well, sounds great with the free-flow pipes, turns the heads. I am happy, for price, for style and looks - hey can't complain even turn the heads harley owners. The Sypder has some bite!
Rides well, looks great, priced right.
New EFI system - some inital problems. Replaced unit - now runds great.

Hi Redback. I am having some trouble with the EFI on my Spyder 250 year 2012. The bike is riding well and all of a suden the bike cuts out and the EFI light comes on. So far I have managed to get the bike going again by pulling the clutch in and slowly getting the rews back up and slowly keep going as if nothing ever happened. Was this the same problem that you had with your EFI unit? Also I cant seem to find a picture or description of the EFI unit on the net anywhere. How much did the new unit cost and is it a huge problem to change out?Yes this is the same problem I had particularly in colder or wet weather. I found that the relay switch to the EFI was either shorting or cutting out (reason unknown - perhaps moisture on the points) you can buy them from Peps auto parts shop - take in the old unit - located under your seat) and show the auto parts guys the part. You can find them in the electrical parts section. For memory it was about $20 or less for the relay part. It simply plugs into to 3/4 pin lead. I had a recent issue again (extremely wet weather and again on a frosty morning) - think it is a feature of the bike. The engine cutting out at 110km/hr gets your beating though! Your response to manage the situation seesm to work for me also.

Hail the Hunter

This is a great little bike for those starting out, and wanting a cruiser instead of a racer. I bought a 2009 model, and have now done 5,600 kms with no hassles, the bike always starts first time, and purrs like a kitten. Its a fun bike to ride, and turns heads. The only thing I would say this bike is lacking is a v-twin 250, or would even be great to see them bring out a 750 version.
reliable, looks good, love the forward controls, turns heads
needs v-twin, also less harsh brake pads.

you get what you pay for

Sorry to all the spyder fans but they really are rubbish.after riding different bikes for many years and mistakably buying one over net without first seeing it.let me beguin,I love riding my cruisers and wanted to my bike collection.my daily ride is a 99 Yamaha r6 one of the best production bikes ever built but I wanted a weekend cruiser for a more relaxing ride and purchaced the spyder.the fruity is with these bikes is that they will rattle apart and once you are sick of re tightening every nut and bolt lock tight is the only answer.the riding position is all wrong and nothing like a so-called Harley want to be.to the point of allmost being dangerous.the engines are poorly made and expect to adjust tappet clearence often as they are partial for movment and play.if you havnt have a good listen next time if you know what you are listening to.the spongy hand grips are. For a reason as they vibrate like hell no wonder every thing vibrates loose. The worst part is if you grab the seat and handlebars and try to flex it you will see there is significant movment in the frame so watch out on open road if you hit a bump it will overflex be uncontrollable and throw you right under a truck .not to mention all the cheap [censored word removed] welding on it that has had no guaty control even if it has been robot welded.the quality in the welder is proberly the same as the Spyder,Chinese rubish.I now have purchased a harley to put next to my yamaha r6 and selling the hunter sorry every body but there is no substitute for quality or safety.and if you think I dont know what I'm talking about when it comes to thebikes build qualities I'm a mechanical engineer buy trade.I build the machines,and build the Machines that build the machines1
cool to look at
cheap in every way

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t.m if you build the machines that build the machines why didn't you build up a bike of your choice . I have been building and riding Harleys for forty years now and if you look back on their history it was pretty shaky in the beginning. give hunter motorcycles a break, there a new company and are gonna have problems..

Checked out a second hand unit for a mate

I went on behalf of a friend who was interested in this bike. To start with i noticed the product finish on this bike was very second rate as the chrome was pitted and the welds were very badly done and looked like they will fail if involved in the slightest accident. The motor is a complete rip off from a old version Honda that went out of production many years ago. The riding position and design i feel is wrong for a beginner and will if anything be dangerous. The parts i noticed were made poorly and the tyres and other items were of cheap Chinese brands that are not fully tested for Australian conditions. As for the looks as advertised to be the same as old school Harley and all that jazz. I fail to see that at all. I fail to see how it is advertised as Harley look alike. It looks like a cheap Chinese thing that's been run over by a truck.
It's just another in a long line of cheap Chinese knock offs. I would never recommend this bike to anyone that is interested in taking up motorcycling. Really do yourself a favour and buy a Honda so you have the reasuring knowledge that the spare parts are available, warranty will be honoured and the bike will be RELIVABLE for many many years.
Not much really to like after you stand back and have a good hard look at it
Poor welds. bad quality chrome, bad - cheap finish of product.

poor welds what a bunch of rubbish, like nearly ecvery bike these days the frame is robot TIG welded fool, stick with your jappa mr honda dealerIn response to comments made by DofR. First off, If you have to use abusive language to make yourself feel good by all means go ahead Dad of Rick. Now let’s look at what I said and explain it for the slow learners. ( that would be you ) If you read my comments with both eyes and not try to read something sinister between the lines you will realise I have stated the motor on this Chinese Junk is a complete copy of a old HONDA engine far gone out of production many years ago with everything old and nothing on it is new technology like EFI which 99% of motorcycles are manufactured with these days. Please check your facts and you will know I am correct. Second. I said the riding position for a learner is all wrong. If you don’t understand this you never will as no explanation is possible for the ones who choose to be ignorant. I have ridden this Chinese bike and many more in over 40 years of motorcycling ranging from Pee Wee 50”s to Harley Road Kings and would stand by my comment that the rake on the steering neck is far too much with a wheel trail which makes steering heavy and dangerous for a beginner. I can get into more detail but as any experienced rider who reads this will know exactly what I mean. Thirdly. I have seen these things advertised for the Harley “ want to be crowd “ . So we have a bike that has a copy of a old HONDA engine and wants to look like a Harley only if you look at it from 200 meters away with one eye closed. On a side note the bike is also advertised with scam marketing as assembled in Australia. What s#$& that is. These things are exported out of China in a wood create. All that happens in Australia is the wheels are bolted on and some fluids added. I am of the opinion you will find this is the case with nearly every other motorcycle imported to Australia but, they don’t try scam their customers and say their product is AUSTRALIAN assembled. It’s false advertising and misleading as it is made in CHINA. So let’s sum it up for you D of R. This thing is a death trap for beginners with it shonky design, cheap components and a false advertising complain to fool the inexperienced customers to thinks it is a Australian bike that just happens to be “Made in China “. And so you don’t confuse the issue I would be happy to see my children on a Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki or even a Suzuki before I’ll let them waste their hard earned money on this reject. It is overpriced compared to the big four Japanese manufactures and as stated before the components are of cheap design and quality as I have seen pitted chrome and shonky looking welding I wouldn’t trust . If you wish to discuss this any further please don’t hesitate. Cheers DofR PS: I am not now or ever was a Honda. I am now retired motorcycle mechanic with a memory that serves me well to tell the difference a quality products and garbage. Cheers.I just bought a 2012 Spyder 250, awesome bike, runs well, sounds awesome, welds top quality, finish is top quality, so firestorm you don't know your talking about, here's a tip own a bike before you comment about it.

firestorm28 ???

Don't get his reveiw on a hate vendetta, firestorm28 almost sounds like a oposition brand dealer doesn't he mmmm?

Son got his learner permit and always on to us about hunter brand even had poster on his bedroom wall for a year. 27 yrs of riding Harleys but never heard of this brand, anyway I called some mates and one of em selling his sons cause got full lisence and selling his red spyder250 with 11,000klms, bought that for [name removed] and he loved it, rode work most dry days 7500klms in 11mnths did 1 chain adjust and 2 tail light bulbs, some lowlife nicked it from his work, then bought 2nd hand 350 4,500klms with insurance money, now got another 5,000klms in 6mnths no probs at all.

The brakes do squel a bit but $19 softer pads off ebay fixes that. Gret kids ride, heavy chain same size as my HD shovelhead and alloy wheels so no spokes to adjust, cheap as blazers on petrol and coolest looking little bike we know of, the only prob I got with it found the back tyre must be designed for heavier bikes cause tends to slip in wet a bit so told [name removed] to keep it slow in rain, will look for softer compound tyre for it when needs it.
easy to ride its looks and everything really
back tyre too hard a compound

Mate so you riddens harleys for 27 year. Big deal i owned them and worked in a Harley shoppe for more years than that but it has nothing to do with this rubbish Chinese bike. I saw it for what it is and made a comment on the build quality , design and yes the motor is a copy of the 1982 CB 250 Honda. so get over it if your lad wasted his money on some junk with little to no resale value. At the end of the day if your happy that's all that matter but for me if i had to only ride my motorcycles on dry days i would be would sell them and buy a car.your comment proves you know nothing about motorcycles. a 1982 cb250 honda is an air cooled engine of 250cc capacity. My kids bike is a liquid cooled of 350cc capacity. Charging stator is on opposite side. camshaft and valve adjusters totally different, etc, etc you know nothingIf you use both eyes to read what I posted, instead of trying your best to try twist my words you will see I said it is a copy of a "OLDER Honda " motor long gone out of production many many years ago. You keep trying to justify ownership of a pile of JUNK mate. Really if you are so happy with making such a bumb purchase why come in here to try justify it. ?

Hunter Spyder 250CC EFI

I've had my Spyder for about a month now and had no Prob. with it, the only issue that am having with this bike, is the breaks, every time i hit the braks it makes that ugly sound as if there is no discs at all..
but appearnatly it's common problem with them, i spoke to the dealership and they advised me to replace 'm and i wont have that problem anymore... apart from that it's great bike and u getting what u paid for, think of it this way..if u buy that bike Japanese made u will be paying atlease $20ks.
enjoy it..
the way it looks, reliable
the Warranty is not that good.. the dealership didnot replace the Stearing lock for me coz i didn't buy the Bike from him..

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The warranty should be honoured by the dealer no matter who is the current owner or where you bought the bike from. You have posted it is reliable even though you state it is falling apart after only one month of ownership. You sound like you are very new to motorcycling and are being taken advantage off. Seek help from consumer affairs and have the facts checked out then go see the dealer and tell him you want your bike repaired fully at his costs. This is not fit for purpose and a safety risk if left as it is. As for $20K you will will get 100 times more motorcycle from any of the big 4 Japanese dealers. Do your homework before you make silly quotes like that. Cheers.

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What the correct grade engine oil to use in hunter syder
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I own a 2008 250 Hunter Spyder (AJS Britain/Johnny Pagg USA) . I currently have a 30 tooth sprocket on the rear but at highway speeds of 80kph or over it's screaming it's head off. As far as I know a 30 tooth is a smallest I can go. Does anyone know of another bike company that's makes a smaller toothed sprocket that will fit the bolt pattern of the Hunter (AJS/Johnny Pagg)
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How much does a second hand hunter engine go for??
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Hunter Spyder 350
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