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Husqvarna 240 E-Series

Husqvarna 240 E-Series

2.2 from 10 reviews


I brought the 240e run 5 tanks of gas though it and had shop tune and check . This saw has done way too much work cut a power of fire wood . Willow, Bluegum, and Pine ! Chain has never come loose and has always been easy to start . Must have got one of the good ones ,

Date PurchasedMar 2017

240E single bar locking device.

Single stud bar locking device is a failure. Have spent much time checking and adjusting chain than cutting time. Has quickly cost me a bar and three chains due to coming off the bar. Have now purchased a earlier model 240 cover using the 2 studs provided. Now use the saw with minimum chain adjustment required. Dealer said they were not getting any reports of problem. About to see if I can get a warranty refund but not optimistic.

January 7th 2017 Update: 240E-Series modification.

Problem with bar tension-er now resolved by replacing the cover with the earlier model cover at extra cost which uses the two studs and nuts. This has proved that the original cover and single quick tension device did not do its job adequately. Manufacturer did not reply to my email.

Date PurchasedSep 2013

Still going strong

Don't understand the hate for this saw. I use it commercially and the more I use it, the better it gets. I suppose the hate may come from inexperienced fanboi's of other brands? bizzare. I've worked with more trees than I can count with this chainsaw, and been through a few bars and chains. Never a problem. It's a fine little saw that can match your abilities if you are not impatient and forcing it. Buy one! :)


Oiler didn't work from day 1 (fixed under warranty went from no oil to oil running out before fuel). Chain brake lever broke (fixed under warranty), chain brake burnt out - fixed, chain brake burnt out again after very little use. Plastic cog to tension chain teeth stripped (who designs a plastic cog to drive steel cogs a disaster in the making). Total use I have worn out 1 whole chain. Can't be bothered spending more money to repair it.

Another chainsaw that won't start

Bought the 240e 2 weeks ago, started reluctantly last week and cut like a dream, quieter than other chainsaws, but wouldn't even give a cough today. Changed fuel and spark plug but no difference. Partner is a farm boy has used chainsaws most of his life but for some reason we have had a run of bad chainsaws. Taking this one back to the shop next week. Had husqvanas before without issue but this one is rubbish and cost us AU$479

This is a dangerist toy, run, dont walk away from this potental killer

Absolute pain to have to keep the chain tight.there is no holding power in the bad winder tensioner and it has fallen off and is lost.Try to go too long and I mean five minutes at times and the chain falles off. this thing will drive you crazy. The winder has now fallen of and is lost . more money down the drain.

too rightwhat a totol pice of shi-t I will never go Husky againIt's ironic that the government is always going on about product safety, but there's never been a total recall of this dangerous chainsaw I've tried to sell this chainsaw unsuccessfully I can't even give it away I feel guilty about trying to sell it as I'm putting this dangerous chainsaw in unsuspecting hands so the government should just order husky to take them all back and refund the original sales price but of course it'll never happen we Australians are wedged between big government big business and big unions and nothing will ever change

Save your money and buy a real chainsaw!

After 4 years of very infrequent use (estimate less than 15 hours use in total) I am trashing this rubbish and going to buy a Stihl unit. The Husqvarna has always been very poor to start, and still is, chain comes loose constantly and the tightening wheel has never worked properly, more recently the front brake bar stopped working then brake clutch burnt out 3 months ago, so hot the cover melted, and then (after supposedly being replaced) burnt out again after just 20 mins use. Now they say the chain comes off because the oil feeding worm isn't working and want to charge me another $100+ to fix that, oh, and then they accused me of misuse when all I had tried to cut we're some small branches from a limb that had dropped in high wind! Don't buy this rubbish.
The colour
Everything that matters, don't waste your money on this Husqvarna

Don't listen to the amatuers

It's a fine saw for a variety of tasks, but it gets a hell of a time from the keyboard gardeners and worse. That's its only crime. Ok, it's made by Husky's Poulan side of the company, no worries if you are not a full time aborist requiring 5 hours of hard use from the saw each and every day. I use this saw professionally, about once a week on average with the supplied 16" bar and chain and also a longer 18" Carlton chain bar combo for certain situations like reaching into brush, boring trunk bases with light sawing and limbing, etc, and a variety of other tasks and I can honestly say that it is great value and has usable power for any light task, if you are not rushing the job, which you shouldn't be. Look it's like this- when you are working everyday with power equipment you tend to pick the lightest gear laying around that you know will work, because just for bucking and small tree felling tree after tree after tree a sthil magnum 880 gets very tiring very quickly, and so will any xp husky saw above 60cc. I have used this saw to fell a blue gum of 32" diameter just because the saw and "16 bar could do it.
If you know what you are about around chainsaws, this a good little saw for $400
easy start. better than I expected after all the negative reviews I had previously read
not much, and if there is it is easy to rectify with a traditional tension setup.

Husqvana 240-e Chainsaw

The saw itself works well and starts easily; but constant stopping to tighten the blade is necessary.Run time is max of ten minutes due to chain tensioning. This thing will drive you crazy. The winder has now fallen of and is lost . more money down the drain.Get something better than this saw.
Ok for camping and small jobs.
Absolute pain to have to keep the chain tight.there is no holding power in the bad winder tensioner and it has fallen off and is lost.Try to go too long and I mean five minutes at times and the chain falles off. this thing will drive you crazy. The winder has now fallen of and is lost . more money down the drain.

Very Frustrating unit

New style locking system is pathetic as it fails to maintain tight bar and chain. I am bitterly disappointed as with Husqvarna reputation I can't understand why such a unit made it to production. I will certainly go back to the two nut locking system on a newer model chainsaw.

Replacement via insurance and I feel they dumped a dud on me

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I totally agree that this saw is a piece of rubbish the chain comes loose in minutes of work. and then the winder arm fell off and needs replacing.Very disappointed in this product. I will never go Husky again.

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where to buy a 2 bolt bar locking devise 4 this saw e 240
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Hi Robert J. I bought mine from the dealer here in Lyndoch with no problems so I would think any Husqvarna dealer could do the same. Here is the part number and description on the label. 525 62 89-01 Chain brake complete. Cheers Mectec.


240 E-Series
Price (RRP) $499.00
Bar Length41 cm
Weight4.7 kg
Engine Displacement38.2 cc
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)

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