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Husqvarna 445

Husqvarna 445

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Solid Performer

Have had this for a few years now and have likely done more than 150 hours of cutting on a small hobby farm. Really good unit and have not had any issues with it at all. Good weight, balance and power for the size of saw that it is. Have been able to saw through 1m diameter pine logs without and all assorted bits and pieces. Fully recommend Husqvarna in general and the 445 is a solid mid range unit.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

excellent homeowner chainsaw

I have owned and used a Husqvarna 445 chainsaw for 18 months now, it is the smallest of 7 chainsaws that I regularly use, Note this is not the E series, however it is mechanically the same but does not have the tool less chain adjuster, also note that even though Husqvarna say it is professional quality it is not a " pro saw " having a composite clamshell type crankcase, not magnesium alloy.

This saw was acquired for doing the smaller branches on large trees that I regularly block for firewood, the only change I have made to the saw is to replace the original 18" bar with a shorter 13" bar when new, chain is the same .325 pitch in semi chisel and I am cutting hardwood exclusively most of it being seasoned box & red gum and find that nothing stops it providing you have a correctly sharpened good quality chain, I have even felled dry yellow box up to 24" diameter without any problems, you just have to know the limitations of the saw as it is not a powerhouse and should be used accordingly, ( this is why I have different sized saws )

Guide bar lubrication is extremely good and although a Husky product spec says it is adjustable I have been unable to adjust and with the shorter bar it does over oil a bit which makes a bit of a mess under the chain cover but keeps the chain and bar well lubed.

To sum up, this is a very reliable saw excellent for small jobs, and even some of the bigger jobs providing you do not expect performance beyond its capability and not continually use it on larger jobs, if you do expect big performance get a bigger chainsaw.
light weight, performs well, x-torq engine, starts easily, quick release cylinder cover, oil & fuel caps
unable to adjust oil flow rate for chain lubrication

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The Husqvarna 445 is a great all round saw, brilliant for small properties, farms, or even schools, and the "E" model is so easy for a newbie to use This saw isn't sold as a professional saw, as all professional Husqvarna are clearly marked with "XP" on them or any marketing material will show a C

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