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Husqvarna 450
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Would not purchase another one.(450E)

Saw was OK when new but now is a problem. Starts ok when cold, not when hot.
Due to the single nut bar tightening used on this saw it is not possible to keep the bar from retracting. This causes the chain to loosen and at times come off the bar or breaks. The original plastic nut assembly supplied with the saw could not be tightened enough to secure the bar so had to be replaced with a normal nut and washer. Incidentally a normal nut and washer is fitted to the latest release of this saw. I am now told by the service agent that the plastic crankcase is probably distorted and needs to be replaced.The one nut bar tightening system appears to be a problem and needs to be addressed by the manufacturer. Also the bar oil delivery is inadequate.
This saw is mainly used to cut green firewood.
Would I buy another 450? Not until the bar tightening method is improved or changed.
I will continue to use my old Rancher 55 which is a much better saw.

Date PurchasedMar 2012

A great reliable saw

Have owned this saw for just over three years. I live on a large country property with plenty of trees and have a slow combustion heater so this saw gets used year round to slowly build up my firewood pile for winter. It was a bit more expensive then other brands but with chainsaws you do get what you pay for. This saw has had days when it's been run all day cutting wood only stopping to refill fuel and bar oil or change the chain if it gets blunt. (I rotate through four chains) it has never let me down. Has great power. I have a 18 inch bar on it but can be fit with smaller or bigger bars if you like. The only maintained it's needed was cleaning of air filter and sharpening of chains. One big feature i love is the toolless chain tightening so you just turn a thimb wheel and your chain is tight again. Has always been easy to start and has the usual safety features you'd expect on a chain saw. Came with a 5 year warranty.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Worth every dollar, even though there were a lot of them!

My cheap ebay chainsaw gave up the ghost a few months back and after a long internal debate/research on the options, I kept repeating to myself, buy cheap, buy twice and ponied up the big ones for a real saw instead of another cheapie and now I finally see what I've been missing out on all these years. Sure, the cheap ebay one worked, but it was heavy, slow - bogged down easily and guzzled the fuel and was impossible... literally impossible to start warm... would hot or cold but never warm. The husqvarna 450 in comparison is an absolute joy to use. Starts easily, light weight... doesn't numb my hands from vibrations even without gloves, and its powerful. Easily cuts old dry hardwood easily along full length of the bar (18"), and can get way more done on a smaller tank of fuel. Doesn't leak all the remaining bar oil when you store it. I could go on! Even at 7 times the price of the ebay equivalent, it is absolutely worth every cent. Do your self a favor, close your browser and stop comparing all the specifications of the different options and drive yourself down to a mower store and just buy one of these saws. You won't regret it.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great light all round saw.

I was tossing up between the Husky 450 and the Stihl Farmboss and the lighter weight of the Husky sold me. I use this saw for cutting firewood (hardwood approx. 300mm diameter) and also for felling larger trees at home. After using a 55cc Farmboss then mine you do notice a slight power difference yet the Husky does not feel underpowered. The weight is a huge advantage and I have had no issues with reliability. Great saw.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Fantasic hard working small saw

This saw is awesome nice and light easy too start and will happily cut its full bar length all day long. On a regular basis i do this sharpening the chain every tank. If you are just doing general pruning, lopping and regular firewood gathering this is the perfect sized saw.
My only complaint is the brake is too close to the forward grip.

Great value and performance.

Very functional and easy to control. Has good power and not too heavy or cumbersome for a day of cutting firewood. A great mid to large range saw for general farm use that is absolutely trouble free. I have owned four different brands over the years and the 450 Husky has proved the most consistent performer for the past 3 years.
Easy maintenance in the field, chain tension adjustment, self cleaning, reliability.
Nothing really. I sometimes have difficulty with hot restarting which can result in some trial and error on the controls.


A great saw. I have now run about 12 tanks through it and have given it a good workout including felling and cutting up a 25 metre dead gum tree about .75 metre thick at the butt. A good salesperson will run you through the features and use of the saw (mine did). This has replaced an old smaller stihl which was a bugger to start. I can't believe how easy this is to start. Just to be able to pick up the saw an hour or so later - one pull (forget the decompressor when warm) and instant start. Fuel and oil tank allow for a fair amount of use before refilling. For the landowner who has frequent need to cut down trees and chop them up this is your saw!!!
A good looking and well balanced and very easy to use saw. An 18 inch bar is a good match for the power of this saw. Cuts well and strongly through dead hardwood and only bogs down if pushed too hard. The angled grip works well and reduces strain on arms. Starts easy when cold if you follow the instructions. For hot starts (anything up to an hour or so) forget the instructions (they are back to front) - just give it one pull and it will start for sure. (even my wife can start it - I have a clip on youtube of this). Chain tensioner is a dream to use. This is a great saw for firewood, felling of small to medium trees. Strong enough for cutting up logs of up to half a metre in diameter and yet light enough for cutting up small branches in a saw horse without becoming tiring to use. I love it!!
A few minor niggles. Yes there is not enough clearance between the top cover and chain break handle. My saw too has a big gouge on the air cleaner cover. I might get the dremell out and make some fine adjustments!!. The tensioner failed during the first 10 hours, but the whole assembly was replaced free under warranty. Apparently this is a common fault in this model. A slight tendency to drip chain oil when stored with the oil tank full. As mentioned before, the warm starting instructions on the saw are arse about. The front exhaust can direct some hot gasses on your hands when getting into some big stuff if you don't use gloves. Just some minor things really and nothing to worry about.

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I can only hope that your Husqvarna is nothing like the junky 55 Rancher that I own. I wish now that I had bought a real saw, a Stihl.

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fuel to oil ratio
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Have been using chainsaws for years and recently bought a 450II to complement by big Dolmar. First outing went great for about an hour cutting firewood up to 200mm diameter then suddenly just threw a chain. There was no stress or clamping by the limb. I needed to remove burrs before chain would refit the bar. Did it again trimming some bushes at home. Is this a common problem. Was my tensioning incorrect had about 5-8 mm lift on chain when pulled up by hand to check. Any advice would be great
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Have never had this problem. can only suggest you get professional advice, maybe lack of oil as burring is not too common.I have also had this problem. 5 to 8 mm of lift is too much. Should be tighter but still pull freely around bar. If chain comes off every burr on the back of the chain will carefully need to be removed. I use a dremel, else the chain will bind. Main problem for chain coming off is too much stretch from overheating due to insufficient oil and too lose to start with. Frequently check tension. Periodic cleaning of the bar and oil groves as they tend to block easily and run the chain dry

Why is the Husq. 450e saw only $359 in the US and $ 959 here???
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Good question. Why is everything cheaper in the USA despite the parity in the dollar. I expect higher taxes and markups by the retailers here may be the answer


450 E-Series II450 E-Series I
Price (RRP) $1,079.00
Bar Length51 cm
Weight5.1 kg
Engine Displacement50.2 cc
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)5 year(s)
Release dateMay 2008May 2008

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