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Husqvarna 525

Husqvarna 525

525RJD, 525RS and 525LST
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Previously had the 525 RJD , but sold and went with the 525 LST. The dedicated model is better than the break in half feature for whipper snipping. If you mostly do whippersniping get this model the 525 LST.
The vibrations through the handle are one of it's best features. I have had many different machines over the years, shindaiwa , echo, stihl, honda. But this beats them all hands down for vibrations and handle use and comfort.
The torque head is great most of he other machines don't use them except echo but their machine feels heavy, quite durable, which initially concerned me about the husqvarna, but after 2 years nothing wrong at all .
It cuts much thicker grass than any of the non torque head models. I used to have a 335 loop handle but it cuts just as good as it and it is lighter and uses thinner cord. it does not bog down and feel short on power, but feels at home in tall and short grass combined.
Starts easily even after 2 years, been running stihl HP ultra with 95 octane and even runs better now noticeably.
The machine revs quick and hard, runs at all throttle points, no lag or vibrations.

Great job Husqvarna the old 326 was good it was very light and nimble, great for contractors on regular cut lawns, but now 525 LST with the torque head and extra power and low vibration handle, it is slightly heavier but a overall
much better machine. Very reliable day in and out.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Couldn't be any happier

Got the husqvarna 525 RJD last week and since then i have whipper snipped my small city yard and then also took it out to the job site in central queensland, the grass on all three job sites has been 1200mm high guinea grass i didn't even need change it over to the blade used it for a solid 6 hours. Work mates stood in amazement as to what this great little machine could do!

Haven't gotten any of the attachments as of yet but will update when i start to get them
Very happy with machine so far.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

What a great trimmer

Only had it one week, been in business 35 years, must say this is the most powerful most comfortable and light weight machine I have ever purchased, no regrets at all and I have tried them all, ripper. Went back and bought the leaf blower as well also very impressed with its power etc.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Professional Lawn care Love it!

I run my own business, i have had all the top brand trimmers and rely heavily on them. Out of all my trimmers my 525RJD is by far my favorite, Its light, always starts well, and doesnt mind being revved hard for long periods. I most commonly use it to edge with string, but find myself using it regularly on steep large sections as my big brushcutter is a little too heavy for these steeper hills. After two years of owning this product it hasn't missed a beat and i highly recommend it to anyone that owns a business that wants a general light trimmer.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Good brush cutter with options like pole saw etc

Workplace purchased one of these recently.

Very easy starting, very free of engine vibration, no shaking hands after an hr of extreme use.

Can add on plenty options such as pole saw etc

The single loop handle and shoulder strap work well for me in confined areas

Getting some heavy use, but no issues at all so far as reliability and power

Motor definitely needs more power if you are into cutting things like large guinea grass stools, even when using the blade.

Purchased at Motosapien in Cairns - excellent customer services

Cuts the rough stuff

Makes light work of tall grass and shrubs. The harness holds the brushcutter comfortably while you work the offset handles, sweeping away tall grass like a pro - pretty imoressed. I've not liked using line cutters, but with this brushcutter and blade, it is so comfortable and easy, and slices through the tall stuff that would have had me replacing lines over and over again. It's good on fuel too!. It does cost a bit, but I am very impressed. Easy to start ! Bonus, I would recommend this one. Best line trimmer/brushcutter I've ever owned.

excellent brush cutter

Very impressed with this unit as brush cutter and edger. Got an ok deal on all three. I thought the edger would be OK to have but I use it all the time and we'll worth it. Very easy to use and adjust. The main unit is very light and starts very easily. Only reason not full starts is that I had a line break,twice, but I was giving it a very good work out on stuff I know I wouldn't usually do and with line supplied by shop. Anti vibration handle is great as it the d handle. Used on side for ages and it didn't conk out. Very light and the head is a since to take off and spool. Also seemed to be hope on fuel and I finally didn't have to bend to much to do the trimming. Also not full stars as photo in brochure is misleading and am going to accc, photo leads consumer to think they are getting alloy head but that's not the case.
light and easy long shaft great edger

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sorry about the spelling did review on tablet. Second snip worked excellent no line break this time and still did stuff i wouldnt normally do. Also used the edger again still worked great. If not for price and alloy head would now give 5/5

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Product Review shows this model as discontinued , however , this model is still being sold and is still listed on Husqvarna's website.
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How much are these worth?
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about $600 bucks, its a lot but you'll be so happy compared with the cheap ones (this one has the handle that accepts attachments- which are pricey from 180 to 400)


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