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Husqvarna 576XP AutoTune

Husqvarna 576XP AutoTune

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8 reviews
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The Judge.. thats her nickname


This is a brilliant Saw... yes she is a big girl but has lots of power... i rarely use full throttle and it makes sence to have a bigger saw as she dosnt have to work as much. Ive had her 5 years now and never misses a beat... i do run her slightly rich at around 40 to 1.. but its always better to run them slightly rich than lean... destroys River Red Gum and makes easy work with yellowbox hardwood... 24 inch bar suits my height being 6foot4 and dont have to bend my back.. will throw a 36 inch bar with ease if doing big stuff.. not cheap but good saws are not cheap...

Purchased in June 2015 for A$2,200.00.

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Value for Money
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I'll never own another....


Short story...less than 1 tank of fuel, it died, correct fuel/oil, dealer got it back said they "adjusted the carb" same problem, got warm, quits, went back to the dealer, then they said I'd "burned the engine up with a dull chain"...then dealer "said" Husqvarna replaced the powerhead under warranty. Got it back, ran 4-5 tanks or so of fuel in it and no power, cuts off, dealer wouldn't return calls. I have a $1000 door stop. I now own a Sthil 461.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Just purchased my 2nd Husqvarna 576xp Auto Tune


I just purchased my second Husqvarna 576xp auto tune saw. I still have my first which is 7 years old and runs great. I like the fact that the auto tune makes all the carburetor adjustments as the saw is always running perfect regardless of weather temperature. No issues with my first saw is the reason for my second purchase. Very reliable saw.

March 7th 2017 Update: High tech chainsaw

If you are in the market for a new chainsaw and don't like having to constantly tune carburetor setting then this is your saw. The autotune feature makes all the adjustments for you and temperature setting also. Ask your Husqvarna dealer if they have been trained on this saw and if they have the software to properly calibrate it before you pick it up.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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very nice saw to operate


Have worn out numerous chains and bars and never had a problem. The antivib on these is ahead of anything I have ever used before and the power is very good for a saw of this cc. Have mostly used a 28 inch bar on it so has worked hard and haven't had a problem. The aircleaner rarely heeds cleaning compared to the stihls I've had previous and like the way the whole plastic top comes off so you can blow it out with commpressed air easily. Being autotune, i recommend mixing the fuel a little stronger at 35/1 as some have had issues with these running to lean and melting the piston.

Tony L

Tony LLilydale, Victoria

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Runs well starts easy


Been running the saw now for a month and it has heaps more grunt than my 359 as it should but I can't fault it. This is an Australian model and comes with 5 year warranty so hopefully they will look after me if there's any problem. I've had a good run with the huskys

Just as well I kept the old Stihl!


After 11 months the electronics in the 576 xp at Husky have died. Because I bought it unbeknown from a grey import dealer, the local official dealer won't touch it under warranty which is stupid because it came out of the same factory. They want 600 dollars to try to fix it but they don't know exactly if the 'fix' will work as they have no way of diagnosing the actual problem. This saw is now an expensive door stop. Just as well I kept my old Stihl chainsaw.
smooth and powerfull
unreliable electronics and no factory back up

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The Rolls Royce of Chainsaws


I just purchased it a month ago and I am very impressed with its power and torque. It starts easy and idles very nice with a nice exhaust note. I have two other saws from its main competitors and this is my favorite.
Well built, fuel efficient, very low exhaust emission and always start on 1-2 pulls.
Very easy to work with. No breathing exhaust emissions.



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Buy a Stihl


we bought the 576XP auto tune in May 2011 and had it in the shop to be fixed within a month. it is now August 2012 and have been told the internals have been melted and it is now stuffed. we have always used fresh premium fuel and correct oil levels. it is meant to be auto tune but believe this isnt the case. We had a Stihl and when it was stolen we thought we would buy a Husqvarna, which was a bad decision. We never had any problems with Stihl.

poor power, bad in winter, hard to start, burnt out in 14 months

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The 576 xp auto tune is a powerful saw when it runs. Mine died after 11 months and the repair is quoted at 600 dollars. Not worth it.

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Looking at a bigger saw for my logging needs the 576 auto looks nice but all the reviews are from years ago anywhere a guy could find reviews on a 2019 saw.any help?

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Is this saw going to be anywhere as good as my 372xp I'm on my second 372 xp and close to being in need of a new one? I cut close to 20 to 25 cord of wood a year and do some logging for my local amish

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Quattro Saw Guy
Quattro Saw Guy

The Husqvarna 576xp autotune will be able to cut 20 to 25 cords of wood easily. It weighs a little more and vibration levels are lower if that is important to you. It has a different torque curve than your 372xp but it never gives up. It is a bullet proof saw if you take care of it.

Tony L
Tony L

I'd say it would be but I'm having second thoughts on the auto tune . Although it cuts great it doesn't idle as nicely as I'd like



Anybody run one with a the conventional carb option? Not an auto seize.

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Quattro Saw Guy
Quattro Saw Guy

The Husqvarna 576xp Autotune requires dealers to have a laptop to plug in the saw to set-up and calibrate the saw. If not calibrated if will have issues. As for a 576 without autotune dealers still need to know how to calibrate the saw as strato- charged engines are not like the old conventional engines which dealers calibrated them by ear or a simple engine idle gauge.

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