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Hyundai Sonata

Issues with in dash radio / satnav display

I purchased this car new in early 2016. Within 6 months I had to bring it in to the local Hyundai Service Centre as the in-car display stopped working. They ended up replacing it with a new display as it was covered by the warranty. I have just been to the service centre again (April 2019) because the display has once more stopped working. I am now being told it will need replacing again and I will have to pay for its new replacement - and its installation, - as the faulty display is outside of its 3 year warranty. NOT IMPRESSED HYUNDAI.

Purchased in May 2016 for $38,500.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

2014 Hyundai Sonata

Best car I have ever owned and I have had a Honda Accord and a Toyota Corolla

This car is problem free. It has good pick up as a manumatic. It is a reliable car that has not let me down.

I drive about 15k per year and do the regular maintenance. It is comfortable and I enjoy taking it out, either on long rides or as a daily commuter.

I am a six footer and don't feel cramped or cut off by the windshield. I just set the cruise control and put on the cool AC and just travel down the road on ECO mode.

Sudbury Hyundai can be expensive so I bought my own brake shoes and rotors and got Canadian Tire to put them on for 500 bucks. A lot better price than the 1,200 Sudbury Hyundai quoted me.

Ritchy Dubé

Engine Size2.0
Date PurchasedSep 2014

My second Sonata so much room for tall people

This 2015 Sonata is the second Sonata I've had, Just so comfortable to drive also very economical to run overall. I'm very tall and I have so much room and not feeling cramped like i am in some other larger vehicles. A lot of features like all newer cars but i'm very impressed with car, i would recommend any model Sonata for everyone.

Badge5 star
Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedMar 2015

Excellent sedan!

Like everyone else we were looking around for a small SUV vehicle that seems popular these days. After trying numerous vehicles of all makes and models a salesman suggested the Sonata. We took it for a test and fell in love. Great price. Great on fuel and even though I'm a big guy there is still plenty of room and very comfortable for the four of us. Would recommend those looking at the small SUV that they open up their options.

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedDec 2015

Fantastic car

I bought a current model Sonata Elite 2 months ago. Brand new off the showroom floor. I love it! This car has power if and when required, it has a 2litre Turbo engine, it feels like a limousine to drive but has excellent manoeuvrability and feels incredibly safe. It's got the latest technological gadgets of cars priced at more than twice what I paid for it. It has an amazing amount of space both in the cabin and also in the boot. We can fit 2 full golf bags & 2 golf buggies in the boot at the same time. Bonus! It's had its 1st service at no cost to me. The only hiccup with it is it uses more fuel than the car I traded in, which was a Honda Civic Hybrid. But one is a 1.3ltr small car, the other a 2ltr Turbo medium car. I'm really happy with the latter. So far, the Sonata has not missed a beat. Other cars I have owned have included a BMW 735 & a BMW 733. This is on par with those cars. It outstrips the Honda by a mile - due to size, power & safety.

Engine Size2 litre Turbo
Transmission6 speed automatic with paddle shifters
Date PurchasedMay 2017

Highly recommended and safe buy.

This car has gained an extreme respect and regard for Hyundai as a company.
I don't know what they've done, but somehow they've managed to create a sturdy and reliable workhorse which goes on and on.
Had this car for three years and never had an issue with it, other than the driver side sun visor broken (which was a manufacturing defect) and think these lot was recalled for replacement. But the previous owner missed out somehow.
All this car needs is timely service.
IMHO this car will crap over the likes of Camry's and Accord etc. At any given day in terms of reliability and running cost.
I've clocked 130 Ks on it, and was advised by a reliae mechanic that this can go for further 130K without much of a hassle.
This has definitely broken the prejudice I had for Korean cars. Highly recommended.

Engine Size3.3
Date PurchasedFeb 2014

A fantastic alternative to a Camry - reliable, spacious, quiet, powerful.

Bought this car with 60k (mostly highway) in preparation for starting a family back in 2012. No regrets.


- Lots of space
- Very quiet, especially out on the open road (including B-grade/coarse chip roads, where tyre roar was minimal).
- Enough power for most situations
- Reasonable economy for such a big car (11L/100km in city, 7.5-8L highway)
- decent handling especially out on country roads
- Generally very trouble free, as you would expect from a modern Hyundai
- 6 airbags, unlike Camry of that era (which had 2, sometimes 4).
- stability control
- decent turning circle
- full ipod/iphone connectivity - so handy.
- auto dusk sensing headlights - brilliant when going in and out of motorway tunnels - amazing this base model Sonata even has it.
- 12V socket in boot (perfect for pumping beach balls during holidays)
- fairly affordable 15,000km yearly service
- Hyundai rarely quibbled about warranty fixes - they would just do it if it was clearly a warranty issue.
- incredible boot with external (not goose neck) hinges that mean you can squeeze in every item literally to the brim of the boot and still close it - it's been invaluable on family trips.
- a really nice interior - classy but practical dashboard and instruments, good soft surfaces and lined cloth on doors, centre console etc
- plenty of practical trinkets like cubby holes, 12V outlets in the centre console as well as in front of the gearstick etc.


- headlights were bright, but strangely not uniform (much brighter towards the centre than the sides).
- some unexpected wear and tear/niggly items:
* roofline rubber strips that peeled off around 70,000km (replaced under warranty)
* 3 sensors went between 80,000 and 105,000km - the cam sensor (replaced under warranty), the crank angle sensor and brake sensor switch (under pedal, the last two repaired at own cost outside warranty.
* annoying squeaking glass-crack like noise in drivers side over bumps - after 2 years of investigations, it turned out to be the rubber strip outside on windscreen rubbing against the glass - a bit of velcro slid between that and the windscreen glass fixed it. A common problem with NF Sonata's apparently, judging from forums in the States where the car is far more popular.

All in all, this car is a bargain for what it is - a quality well designed and built car that by many driver accounts around the world, will run into the 200-300,000 kms comfortably. If you can get the older Series 1 (2005-2007/8) with the 3.3L V6 engine that might be a good bet too as that is such a smooth engine (but a bit thirsty in the city).

Engine Size2.4L

2009 Sonata Diesel

This is the 2nd Sonata I have owned, The first was a 2001 Gold Sonata Auto V6 2.7ltr <100,000km, I picked up for $1000 as a replacement car while my GWX240 was being repaired. I kinda feel in love, was nice to drive, run well, lots of power, Soooo I brought a 2009 Hyundai Sonata Elite Diesel to go to uni and back (130,000km per year). Less than 100,000km when brought and the car has been problem free. Electrics are more than fair, engine is smooth, Car is very quiet at local speeds and at 130km on freeway and doesn't seem to have the Solinoid issues that alot of Hyundais Diesel gearboxes have. Honestly for $8k was the best buy ive ever made, I think this car will be with me for along time yet.

Engine Size2.0L

2001 sonata

i have been reading the reviews on this car and they are varied,,i bought one of these about 12 months ago ,it had done about 243000 klms,,this car i find very comfy to drive in all aspects ,,i owned a vt commodore before this and was so glad to get rid of the commodore (biggest piece of rubbish i have ever owned ),,compare the sonata to the commodore ,in my terms the sonata is a far better car than our so called local product ,,every thing from the outside to the inside on the sonata was better quality than the commodore ,,i would buy another sonata any day before a holden now ,,fuel wise ,what i used in a week in the commodore i can drive around 3 weeks for in the sonata,,this alone makes it a better proposition,,,people run them down but remember when the japanese first sold cars out here and look at them now ,,the same goes for hyundai ,,they are starting to become a very nice car ,,i am a retired auto elect and have worked on just about most of cars that have been sold in aust (from restoring them to buying for my own use )
i dont have to many complaints ,,even now after the car has done 276000 klms i am still happy with it
fuel consumption ,,,interior ,just about everything
some parts can be a bit expensive

Engine Size2.0


I'm very happy with my Sonata. For a ten year old car, it looks great and it drives smoothly. I had an RAA inspection done, which it passed with flying colours. I have no problem recommending this car at all.
I recently bought a ten year old Sonata in 2010. It has done minimal km, however after ten years, I can not fault it. It drives comfortably, no jerks or other issues. The interior and exterior are still as modern as a newer car.
I do find it uses alot more fuel than I thought - however I came from a four cylinder to a six, so there is a comparison there!


This is ideal car for used car market people. value for money. i own one build2004 and very happy with that. excellent ride and comfort. good looking interior. and good handling.
Value for money in used car. v6 power in mid size engine. not to big not too small. good ride.
cost lot more to convert it to lpg.


Excellent value for money in a family car. We bought our MY02 in 2005, and it still had 2 years of the warranty left. The first owners took a large depreciation hit, and we took advantage. 2 of our friends have bought the same model after driving ours.
Willing V6 engine and gearbox. Very comfortable on long trips. Huge boot space when rear seats put down.
No trip computer.


Excellent car that I intend to keep for 200,000 Km. Long warranty makes this possible. Would buy again...possibly the diesel if they bring it here.
Have now had my Sonata elite for two years (50,000 km) and not a thing has gone wrong. Well finished well equipped for the price and a delight to drive. This is a luxury car at a bargain price. Very quiet and comfortable. Economy 1okm/litre consistently. Tyres lasted 48,000 km. Appreciate the huge boot and the fold down seats.
Not a dislike as I knew before I bought it, but I acknowledge the handling is not as good as the best in the class. can be a choppy ride over a very bumpy road. Nice effort Hyundai from your previous model, but you have a way to go yet.


Impression of the car was it looked like a Toyota Camry but a bit more stylish. The weird part is I expected some class of wood grain in the car but it looks a bit too sporty. One of it, is the dials in the instrument cluster are a bit neon and just seems a bit out of place for the car. The seats are pretty comfy and the interior is quite well done. The cruise control is a bit different from how other cars but still ok. I love the auto light feature where it sense when lights are required. Also I noticed I did not turn off my lights when I turn off the engine and it would switch off. Not sure there is an override feature but I would say overall is not a bad car to drive.
price, space and looks (exterior)
dedicated mp3 player, blue screen, a bit sporty inside


A good range of features for a great price. If you are a Hyundai fan then you can't go past the Sonata for a great family option. Please check safety ratings in older models though.
For the price conscious family the Hyundai Sonata represented a great low cost alternative to the big four car companies' family cars. The car had many inclusions that were optional extras for many other vehicles in the same category. The Hyundai Motor company is fast becoming a big player in the Australian car market.
Call me a snob but i belive that in life you really get what you pay for. While the features are plentiful, build quality lacks and to be totally honest you can see where they have cut corners on this vehicle.


We bought this car new in 2002 because we had such a good run with the previous Sonata. We are now about to buy another car, it will NOT be a Hyundai.
Good to drive, comfortable ride,
Had the clutch replaced at 75000km,(under warranty) that failed at 150000km, cost us $4000 to replace.Timing belt broke 5000km short of needing replacement, had to replace engine with second hand unit, cost us $2700, dealer did as much as they could to help. Hyundai were not interested. This car was disappointing, our first Sonata bought in 1996 was much better.


With every thing that went wrong in the begining it has left a bad tatse in my mouth and I could recommend this car, I wish I never brought it, And will be getting rid of it in the very near future. BUYERS BEWARE.
A lot of safety features for your money
Had a lot of problems from day one very poor inside finish and a lemon over all the car had too go back plenty of times for warrantee issues, And i am still having problems a year down the track


Very happy with the car. In comparison to the 4 cylinder model, I would recommend the V6. I found my previous 4 cylinder to be mediocre power but very noisy. The V6 is very quiet, strong puller and reasonable fuel economy. ( Around 11 ltr per 100km.)
I purchased the V6 model having previously owned 2 of the 4 cylinder models. Have found this to be a lot quicker, smoother and has heaps better handling. Very impressive ride and I believe the trim and extras fitted to the car are of good quality and would match whatever Holden /Ford /Toyota would offer. The tiptronic style automatic is great (Full or semi automatic) Great boot space and with drop down back seats, its amazing how much can be placed in the back.
Manual seat height / back adjusters are a bit of a pain to operate and set. On long drives, the firm seating gives you a bit of "numb bum syndrome"


The sonata elite is a fantastic built car. It isnt perfect, but its close enough. The revvy 3.3 litre 173KW V6 engine bolts from 0-100kmph in just 7.87 seconds. It doesnt handling like a Lotus around corners, or accelerate like an M5, but for this price it gets the job done. Its a smooth handling ride, and the engine is nice and quite. I own a Audi A6, and yes the audi handles abit better, and feels better over bumps, and has a few extra gadgets, but for this price, the sonata is a total winner.
The Reliable engine, powerful engine, safe & roomy, comfy seats, fantastic looks.
No colour LCD screen with inbuilt tv, mp3 player, or navigation options.


My first Hyundai and definitely no regrets so far. The fuel consumption is under 11L/100km and the amount of room is exceptional. Interior quality is something you would see in a $50,000 vehicle. The semi auto is decent since it's a five speed so you can change the gear to use less petrol on main roads.
So nice to drive, quiet and V6 engine doesn't "drink the petrol." The quality of the interior is exceptional for the price I paid for a second hand one.
The handling around corners is decent but could be slightly better. None the less it works well anyway.

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Questions & Answers

Why are sonata s discontinued?
2 answers
Hi, Shelley, They have Always been around but Called the Hyundai i45 in our Market. This was for Hyundai to present the car inline with its "i" naming (i20, i30, i40, iload etc). Hyundai seems to have learnt from its mistake as "Sonata" is like their "Camry" in naming. Since Then and the i45 is no longer, We now have the Hyundai Sonata Back, Its came back with the Sonata Badge in 2014/2015Thankyou :)

Sonata 4cyl,2004 What cc's is the engine,2lt,2.4lt ? Also is it a chain or timing belt and if so how many years/kms for changes please,ta Andrew.
2 answers
hi mine is a 2.0 litre engine,5 speed manual, it has a timing belt,, as with most cars with a belt it is advisable to change around the 150000 klms mark,,usually with modern cars now when they reach this amount of klms you may have to change a few things ,,,they are designed to have a use by date for some parts i love this car as it is very reliable and very cheap to run ,,hope this helpsThanks,glad its a 2lt,a friend bought one recently.(cheaper to run)He's very happy too but no hand book so wanted actual yrs/kms as stated in book for belt changes.

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