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Midland IGA

Would definitely recommend our local IGA. They workers and owners are so nice and treat all there customers like they are special. Always have fantastic specials every week and the store is looking great. I choose to shop here I stead of Coles and Woolworths

Value for Money
Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo


Three times I,ve got rotten food from IGA Jurien Bay first was green lip mussels [not their fault but refused to replace ] second was steak was green underneath [ 2 pieces ] third was two packets of steak [3 pieces ] and because the manager claims I have to bring straight back he won't refund.It is an 80 k round trip for me to IGA and would cost me $15 in fuel plus time and as I'm 75 it is no fun for me to do two trips in one day.I have reasons to suspect use by dates have smell about them.In future I'll repacking their meat in the car park and into the caravan freezer.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Iga fresh beef lasagne.

Igs fresh beef lasagne is awful. Used to buy a different brand but it has now been replaced with iga brand. It's has no meat that I can taste or see. It's nothing but slop. Won't be buying it any more. Very disappointed.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

IGA Express isn’t always a good thing.

The past few times I have been to the store the stock has been everywhere. I got overcharged for the items I bought which the staff are aware of but have not done anything yet and when I got home I noticed I had bought mouldy food, there is no point going in as most likely the staff won’t do anything about it.

Yes, the store is convenient but I’ll be going elsewhere.


This is the most appalling store I have ever been to Manager does care that his staff abuse customers . The woman in the deli names [name removed] says it all, she is rude and raises her voice , she is bossy and speaks poorly to other staff members.

I for one will take my business elsewhere this shop is always dirty never clean and produce is far from being nice.

IGA Mallacoota doesn’t have a return policy

On buying a bottle of “ off” insect repellent I discovered the pump sprayer was faulty
When I took it back the next day the cashier said it’s not their fault it doesn’t work and it’s up to the me to sort it out with the manufacturer.
It’s not a response I’ve ever got from coles Aldi Woolworths so I assume IGA has no return policy .
Buyer beware .

Awful service from a cashier very rude and aggressive

I had a few terrible experiences at IGA in Ballan, some fruit is rotten, aisles are dirty, some products on the shelves are expired, but the worst is having a terrible service from a cashier she was very rude to an elderly person and aggressive. Any costumer should have the right to be treated nice and respectfully.

Stingy business owners! Rip-offs galore!

Most IGAs are operated by stingy business-owners who don't give a rat's about you. Some of these owners can hardly speak English lol

Their prices are higher than Woolies/Coles.

Aisles are narrow, tiny and often dirty. In the frequently run IGA advertisement staring that funny fat guy (Shane?) with the beard, they plant FOUR (4) actors stacking shelves behind him lmao


Fruit and vegetables are usually stale and rotten.

They use MISLEADING practices....such as placing a "reduced price" ticket on an item and then charging full-price at the checkout, hoping you're too lazy or stupid to notice.

IGA is rubbish!

Blaxland, NSW - refused replacement of faulty product!

I bought Ansell disposable gloves which were most likely stored in high temperatures for a long time, and the material completely lost its flexibility. I tried one glove, and it was useless. IGA Blaxland (NSW) manager refused a refund on the basis of the box being open! How to see that a product is faulty without opening the packaging… well, not his problem, is it?

It appears that IGA Blaxland manager is not aware of basic consumer rights any customer has under the Australian Consumer Law. Refusing to replace a faulty, not fit for purpose product with one-week old docket is clearly against very basic customer protection rules. However, for me, just before Christmas, it was not worth fighting for $5.60 refund -- let this be a good will donation towards Mr Manager basic consumer right and legal obligations training he so badly needs.

New IGA Opening in the New Year in Katanning

Yippee I have recently heard that a new IGA supermarket and Co-op (including Cafe) is to open (reopen?) in Katanning in the Great Southern in the New Year. I was very sad to hear that it closed its doors late this year which left Woolies with the monopoly in town. Sadly Woolies didnt pull up their socks and offer better service/produce/stock despite being the only store in town. So thumbs down to them..
So its great news that the new IGA will be opening thanks to some enterprising gentlemen from nearby.
BUT IGA you need to stock more things. Eg: Don't offer just 1 jar of curry paste when the brand offers 6 or more or one variety of anything etc...(has been the only negative I have heard about your store).
I love shopping at your store (or used to before you closed your doors), most of your staff (99%) were excellent, friendly and helpful (not including your latest Telstra rep...she just didn't want to be there and we encountered her more than once but never went back after her rudeness...unlike the previous young lady you employed who was terrific.I love that your veges and fruit were fresh and shelves never empty. I loved the fact that you restocked (had deliveries) 3 times (I believe) a week. Maybe your prices could be a little more competitive ;)
Why did Woolies only ever have 1 delivery a week and always only promote their own brands. Their shelves were always empty of specials....their standard answer is "it will be in tomorrow"...not good enough Woolies...if you are running out order more!! Stock more!! I live out of town so cant just pop in 'tomorrow'. Nor can I return your old limp veges...sometimes I could tie a knot in your beans and asparagus they were so limp...and your vege staff don't like negative comments...probably because they get so many!
Thankyou IGA for making Katanning a better place and I hope you get lots of support from the town and surrounding areas...just advertise that you are open and we will come running :)

IGA Girrawheen forall your rooten food and expired products.

If you go to their vegetable section, much of the produce is rotten inside but looks great from outside.
Straight from the shop to home and snap the celery open and it's all brown. Most of their beetroots are soft and old, the potato bags most of them have rotten potatoes in them and I've thrown so many out including many other vegetables and other foods. The apples seemed to be very old and rotten inside when I cut into them. I bought a 3 pack of mangoes, rotten inside! Half their bananas are rotten inside. There actually doesn't seem to be much fresh product at all because I used to help run a market garden & fruit farm and without blowing the lid on growers I know the tricks and bad practices to hide old or rotten food. Everything in this particular store seems to get seconds only. Seconds as in bad quality produce rejected for big brand shops. No matter how much I complained nothing changed. In fact, each time they tried to force me to have an argument with the supplier representative even though I said lets walk over and have a look at all the mould on the oranges a few meters away to start with, they refused and they were forcing me to have it out with that person. Not once would they follow me to show them and refused to even look at what I was talking about but always trying to put me in conflict with someone else. Disgraceful and a cop out response. That doesn't even count the huge amount of expired goods out of date. This store really needs to be closed until they get their act together.

I cant believe I stayed shopping there for so long.

This store has definitely given IGA bad name and myself and several others will no longer shop there.

Bad Experience

A frail aged man asked if a certain item had been ordered, the Female manager responded very aggressively, and shouted at him "yes" the frail aged male was very shaken by this response. Sick and aged people require certain food items to survive and need to be treated with respect when they shop. I said " If they were working for a large retail shop, they would be thrown out the door". The next week when I shopped at this store; a male member of staff, stacking shelves, enacted a 'Head Butt' action towards me when I walked past him in the shop. The Staff were ordered not to talk to me at the Cash & Rap Counter. The manager then stopped ordering a specific item; that I use to buy every week; So, I now shop in a different supermarket. The store has Out of Date items that people frequently complain about. Bad Experience: Bad Business.!


Price of fresh produce veg.fruit.eggs etc price on meat etc catalogue specials not available & what's available runs out prior to end of WK price of cheese so expensive.


Great staff. Friendly people. Fresh produce. Yummy cakes, deli section, clean and tidy. That's all you want when food shopping.

Wurtulla IGA is my favourite place to shop. The only drawback is sometimes parking is a problem

The staff are so welcoming and I've got to know some of them. I love supporting their local business. Parking can sometimes be an issue however as the entry to the shopping centre is precarious and narrow. I like to buy my nuts, chocolate, milk, vegies and yoghurts. They have a wide variety although some things in the fridge section are close to use by date.

Annangrove IGA loads prices

$5.65 for a day old loaf of Helgas Bread. A small packet of gelatin $7.00....... that speaks volumes.
It seems that there is no price control or regulation across IGA stores,
and some just inflate prices because there is no competition for 5km in any direction.
If they were reasonable with their prices, people would be loyal rather than just going there when they are desperate.
This surely gives a poor name to IGA as a chain.

more inferior quality fruit and vegetable

a great product some weeks. But my Last purchase of organic potatoes had sprouted , and mouldy clusters through whole bag. as these are an unwashed product, there should be no moisture to cause mould. they feel soft to the touch so I think are old produce???another of many cases of inferior fruit n veggies - does no-one check them?
wondering who puts the use by date on what appears to be a store brand. is it a supplier issue or an Iga issue. the same product appears on the shelf week after week but with different use by dates. and products that dont have a use by date seem to stay on the shelf for way too long

Shopping with iga

I've found alot of the dairy products are always close to the used by date also have found some of the fruit taste disgusting like the oranges

Supports OZ Small Goods Manufacturing

I like the availability and array of smaller brands especially in Dairy/Deli aisles. Y'know what you don't get in the big stores but were brought up with. Some homebrands are just duds.

Heritage Not so Delite mini meringues

Where's the No Star? Bought Heritage Delight mini meringues. Horrible. Ruined desert and wasted my strawberries, passion fruit and cream mini pavs. All sugar no egg whites crumbled mess. What happened to the quality from last year? Will try Woolworths brand next time.

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Questions & Answers

I was just wondering what the policy is on IGA supermarket stacking their shelves during the day? Local IGA does it during the day and make it virtually impossible to get down aisles. If I had a pram, trolley or wheelchair it would be impossible. Also it would be very easy for someone to trip over the boxes taking up so much space.
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This would be up to the business owner or manager as IGA's are independently operated. There would be no policy from IGA (or Metcash - owners of the IGA brand in Australia), and if there was a policy , there would be no way to police it. Based on the reviews, any policies, guidelines or standards that do exist from IGA/Metcash are not enforced.

I purchased a leg of pork on the 20th of July 2017. It was out of date reading use by the 16th. Today is the 22nd of July and I was ready to cook it but noticed it was off after checking the dates I took it back. What is IGAs policy for this situation?
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They should refund you and also give you a free replacementHello A full refund plus a word to the manager about selling meat in this condition.Yeah they have a 200% guarantee on fresh depts I'm sure. Money back plus replacement.

1 iga store best charge you $5 for milk 1 iga store is charging $3 35 for milk, are they allowed to do this? I think it's wrong. Can I lay a complaint?
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I did wonder myself and found on the internet that Coles normally charge the same but the other two differ from suburb to Suberb and it does not mention it's not allowed.Our wonderful government calls this "Deregulation" which is meant to encourage competition. Milk, banks, electricity retailers etc etc the list is endless and all they do is put the price up, up up and charge what they like. I would like to see politicians deregulated right out the front door of parliament house

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