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Ikea Hemnes Bed Frame

Ikea Hemnes Bed Frame

2.7 from 17 reviews

Love the look, the bed not so much

The foot board constantly falls apart causing the entire bed to fall. I recently used wood glue & it still happened. The bed broke where the support beam attaches to the foot board this time.

Purchased in March 2018 for $350.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly

Sturdy Decent Bed, easy and simple assembly

Only giving the bed 4 stars since I have not had it long enough to give it 5 stars, haven't had enough time to really say it is "excellent".

It is a nice sturdy bed for the money. Went with the Hemnes (queen sized) since it seemed to be a very sturdy bed frame while at the Ikea showroom and we liked the design and color. After assembling at home this remains true, very sturdy for a "build it yourself" bed frame. It may not have the same quality that you would get with "real" furniture but for $250 its very budget friendly. Took me about 1.5 to 2 hours to put together with a drill and a screwdriver (I would suggest having a rubber mallet on hand as well). Having a partner during assembly is also suggested. Directions are very simple, just need to pay attention to using the correct screws for each step. Be careful with your tools and the wood while assembling since it is easily marred and scratched. During assembly you have 3 options for the height of the mattress. The optional (and sold separately) under-bed storage drawers were also a nice feature.

I see people complaining about the number of pieces and time to construct. Excluding the fasteners there were 16 pieces for the bed frame it self (head-board = 5 pcs, foot-board = 1 pc, bed rails = 2 pcs, mattress support system = 8 pcs) plus the Skorva beam and the Luroy slatted base (both sold separately). I would estimate about 80 total fasteners in the form of screws, dowels, and bolts. Like I said previously, it took me maybe two hours max to put this together. If you are at all mechanically inclined and can follow simple picture instructions you will not have an issue. Otherwise you can pay them to assemble it for you. I also see some complaining about the slatted bases falling down. One of the last instructions is the installation of some retention posts for these at both ends of the bed. The Luroy slatted base comes in a set of 2 slats all connected together. The last slat on each end and side should be stretched over these retention posts. Its possibles some may have missed this step or are using a different type of base... I don't know but I do not have this issue.

Over all, good bed for the price and quite easy to put together. We will see how the quality holds up.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Great Look w/Major Design Flaw

Like another poster, I have the Hemnes King bed. 3 months after purchase, the footboard splits down the center and collapses. As you do not put together the footboard this isn't a purchaser assembly error. IKEA kindly (or so you think when you're knee deep in instructions, screws, and plywood) has assembled that part for you already, just pull it out of the box and attach it to the side boards. Oh, wait the structural integrity would be so much better if this piece had screws and bolts attaching it. Yeah...

Tried a few hacks, but ultimately this is going to have to go back to the store. Thanks, Ikea for wasting my time and making a king sized bed without any center support legs. Great job, really.

Save yourself the frustration, skip this bed.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Love it

Bought the queen bed frame for my son. It said 2 should put it together but I did it myself. I was skeptical about doing it myself since I don't do things like this very often but I have to say it was really easy. The directions are all by pictures. No words but easy to understand. Just take your time so you don't mess up. I would say it took 2 1/2-3 hours to put together and it looks really nice.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Sturdy and easy to assemble, but could use better slats

As far as ikea things go, this bed is reasonably easy to assemble and feels pretty sturdy. It looks good too. The only complaint is that the slats dont sit in place so every now and again they'll slip down and I'll need to lift the mattress to readjust.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Finish quality

Cannot fault construction of the bed. Sturdy and easy to assemble . Recommend an upgrade in base lats. However the finish on the black/brown is soft and easily marked ie: when making bed up with pillows etc caught finger nail on a panel and the laquer easily came of . Fortunately in a non discreet area. Also the soft wood construction should be handled with great care. Albeit a good value bed base.

Date PurchasedJun 2017


I love Ikea and bought my bedrooms furniture from them. I had a queen hemnes frame which was great and decided to upgrade to the king. Worst mistake, the bed literally fell apart one night at 2am. It was not an error on our part, this was assembly error. I wish I could attach the pictures.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

love this bed!

I paid for delivery and assembly and it took the 2 guys hardly any time to put it together since they have done it a million times before. I would recommend this unless you are a pro, haha. I also had a box spring, so I didn't need the slats at the bottom. Having a box spring with it is great because it raises the bed. I wash my sheets once a week and making the bed is extremely easy. I have had no issues with sturdiness or anything else and I've had it for a year and a half. I really love it and think it looks great too!

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Good bed overall

We've had this bed for our son for about 6 or 7 years now. It is easy to assemble with 1 helper, I could see it being difficult without a helping hand.
The bed has held up really well, considering our son jumps on it. In time the box spring has slipped off the edges of the railings, but only because the bed has been jumped on so many times. I think this bed would be better with slats.
We just bought another one of these last night. Assembly really is easy. Not sure why people complain about that. Maybe they've made it easier over the years.

In any case. If put together well, it's a solid kids or guest bed. I dont think this would be good for an adult couple in the long haul. Too much weight and potential movement if you know what I mean may wear it down too quickly.

Date PurchasedSep 2009

Good bed, but a pain to put together

Bought a king-size Hemnes bed with the recommended Lonset slat assembly. As others have mentioned, it was tedious to assemble (nearly 5 hours - compared to about 2 hours for a 6-drawer dresser), but it's very comfortable and very solid. The slat assembly was the time-consuming part of the assembly process - 30 slats for each half of the bed, and it takes a little effort to flex them into place.

No problems with slats moving - they're pretty well locked in place by plastic receptacles on the ends and two woven nylon straps on each half of the bed that keep the slats properly spaced. Also no problem with creaking, as some other reviews have mentioned.

There is a choice of three heights for your mattress. At the lowest one, most of your mattress will be covered by the side rails, which could make it difficult to put linens on the bed. I set mine up at the highest setting, where the bottom of the mattress is about even with the top of the side rails - no problems with the linens. This height might be uncomfortable for some when they sit on the bed, but it works fine for me.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this product.

Poorly designed

Unbelievable that a company that prides itself on functional design can build such a poor bed. The ides of the bed prevent you from tucking in the sheets. The only way to do it is to lift the whole mattress. Thankfully it is our spare bed and it will not be making the trip when we move next.

Fantastic Bed

We bought this bed for my son when he was 2 and absolutely love it. The adjustable height of the mattress means we can have it lower for him to climb into.
I've also found it to be quite sturdy (it survived him and his two cousins jumping on it).
Assembly was very easy and took about 30 minutes between 2 people.

Never again a IKEA bed

We bought a Hemnes Bed and after 2 days my husband fell thru the slats! We think the sides of the bed is warped. Contacted IKEA and they do not wish to refund our money. Asked us for photos of the bed instead. When we rung them we said that we were not happy and wold go to Fair Trading to which they replied that that was fine! Well, that is exactly what we are going to do! This bed is dangerous!
Looks good
Dangerous to adults and children as the slats collapses and somebody could get stuck between

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I have had one of these beds and its the worst ever - It constantly collapses and the slats fall through the base and the plastic slat holders move - Useless Hermes IKEA Bed - Not fit for purpose

Much too much work!

This bed frame looks good and inexpensive, but putting it together is a totally different matter. There are just too many parts, too many different sizes of screws, too many loose parts that IKEA could have put together before they leave the factory. The bed is sturdy only if one puts every single parts together, tighten every single screw, nut, bolt, part (over 200 of them) correctly and perfectly. It also requires at least two persons to assemble it. In addition, one cannot move the assembled parts around that much. Make sure you have stools that make the assembled parts stand upright and stationary, or they will come loose or disengaged from one another, then cracking some of the components.
Too time-consuming.

....or you can contract the assembly service. You get what you payI bought many many Ikea furnitures in the past that did not require that much assembly work! This one shocked me!That's the reason it's cheaper than going to other bed retailers, You get what you pay for. It's akin to expecting to have a waiter serve you at your table in mcdonalds

Should have paid a little extra for a better bed

My boyfriend and I have other pieces from the Hemnes line (the 6- and 8-drawer dressers), and I've always been pleased with them. However, the bed frame is a different story. Like most Ikea stuff, it took a while to put together, but we finished and really liked how it looked. We laid out the wood slats and then put our new mattress on, ready for a good night's sleep, and....creak!! Sitting, rolling over, getting in/out of bed, leaning over to turn off the light.... We tried putting rubber mats under the slats, thinking it would help - nope! We were hoping it would quiet down once the bed "settled" a little but with no such luck.

Also, the headboard and footboard are really flimsy. We put furniture sliding pads under the feet to move the bed across the hardwood floor, and halfway through, the headboard snapped and now there is a crack through part of it.

My advice: Do not buy this bed frame!!

Loud, flimsy, not even worth what we paid

Very unsturdy, Cheap

This bed is poorly made. The cheap metal side rods broke the very first night,and the bed kept falling through to the ground. Definitely need to buy the bed slats along with the bed, which they told me at the store I would not need. Every move I make makes me feel like the whole thing is going to fall apart- very loud and very unsturdy. I am completely unsatisfied but it is a huge pain to disassemble (as it was to assemble).
Attractive to the eye
very unsturdy, very creaky


Horrible construction. The bed fell apart in 2 weeks. Too large for the mattress set. Just plain cheap. Looks like Ikea cut corners on the budget for this bed.
The cheapest bed made. The bed fell apart. 1

Questions & Answers

What do u do if the lonset slats are too long?
No answers

We bought the King size today. Now I'm really concerned about putting it together! We didn't buy the slats though. We're going to get hard wood slats to put in the frame. Is it the posture slats which make it creaky and unable?
1 answer
It's a long time ago since we bought this bed. I am surprised that anbody would by this bed after the bad review. The whole bed is poorly designed and is warped. I don't know if hard wood slats would make any difference. Take the bed back and get your money back. If they ask for the wrapping and other things, just tell them u want your money back and say that the bed didn't live up to your expectations. Otherwise go to Fair Trading. There are new laws in place so they can't refuse you the money back. Good Luck!

Is this bed worth getting if not what bed frame would be good?
1 answer
I don't think this bed is worth the trouble and the time to put it together. Best is to paid a little bit more and buy an already assembled bed.

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